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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucinda Walsh - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucinda Walsh Played by Elizabeth Hubbard on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Hubbard

    Birthday: 1933-12-22
    Birthplace: New York City
    Marital Status: Divorced David Bennett from 1970 to 1972. 1 child, Jeremy Bennett, born 1971.
    Real Name: Elizabeth Hubbard


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    Over My Dead Body.

    Friday, May 21 2010

    When Craig and Margo arrive at the hospital, Lily tells them that Gabriel is awake. They go into his room and Margo asks him if he remembers what happened. "I remember everything," Gabriel says. He claims that he got up after Parker left and Craig was there and he hit him. Lucinda peers in and smiles.

    You're Not A Weak Woman.

    Friday, May 07 2010

    Lucinda goes to see Lily at home. She's annoyed to see that her daughter let Holden run off to be with Molly. Lily wrings her hands over what the did to Craig. They bicker about it and Lucinda tells her daughter that her life is a mess and it needs to be fixed. "You're all alone and the man you love is shacking up with Molly," Lucinda says. She orders her to focus. "You're not a weak woman - you just act like one now and then," Lucinda says. Her daughter shows her the door.

    The Latest Unpleasantness.

    Friday, April 30 2010

    At home, Lily tells Holden that she has made a terrible mistake and she doesn't know how she can make things right. Before she can confide in him, Lucinda arrives to stop her. She bickers with Holden and they send him away. Lucinda reminds her of how bad it would be if Craig found out the truth. Lily confesses that she told him already. "You are out of your mind," Lucinda says. She berates her daughter and Lily defends her choice. Lucinda is sure that Craig would have just turned Gabriel into a puppet and storms off.

    As Craig returns to his room, Lucinda is waiting so they can discuss 'the latest unpleasantness'. He has a drink and she tells him to give them a break. She insists that his son means nothing to him and tells him to forget him. He grabs her by the throat and threatens to kill her. When he lets go of her, he rants that she's lied to him and if he loses another son, she will lose everything she's ever had. He throws her out. He drinks.

    Lucinda shows up at the farm house and tells Holden that Lily and the kids are in danger from Craig.

    Rotten Luck.

    Wednesday, April 28 2010

    At home, Lily worries to her mother about what they should do for Gabriel. Lucinda refuses to take any responsibility for this. Lily thinks they should tell the young man the truth. She wants to call Craig. Her mother refuses to allow that and snatches her phone away. Lucinda doesn't give a damn about Craig. Lily rants at her mother about all of her deceptions. Lucinda tells her how awful it would be to have Craig as a father and reminds her of Bryant's death. She is sure that Gabriel had an agenda in coming to town and they should leave him to sort things out. Faith rushes in in tears. She tells her mom that Gabriel was caught in a fire and might die. Faith runs away. Lucinda seems relieved. "Rotten luck but the decision has been taken away from us," she says. Lily refuses to stand by and do nothing.

    Lucinda follows Faith to the farm house and questions her about Gabriel.

    Oh My Goodness.

    Tuesday, April 27 2010

    Lily calls her mother over to her house. She shows her a photo of Gabriel. Lucinda is shocked and asks her what she's doing. Lily explains that he's in Oakdale. "Oh my goodness," Lucinda says. They worry about how they are going to deal with this. Holden shows up to get some of Faith's stuff. When he steps into the other room, Lucinda tells her daughter they have to contain this. They wonder why Gabriel would have come to town and hope he leaves fast. Lily is sure he already knows the truth. He knows that Craig is his father.

    Guess I Beat You To Him.

    Wednesday, March 17 2010

    At home, Lily leaves Lucinda to watch the children and goes off to get Holden. Lucinda tells them that the whole family will be getting back together again. Faith is skeptical. Lucinda sends Ethan and his sister off to look for balloons. Faith tells her grandma that the family will never be the same. Lucinda thinks that she should show her mother more respect but Faith doesn't see why when Lily has messed up so much. She doesn't want to see her father get hurt anymore. "It's a good thing you're going back to boarding school," Lucinda says. Faith wonders if she should stay to stop another disaster.

    Lily and Holden arrive at home. He calls out to the kids. Lucinda declares that they can all be normal again. Faith doesn't think that's likely. Holden admits that he won't be moving back in but he'll still see them. They send the kids off to wash their hands and the adults tell Faith she needs to go back to school. After a little prodding, she admits that she can't go back. She claims she's not happy there. Molly arrives, much to Lucinda's chagrin. Cake is announced. As they file off to it, Molly corners Faith and asks her about the suspension. Faith asks her to stay out of this. Holden and Lily walk over to them and Faith announces that she wants to go back to school immediately. As they prepare to leave, Faith promises Molly she will tell her parents as they drive.

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