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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucinda Walsh - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucinda Walsh Played by Elizabeth Hubbard on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Hubbard

    Birthday: 1933-12-22
    Birthplace: New York City
    Marital Status: Divorced David Bennett from 1970 to 1972. 1 child, Jeremy Bennett, born 1971.
    Real Name: Elizabeth Hubbard


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    The Rabid Dog.

    Tuesday, June 15 2010

    At the station, Gabriel tells Margo that he lied about Craig trying to kill him. Craig is thrilled and tells his son how proud he is of him. He accepts all of the blame for lying. Lucinda isn't thrilled when Margo has more questions and so does Jack. Carly listens nervously as they ask him why he's changing his story. He claims he doesn't want to be a liar like his father. "What makes you think he isn't lying now?" Carly blurts out. She accuses Craig of making his son change his story. Margo suggests Gabriel take a lie detector test and Carly thinks that's a fabulous idea. Jack drags her away and asks her what she's doing. As usual, she's trying to look out for her son. He thinks she's hysterical and needs to back off. When they turn back to the others, Jack says that he's sure Gabriel is telling the truth. Margo lets Gabriel leave. Craig calls out to him but there's no response. Lucinda begins moaning about the low work ethic at the department. Before Craig can leave, his sister stops him and cuffs him, reminding him that he has various charges against him. When he claims he didn't attack Lucinda, she chimes in and starts showing her supposed bruises. He's taken back to the cells.

    Lucinda goes down to the cells to tell Craig that he is a rabid dog. He thinks she's pretty 'sassy' and tells her she's lucky his son was classy enough not to hang her out to dry for her part in framing him. They taunt each other. He claims he'll beat all the charges against him but she vows to make sure they stick. Craig threatens to rip her limb from limb for what she's done to his son. After Lucinda leaves, Margo comes down and tells her brother that he's not going to get bail after breaking out. He asks her for a phone and she lets him have a call on her cell. He tries calling Gabriel but there's no answer.

    The Evil, The Evil!

    Monday, June 14 2010

    At Worldwide, Craig gets in Lucinda's face and they scream at each other. He orders her to make Gabriel retract his statement and ties her to the chair. She screams so he stuffs her scarf in her mouth and leaves. Lucinda kicks her desk until Faith comes in and finds her. She unties her and asks if this is all about Gabriel. When it becomes clear that Lily has told Craig more than she's let on, Lucinda shrieks and sends her granddaughter away to look after Lily.

    Lucinda goes down to the station and tells Margo and Jack that Craig attacked her and she's pressing charges. As she yelps, Jack and Margo roll their eyes. "The evil, the evil!" Lucinda moans. Margo wonders why her brother is running around like he has been.

    Craig is brought down to the station. Lucinda is waiting for him and they begin shouting at each other until Margo drags her brother off. He begs her to try talking to Gabriel again. Meanwhile, Lucinda is about to leave when Gabriel and Liberty arrive. Gabriel wants to talk to Jack. Carly calls the detective first and begins panicking when he tells her that Gabriel is there. Jack calls Craig and Margo over and Gabriel explains that Craig didn't hit him, he wasn't even there.

    The Monster.

    Friday, June 11 2010

    Lucinda drops by the cells to visit Craig. He accuses her of manipulating his son and feeding him lies. She claims she doesn't have time for that and insists there is no conspiracy. Craig assumes he's right but she continues claiming she wouldn't waste her time. He threatens to tell Lily about her latest antics.

    Lucinda head to Lily's and offers Gabriel a wad of cash, telling him to get out of town. He threatens to tell Margo about this and she threatens to bribe a judge if she has to have him locked up. He drops the cash in his bag.

    As Lucinda lounges in her office, Craig bursts in and starts threatening to be the monster she thinks he is if she doesn't fix things with his son.

    Something Fishy.

    Thursday, June 10 2010

    Lucinda grabs Gabriel on the street and asks him what his future plans are. She's eager for him to leave town and tells him to get over Liberty. After she walks off, Johnny comes by with his babysitter and asks Gabriel to visit Craig with him.

    The Answer Is No.

    Monday, June 07 2010

    Lily goes home. Lucinda is there and she's been drinking. Lily kicks herself for listening to her mom and tells her what just happened. Lucinda explains that Silas was shot tonight and they both know who must have pulled the trigger. Lily refuses to take advantage of this. Lucinda says Holden just pities Molly and that doesn't last. She tells her to push him to make a choice. Lily orders her to leave.

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