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    As the World Turns CAST - Gwen Norbeck Munson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gwen Norbeck Munson Played by Jennifer Landon on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jennifer Landon

    Birthday: 1983-08-29
    Birthplace: Malibu, California USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jennifer Landon


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    Who Are You Seeing Behind My Back?

    Wednesday, August 18 2010

    Gwen and Will corner Iris in Old Town and order her to go to an AA meeting immediately or they'll check her into rehab. They bicker about her wearing Barbara's clothes and Iris claims that she is just jealous of her. Will gets a call from Paul and leaves to meet him while Gwen drags her mother away.

    At the AA meeting, Gwen prods her mother to talk to the circle. Iris begins telling her story and starts to cry. When the meeting ends, Will, Henry and Paul run in looking for them.

    Iris and Gwen return to Fairwinds. Iris apologizes to her daughter for unburdening herself on her and then goes off to 'pray'. Will calls and asks Gwen to keep her mother there. He arrives with Paul and Henry. They explain they think her mom has something to do with the disappearances. Paul suddenly smells smoke.

    Kind Of, Sort Of, Almost.

    Tuesday, August 17 2010

    Paul walks into Fairwinds and slaps a woman's bottom. Unfortunately, it's Iris, not Emily, not that Iris minds too much. As Paul cringes, Will and Gwen walk in. Iris scurries off while the couple tell Paul that they think Emily must be involved in Barb's disappearance. Paul tries calling his wife but has no luck. He has a bad feeling about this. He gets a text from Emily saying she's on assignment. Paul finds it strange and texts her back.

    Isn't This An Interesting Situation?

    Tuesday, August 10 2010

    At the Lakeview, a frantic Henry finds Gwen and Will and shows them Barbara's SOS note. Will and Henry leave to compare the handwriting to another note, while Gwen stays at the hotel to look for Iris. Gwen calls the AA facility and is disappointed to learn that there was no AA meeting being held.

    At Fairwinds, Will and Henry compare the notes and are hopeful when they discover they match. Henry asserts that Barbara has been kidnapped by Vienna. Iris and Gwen arrive and Gwen demands to know why she wasn't at the AA meeting. Iris claims she couldn't be around all of the other alcoholics. Will and Gwen discuss the SOS note they found from Barbara. A jittery Iris suggests that Emily might have something to do with it! Iris then lies that Emily had to leave town on an assignment and wanted her to tell them. Gwen thinks it is possible that Emily could be behind the kidnapping!

    The Surgeon Dressed Like Fred Rogers.

    Monday, August 09 2010

    Emily finds Iris in the wine cellar at Fairwinds. She tells her she's gone too far so Iris chases her up the stairs. Gwen arrives as the two women bicker. Emily tells her that she found Iris drinking in the cellar. Iris admits to it and begs for her daughter's forgiveness. Emily storms off and Gwen lectures her mother. Iris whines and apologizes. Emily comes back and says Iris can go to a halfway house. Gwen starts making excuses for her mom and blames Emily for her relapse. Em starts to blow up and Iris smiles to herself. As they argue, Will arrives and discovers Iris fell off the wagon. Iris says she has to go to an AA meeting and borrows some cash for a cab.

    Where Party Favors Go To Die.

    Friday, August 06 2010

    At Fairwinds Emily tells Paul they should hide their booze from Iris. He encourages her to have some faith. Em promises to make peace with his mom when she resurfaces. Gwen comes in and then Henry calls Paul to tell him that they are on Barbara's trail. He heads off to check it out. Emily wonders why she and Gwen are stuck looking after the children... and Iris. Gwen apologizes for her mom but says she hasn't given her any reason to doubt her yet. They talk about having alcoholic mothers. Gwen is determined to try and have a half normal relationship with her mom. After Gwen goes upstairs to look for her mom, she comes down and says she's wrong. Em worries she could have gone into the wine cellar. Gwen defends her mom and then leaves to find her.

    Let's Do This.

    Thursday, August 05 2010

    Emily and Paul cuddle in the living room at Fairwinds. Gwen and Will enter the room and ask Emily how she is taking the news about Iris movin in. Emily can't believe Iris is living at Fairwinds! She retorts she'd rather have the bride of Frankenstein living there! Will thinks if Gwen can put up with Barbara, they can put up with Iris. Emily thinks they shouldn't have to deal with either one of them. Gwen answers a call from Alison who invites her and Will over. She happily agrees so they can escape the tension. Paul tries to calm Emily down with a kiss. As they kiss, Iris arrives and says, "Emmy! You're home!" Paul orders Emily to play nice and leaves her alone with Iris. Emily wants to set some ground rules, but Iris gives her a list of things she needs to make her stay more comfortable. Emily comments that she needs a drink.

    Gwen and Will go to the Hughes home for a cookout with Casey and Alison. As the men tend to the grill, Alison thanks Gwen for helping calm Jacob down. Gwen notes that practice makes perfect, as well as a good partner. Alison wonders how you know who the right person is. Gwen asks about Mick. Alison says things got so out of control but believes she really is ready for marriage now. Gwen believes that she should go for it and never look back. The ladies join the men by the grill. Casey can't believe how grown up they all are becoming! Will gets a call from Henry and leaves to check it out. Casey wonders if he and Alison could be like Will and Gwen. Alison thinks it's possible.

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