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    As the World Turns CAST - Paul Ryan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paul Ryan Played by Roger Howarth on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth

    Birthday: 1968-09-13
    Birthplace: Westchester, NY
    Marital Status: Married (Cari Stahler)
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 6'


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    The Fall Back Guy.

    Monday, May 31 2010

    At Fairwinds, Barbara stares daggers at Henry as he walks in with Vienna. He slips off with Barbara and tries to assure her things will be fine. Vienna begins loudly announcing that she and Henry are expecting a child and getting married. Barbara blows up at her and Vienna begins throwing insults back until Henry drags her out. "I think this is a really great party," Paul declares. Ali says goodbye to her sister and runs. Paul asks his mother to move in. Emily hears him say that and blows up. Before she can rant, Meg suddenly leaps over to her, accusing her of being the devil and demanding her daughter back. Everyone tries to calm her down. Paul has his wife hand the child to Barbara and then he and Emma lead a twitching Meg out of the house.

    Are You Sure?

    Tuesday, May 25 2010

    Emily is playing with Eliza at Fairwinds. Paul wanders in, offering to cancel his meeting so he can spend the day with them. She thinks he doesn't trust her alone with the child. He insists he does and worries that they are playing into Meg's hands.

    Barbara goes to Fairwinds and confronts Paul about what's been going on. He thinks she's being over the top and gets annoyed when she explains that she's starting the christening arrangements. Emily storms in, complaining about Meg. Within seconds, Meg and Emma arrive. Emily's confused. She makes everyone tea and they discuss the christening. Emma and Paul argue about where it should be. As the arguing spreads, Paul takes Eliza and leaves. Eventually, the women notice they are gone and Meg starts freaking out. Paul and the child return. Emma leads her daughter away. Emily's eager to tell the judge about this episode. Paul just wants Meg to get better. When he walks off, Barbara warns Emily not to try breaking Paul's connection to the mother of his child.

    We Can Do It Together.

    Wednesday, May 12 2010

    Meg and Paul are at the hospital arguing about her relationship with their daughter. She thinks they should have shared custody, but she needs her job back first. He worries about the stress. Emily calls in tears to tell him that the child is gone.

    Paul and Meg drive out to meet Emily. She tells them about the robber and much screaming follows. Meg explodes at Emily and Paul says they all need to go to the police.

    Paul and Meg arrive at the station to report the kidnapping. Emily rushes in after them and they discover Emma is sitting in the office with Eliza. She claims a cop took the baby when he saw her alone in the SUV. Meg picks up the baby and cradles her. The cop issues a warning to Emily. When she reaches out to Eliza, Emma barks at her to stay away. She rants at Paul and Emily for acting like they are better than Meg. Emily accepts the blame but accuses Meg of being behind this. Paul explains that he was with her and Emma tells her she's crazy.

    Paul and Emily return to Fairwinds. They drink and he can't look at her. She explains what happened but he doesn't care for any of her excuses. He blows up at her for abandoning his daughter rather than calling Meg. She insists that Meg is crazy and he's a hypocrite. She reminds him of when he left the child in the car in the cold. He worries that he could lose his child now over this. Emily keeps apologizing and tells him how much she loves the little girl. He tells her that he is taking Eliza out for ice cream and she's not invited.

    You Have No Idea What You're Doing.

    Tuesday, May 11 2010

    At Fairwinds, Emily is excited for her first Mommy and Me class with Eliza. She worries to Paul about Meg but he assures her he will make sure she doesn't take the little girl away.

    Paul walks Emily outside and they talk about building a future together. Emily goes on about how much she loves them both and then he helps load the child up. "We're a family," Emily tells the baby as Paul walks away. She suddenly gets a call about a bank robber named Chase who she used to cover. She has to back out of covering his release from prison so she can look after Eliza. Then she changes her mind and takes the tip. She drives off to the rough side of town and is abruptly attacked. It's Chase. She cries about her baby so he drags her down the street. She admits that she was the reporter who covered him and begs him to let her go. They struggle, she smashes him with the lid of a garbage can and runs off. When she gets back to her SUV, the child is gone.

    Paul arrives at the hospital to meet Meg. She wants him to talk to the head nurse for her. He says that he'll have to tell the truth and admits that he doesn't trust her alone with their daughter. She thinks he's being unfair. They argue and he suggests her mother is pushing her buttons. She thinks is all Emily's fault and accuses him of being incapable of thinking for himself. They go back and forth until she decides her mom is right and he will always take Emily's side.

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