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    As the World Turns CAST - Gwen Norbeck Munson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gwen Norbeck Munson Played by Jennifer Landon on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jennifer Landon

    Birthday: 1983-08-29
    Birthplace: Malibu, California USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jennifer Landon


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    Jack Is Parker's Problem!

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Alison arrives at the cottage and sees Casey there. She invites him in when he hesitates. Will and Gwen are very excited to see Casey. They introduce Hallie; Casey is nervous around the little one, because he is still upset about Billy. Gwen and Allie leave to feed Hallie. Casey says it feels really weird to be out of prison; Will understands that because of his time in the psych ward. Gwen returns; she asks Casey about Maddie! Casey says he isn't talking to Maddie any longer. Will asks about school but Casey isn't interested in that either. Alison comes back from the nursery and Casey decides to leave for his job search. Alison and Gwen suggest Al's but when Casey learns Henry owns the place now he says that won't work. Casey leaves. Alison asks Will and Gwen what is going on with Casey. They aren't sure and say he's probably just having problems adjusting. Barbara arrives; Alison leaves. Gwen goes to get Hallie and introduces her to Barbara! She holds the baby, crying over her. Gwen and Will realize there is more going on than simple grandmotherly feelings but Barbara won't tell them about the cancer.

    Casey's Home and Bob's Awake!

    Tuesday, January 29 2008

    At the cottage, Will decides they have to call Sofie to set up some boundaries about Hallie. Gwen is reluctant but agrees. Gwen calls Sofie and asks her to come by the cottage that afternoon. Sofie drops everything to come to the house. Gwen asks Will for reassurance; he says they are absolutely doing the right thing. Sofie arrives with Aaron in tow a few minutes later. They try to talk to her but Sofie is more interested in talking about Hallie. When the baby cries she tries to go to her but Will and Gwen stop her. Aaron goes to check on the baby and Sofie asks what is going on. They tell Sofie that they need to have boundaries between them. "You're going back on your word," Sofie cries, calling Hallie her daughter. Will and Gwen stand firm and Sofie is heartbroken. Aaron comes out of the nursery with Hallie and Sofie asks to say goodbye. They offer to let her hold the baby but Sofie won't. Crying, she tells Hallie that she can't come around for a while and leaves. Aaron follows.

    Casey arrives at Will and Gwen's cottage and watches them through the window.

    Dusty's Funeral

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    Barbara runs into Will and Gwen at The Lakeview. She apologizes for getting in their way and tells them about Dusty's funeral. They ask if they can go with her! Barbara is surprised but pleased. She brings up Paul, worried about her other son. "I know I made a lot of mistakes," she says but Will cuts her off and says they can work through anything. Barbara goes to the front desk as Sofie walks up. She asks if she can babysit Hallie while they are at the funeral. Will turns down the offer. They leave Sofie in the hallway.

    Lucinda and Craig meet up at the chapel and exchange barbs. Lucinda asks where Craig was the night of Dusty's death but Craig won't tell her. Meg walks in, very upset that Craig showed up. She tells him to leave the chapel and to leave her alone. Barbara, Will and Gwen walk in. Seeing how outnumbered he is, Craig agrees to go. "But you don't know what kind of man he really was," Craig says on the way out. Babs and Gwen talk a little and Gwen asks Barbara what is wrong with her speech. Barbara says she had some dental work done. The minister arrives. Alison and Susan walk in as Holden and Lily do; Susan remembers seeing Holden near one of the drug carts. Gwen calls Grace, the babysitter, who says things are fine and they are hanging out in Old Town for a little bit before returning to the cottage. Gwen tells Will she feels more sorry for Sofie every day; Will says they have to be strong because it won't be good for Sofie to get attached to the baby. Barbara gathers the crowd and the service gets underway. The minister asks for people to come forward to talk about Dusty. Alison is first at the podium. As she begins to speak Emily walks in! Allie goes on, talking about how great a friend Dusty was; Will takes the stage next and talks about Dusty and Jennifer's love. As Will speaks Meg hurries out of the chapel. Lucinda is next and tells the crowd about the hard-working side of Dusty and his loyalty. "He was loyal beyond self-interest," Lucinda says. The minister returns to the stage and dismisses the gathering. Everyone leaves the sanctuary. Susan hugs Emily and invites her to come with them to Al's. Emily says she'll meet them there and goes up to the altar area. "It shouldn't have ended this way," she whispers. Lily agrees with her! She accuses Emily of ruining Dusty's life and lets on that she knows about Emily's past. Emily is stunned. Holden walks in and leads Lily away. Em turns to Dusty's picture and cries. Will and Gwen leave with Barbara; she sends them home to Hallie. Will promises to call her soon and Gwen tells Barbara to get her dental work cleared up. They leave. Susan returns inside, looking for Emily. Crying, Emily tells Susan that Dusty didn't ruin her life - Lily did! "It's my fault Dusty's gone," she says. Susan tells Emily she didn't do anything wrong and leaves the sanctuary.

