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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucinda Walsh - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucinda Walsh Played by Elizabeth Hubbard on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Hubbard

    Birthday: 1933-12-22
    Birthplace: New York City
    Marital Status: Divorced David Bennett from 1970 to 1972. 1 child, Jeremy Bennett, born 1971.
    Real Name: Elizabeth Hubbard


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    It Always Ends Badly.

    Tuesday, July 13 2010

    In her office, Lucinda talks with Francoise on the phone and they discuss how they are setting Craig up to fall, as the deal Lily and Carly have made is bogus. Dusty comes to Lucinda to talk about Craig and she assures him things always end up badly for him.

    Lily and Craig arrive in New York to meet with Francoise. Lily tells her Craig is their financial advisor but asks her not to mention his presence there to anyone. After going over the contracts, Lily signs the papers, which completes the sale of the perfume factory. Francoise gets a phone call and tells them all the airports have been shut down due to a baggage handler strike so they will have to stay the night. Once they've left, Francoise calls Lucinda to tell her it's done. Lucinda revels in Craig falling into her trap. Francoise tells her Craig was there as Lily's financial advisor and they had to stay the night tonight. She also says they seemed very chummy.

    Look Who's Talking.

    Wednesday, July 07 2010

    Lucinda is at Worldwide meeting with Francoise. She asks her to sell her no longer existent perfume factory to Lily. "This could ruin your daughter," Francoise points out. Lucinda thinks it's necessary to teach her a lesson.

    Faith goes to see her grandma at Worldwide to complain about what idiots the men in Oakdale are. She thinks they should go traveling. Lucinda tells her men are the same everywhere and begins suggesting she use Gabriel to practice her seduction techniques. Faith is confused. When Faith tells her Gabriel got a job at the farm, Lucinda nearly gags.

    Lily goes to see her mother at Worldwide and confronts her about Francoise. She says she's taking the deal anyway and asks her to back off from now on. Lucinda laughs and her daughter leaves. Francoise comes out and they laugh together.

    Take a Hike.

    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    After Craig gets rejected by Gabriel, he comes to see Dusty and Lucinda at the office to give them his final offer on World Wide. They reject him and Lucinda learns a Mr. Blackthorn wants to talk with her, but she denies him as well. Lucinda orders Craig out. Dusty questions Lucinda's decision about Blackthorn, but she wants him to trust her. After Dusty leaves, Lily comes by to tell her mother she's going into business with Carly. Lucinda surprises her by approving, thinking it will be a good distraction from Holden. She does warn her to stay away from Craig though, but Lily defends him. Lucinda offers to be an investor, but this is something Lily needs to do on her own.

    Dusty returns to World Wide as Lucinda gets a call learning Craig has met their price. Dusty wonders how he got that money. Lucinda doesn't know, but is appalled.


    Friday, June 25 2010

    Lucinda follows her daughter around her house and continues badgering her about Holden. Lily makes excuses but her mom won't drop it. Her mother wonders what she will do with the rest of her life, alone and lonely... Lucinda suggests that she come back to work for her. Lily just wants to be a mother but her mother thinks she needs to find some focus.

    Dusty drops by WorldWide to tell Lucinda what happened with Craig. She suggests they offer Craig a deal he can't afford so he can't complain that they didn't offer. Dusty smirks.

    The Universe Is In Balance.

    Thursday, June 24 2010

    At WOAK, Lucinda is happy that Molly is finally backing out of the marriage. Lucinda taunts her until Carly arrives and Molly breaks the news that there will be no wedding day. Lucinda putters off and Molly tells Carly that Lily knows that truth about Silas' death.

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