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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucinda Walsh - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucinda Walsh Played by Elizabeth Hubbard on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Hubbard

    Birthday: 1933-12-22
    Birthplace: New York City
    Marital Status: Divorced David Bennett from 1970 to 1972. 1 child, Jeremy Bennett, born 1971.
    Real Name: Elizabeth Hubbard


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    The Universe Is In Balance.

    Thursday, June 24 2010

    Holden storms into WorldWide to see Lucinda. He tells her that he is standing by Molly and if she doesn't let this go, she will regret it.

    Lucinda goes to Lily's and tells her daughter that they are doing the right thing. Lily explains that she told Molly to go ahead and marry Holden. Lucinda is appalled but Lily is sure that he loves Molly now.

    Thanks For Nothing.

    Wednesday, June 23 2010

    At WorldWide, Lily blows up at her mom for hiring a PI to dig into the Silas shooting. Lucinda tells her that she will always be Lily Snyder and she won't let her give up. Reading over the PI's report, Lucinda explains that Silas was shot execution style, not in self-defense. Lily doesn't think she can go to the police with this because it would make them look stupid. They mull it over. Lucinda is sure her daughter will regret it if she doesn't go after Holden this time. Lily may love Holden but she won't throw Molly under the bus. Lucinda pouts and leaves.

    Luke goes over to WorldWide and runs into Lucinda. He tells her Holden's wedding will be today. Lucinda says that will never happen and she's sure that Lily has enough to stop it. When she picks up the phone to tip Lily off, Luke asks her not to interfere.

    Taking One For The Team.

    Monday, June 21 2010

    Lucinda freaks out when Craig walks into Lily's. Lily explains to her mother that she bailed Craig out. Faith walks in and Gabriel storms out with Craig trailing after him. Lucinda wonders what her daughter is doing inviting an arsonist and a grifter into her house. Lily sends her daughter off and then explains herself to her mother. Lucinda lists his crimes so Lily lists theirs and refuses to change her mind. Her mother thinks she's just looking for a hobby because she's miserable about Holden.

    Faith and Lucinda are still at Lily's. Lucinda tries to explain why Lily is acting so strangely. They exchange gossip and Lucinda moans that they will never get rid of Gabriel... unless... "You're a pretty girl. It might be an achievement to take one for the team," Lucinda suggests. Her granddaughter asks her if she's asking her to sleep with Gabriel. Actually, Lucinda wants her to plant some drugs on Gabriel. Lily returns and wonders why they both look so guilty. After Faith goes out, Lily accuses her mother of undermining her family and insists that she can look after things herself. She admits that she made a terrible mistake and still longs for Holden. Her mother tells her that she still has a chance with him.

    Gabriel returns to Lily's and begins bickering with Faith. He tells her that she should get behind his relationship with Liberty so she can have Parker. Lucinda walks by them, telling him not to get too comfortable. Faith tells Gabriel he should be afraid of her grandma.

    Not My G-Man Anymore.

    Friday, June 18 2010

    At Lily's, Lucinda shows her daughter the latest articles about Molly murdering Silas. Lily insists this is none of their business but Lucinda won't drop it. Lily wants serenity and claims Holden is a grown man who can look after himself. Gabriel wanders out and asks to borrow her car. Lucinda groans and wishes he would go away. Lily and her mother continue bickering about Holden and Lucinda tells her to fight for him. She goes off to make breakfast and Lucinda tells Gabriel to leave town. He begins taunting her and she thinks he's turned out exactly like Craig. He yells at her and she leaves. Lily returns and they bicker. She thinks he needs an attitude adjustment.

    In the cells, Craig mopes after Tom tells him he will have to wait two week for his hearing. Tom reminds him of all the charges he just added but Craig misses his sons. They debate how to handle the case and Tom thinks they need to get him a sponsor to get him out. Craig wonders who owes him a favor. Lucinda drops in and he tells her he's getting out on bail. They taunt each other and he threatens to kill her. She rants about what a terrible father he is until Lily arrives and sends her mom away. Craig thanks Lily for coming. After asking about his son, he tells her that his mother has been manipulating his son. "Here's what you can do to make it right," he says. Using some guilt, he gets her to help him.

    When Lily gets home, her mother is waiting with a gift for Gabriel. As they bicker, Gabriel heads for the door. Craig suddenly walks in and begs him not to go.

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