    Grace is walking with Hallie in Old Town when Sofie sees them and hurries over to talk to Hallie. Grace is unsure what to do about Sofie, especially when Sofie makes no move to leave or let them go home. Sofie begins questioning Grace about her child-care skills and when Grace refuses to answer says everything about Hallie is her business! Alison walks up and tells Grace that she can go. Sofie explains that Will and Gwen let her see Hallie whenever and wherever she wants. "Really?" Alison asks. She isn't so sure but has no choice but to believe what Sofie says. Alison walks away. Grace wants to leave but Sofie insists on walking back to the cottage with her. They arrive at the cottage as Will and Gwen do. Sofie tells Will and Gwen that they met up by accident and that she and Grace hit it off so she stuck around. Grace tries to apologize; Will pays her and she leaves. Will and Gwen ask Sofie to leave so they can have some family time. She doesn't get the hint but she leaves anyway. "It's time to set some boundaries," Will says when they are alone.

    Trouble at the MEMO21 Party!

    Thursday, January 17 2008

    Gwen can't believe Sofie is volunteering to baby-sit and feels odd about the offer. Sofie convinces her that she can do it; Gwen agrees to the plan and leaves to meet Will. A while later Hallie begins to cry and nothing Sofie does will calm the kiddo. Desperate, she calls Aaron and begs him to come and help her out. Aaron stops by and suggests feeding Hallie. He warms up her formula, as he is doing that he sees all the instructions Gwen left for Sofie. She says she was too nervous to read them. Sofie returns to Hallie, picks her up and the baby calms a little bit.

    Will and Gwen go into the coffeehouse on their break from the seminar. He asks about Hallie and Gwen says that Sofie is watching her. Will isn't comfortable with the decision Gwen made. Gwen says it wasn't a big deal and that Sofie was just being friendly but he doesn't agree. They return home and are surprised to find Aaron there. He says Sofie needed help but is fine now. Gwen sees Sofie holding Hallie and both she and Will become more nervous. They tell Sofie she can go now. Once they are alone Will tells Gwen that he really doesn't like what happened with Sofie and he wants to begin putting some distance between them, the baby and Sofie. Gwen agrees with him.

    Chris Learns Emily's Secret!

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    Gwen is singing Hallie to sleep; Will watches for a while and then says they have to get ready for class. Gwen tells him she isn't going to go to school!

    Barbara's doctor tells her they can start treatment immediately and she may beat her illness. Barbara is worried about the treatment; the doctor asks about family support and Barbara admits that she hasn't told anyone about her diagnosis - oral cancer! Barbara decides to go see Will but instead of telling them about the cancer she tells them about Paul, Rosanna, Meg and the baby. She asks Will if he'll stand by Paul; Will agrees but then gets angry and tells Barbara that he won't forgive her just because Paul is in a bad situation. Barbara begs him to hear her out, and Gwen backs up Barbara. When Hallie begins to cry Gwen asks Will to see to the baby so she and Barbara can talk. Gwen asks Barbara to give Will a little more time and space. Barbara leaves. When Will comes back Gwen tells him that Barbara wasn't trying to manipulate them. He wonders where the sitter is because he is going to be late for class. Gwen says she'll wait so Will can go on to class and that she'll get there as soon as she can. The sitter calls a few minutes after Will leaves and says she can't sit for Hallie because her own child is sick. Gwen calls Alison but she can't sit for them; she begins going down her phone tree.

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