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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucinda Walsh - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucinda Walsh Played by Elizabeth Hubbard on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Hubbard

    Birthday: 1933-12-22
    Birthplace: New York City
    Marital Status: Divorced David Bennett from 1970 to 1972. 1 child, Jeremy Bennett, born 1971.
    Real Name: Elizabeth Hubbard


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    I'm Just Here For The Food.

    Thursday, June 03 2010

    Holden arrives at Lily's and the kids jump in his arms. Lucinda begins probing about why Molly isn't there. Gabriel wanders in and Lucinda gushes about what a momentous evening they are going to have and whispers to her daughter to seize the day while Molly is away. She drifts over to Gabriel and repeats her offer to give him cash to leave. Faith arrives and begins sniping at her mom for throwing a party for the guy who robbed Parker.

    Jack and Carly arrive at Lily's. Gabriel and Jack exchange stares. Gabriel tries to ignore them. Lucinda and Carly stumble off to discuss spas as Faith returns to bicker with Gabriel. He tells her she treats her mother like dirt and warns her that she'll be gone someday. When he walks away from her, Jack corners him and begins asking about the fire. Gabriel recounts his story and Jack tears it apart until Lucinda interrupts and pulls the young man away. Carly returns and they decide to go.

    Lily follows Holden inside but he runs off after checking his messages. Meanwhile, Gabriel explains to Lucinda that Jack was digging. She tells him to stick to the story he's been telling. A few feet away, Faith asks her mother if she's sad Holden left.

    Obviously Not.

    Wednesday, June 02 2010

    Holden shows up at Lily's to see how she is handling Gabriel. He hands her the divorce papers he found on the porch. She says that Damian has still left his mark on her everyday life. She thinks they should have a party to welcome Gabriel to the house and even asks Holden to bring Molly. Once he leaves, Lucinda arrives and begins celebrating that the divorce from Damian has gone through. She gushes to her daughter about how she should get back with Holden. Lily admits that's what she wants but she doesn't think it will happen. She's sure that there is nothing left but love for their children. He makes her feel safe and she wishes she could go back in time and change everything... but there time is gone.

    Don't Take Me On.

    Friday, May 28 2010

    Luke catches Lucinda as she arrives at Lily's. They chat about Noah until Lily wanders out looking for Gabriel. The women try explaining things to Luke but he's confused. He drifts off to look for him and Lucinda tells her daughter to stop letting her bleeding heart put them in danger. They go inside and Lucinda warns her that bringing the kid into the house will only cause trouble. She says Gabriel is damaged goods and they should dump him. They keep bickering and Lily says that Craig has changed. Luke comes in and explains that Gabriel is gone... along with her car. They send Luke off to look for him at the Lakeview. She gets a call that he's in jail. Lucinda rolls her eyes.

    Jack and Janet meet with Liberty at the station and ask her what she was up to. They find out that she won't be charged with anything. Janet takes her daughter away and Carly worries that Gabriel could leave town before testifying against Craig. Lily arrives and tells Jack that Gabriel had permission to take her car. Lucinda begins sniping but Lily is sure this is what she wants to do.

    Lucinda and Lily take Gabriel out to lunch. He agrees to stay at Lily's. After she leaves, Lucinda offers Gabriel money to leave after he testifies against Craig.

    The Meathead.

    Monday, May 24 2010

    At the hospital, Lily is shocked when Gabriel tells Margo that Craig tried to kill him. Craig begins defending himself and his sister tells him to shut up. Lucinda and Lily gossip as they watch Margo continue her interrogation. Craig becomes distraught and Gabriel demands that he be kept away. A nurse has to come in and help Gabriel breathe. The arguing continues. Craig freaks out and shoves all the women out of the room. He demands to know what his son is doing. Craig tries talking to him and admits he's been less than nice but Gabriel is furious with him, even when his father insists that he should be blaming Lucinda for all of this. As Margo bursts in with a cop and arrests Craig, he begs the young man to change his story and not throw away their chance to be a family. Once Lucinda is left alone with Gabriel, he asks her if this was how she wanted things to go. "I couldn't have done it better myself," she says, marveling at how much like Craig he is. Lily and a doctor return and the women are asked to leave.

    In the hospital corridor, Lucinda repeats to her daughter that there is nothing more for them to do. Lily wants to stay there but her mother keeps insisting that everything they have done is right. Lucinda is sure that all will be well with the world once Craig is carted off. Lily still refuses to budge. Her mother growls and walks away. Lily turns back into Gabriel's room and tells him that she and her mother are as much to blame as Craig. She tells him the whole story but he still blames his father. Lily wants to help make amends but she can only do that if he lets go of his pride. She asks him to stay with her and places a key in his hand. He doesn't want charity but she wants to do the right thing.

    Over My Dead Body.

    Friday, May 21 2010

    Lily is at the hospital when her mother arrives. Lucinda insists that none of what's happened is their fault. Lily defends Craig as Lucinda rants. She doesn't know what her daughter wants them to do. Lily explains that she covered for Craig to the cops. Lucinda shakes her head. Craig suddenly appears. He and Lucinda trade insults and threats. Lucinda doubts Gabriel has a shot at a happy life with Craig around. The doctor comes out of Gabriel's room and fills them in, telling them that Gabriel is strong and will recover. "No thanks to the sperm donor," Lucinda groans. Margo calls her brother and tells him that Parker confessed. Craig is relieved and makes sure Lucinda knows it. He leaves to meet his sister. Lucinda sends her daughter away and goes in to see Gabriel. He wakes up as she touches his face. She tells him that she was a friend of his mother's and she deserved better than Craig.

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