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    As the World Turns CAST - Paul Ryan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paul Ryan Played by Roger Howarth on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth

    Birthday: 1968-09-13
    Birthplace: Westchester, NY
    Marital Status: Married (Cari Stahler)
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 6'


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    The Lesser Of Two Evils.

    Wednesday, June 09 2010

    Back at the hospital, Paul suggests that Emily could have been drugging Meg. She's furious and defends herself. He continues siding with Meg. Barbara barges in and continues throwing accusations at Em. The blond refuses to have this fight with Barbara around and leaves. Barbara continues badmouthing Paul's wife and tells him he shouldn't let a woman like that raise his child.

    Emily and Paul are at Fairwinds. She explains she's not leaving him because she can't stand losing Eliza, moving back in with her mother or losing him. He hugs her but accuses her again of drugging Meg. They bicker but he insists that he knows her and what she's like. She suggests that his mother is behind all of this. This seems convoluted to him but she is sure his mother would go after any woman who was in his wife. He still doesn't believe her. Ali wanders in and asks what's going on with all the crazy accusations. Paul decides to leave and think. The women begin going over everything that's happened and Emily figures out that whoever ordered such a specific tox screen must be behind this. Ali runs off to dig into it and Emily hangs out with Eliza. Soon, Ali calls and says that Barbara was behind the tox screen.

    Paul goes back to the hospital to see his mom and confronts her with Emily's accusations. He defends Emily and his mother tells him he's more naïve than he looks. She walks off and he stares into Meg's room. He walks in. When she notices him, she pretends to have a nightmare and then wakes up and says Emily was trying to hurt her. He hugs her and promises she will be safe.

    Did You Drug Meg?

    Tuesday, June 08 2010

    Paul wanders off from Meg's hospital room and runs into Emily in the corridor. They wonder what happened to Meg and Emily says that Meg needs to go back to Deerbrooke. A doctor walks by and explains that the tox screening showed Meg has a high level of methadone in her system. Paul is baffled but Emily assumes Meg is a drug fiend. They go into Meg's room and confront her. She claims she didn't take any drugs. Paul sends Em away and asks Meg for the truth. She continues insisting she's not on drugs.

    Alison runs into her sister in the hall, when Emily tells her about the methadone, Ali explains that some methadone was stolen from the hospital the last time Meg was there. When Ali wanders off, Barbara arrives and Em tells her the latest. They bicker and Barbara accuses her of being behind this. Paul interrupts and Em tells him about the missing methadone. Paul still refuses to jump to conclusions. She accuses him of always thinking the worst of everyone except Meg. Barbara slips into Meg's room and questions her. Meg continues to insist she isn't on drugs and points out that Emily was also at the hospital when the drugs went missing. Barbara returns to the bickering couple and points out that Emily was also in the hospital. She and Paul accuse his wife of drugging Meg. Meanwhile, Meg eavesdrops, takes some methadone out of her purse and smiles.

    Babs And The Bewildered Bull.

    Tuesday, June 01 2010

    Paul is at the hospital checking in on Meg and Emma. They recount her erratic behavior. Emma orders Paul to leave and stay away. Meg defends him and he leaves to see the doctor. When Emma departs, Emily shows up with flowers and advises Meg to concentrate on getting better. Meg begins accusing her of casting spells on her and leaps out of bed. As she screams and attacks her, Emma and Paul rush in to break them up. Paul takes Emily outside and asks her why she is even there. When he suggests that she deliberately set Meg off, she tells him none of this is her fault, Meg is just insane.

    Barbara brings Eliza to the hospital to see Meg. After holding the baby for a minute, Meg calms down. Paul picks up the baby and walks into the hall. Emily is there and repeats that she wants Meg to get well. Barbara is left behind to ask Meg about how she has been feeling. She offers to help her find out what has been going wrong. Emma and a doctor come in and they discuss Meg's feelings. When the doctor walks out, Barbara corners her and suggests he run a tox scan on Meg.

    Paul goes home. Emily massages him and tries to talk him into letting her help him get what's best for them.

    The Fall Back Guy.

    Monday, May 31 2010

    At the Lakeview, Meg and Eliza are taunting each other about who has been more of a mother to Eliza. Paul and Emma try to keep them calm. After Emma takes her daughter away, Emily complains that Meg is falling apart, he thinks that's what she wants. He suggests that she be Eliza's godmother. She likes that idea. Emma and Meg return and Paul explains his idea. "No, absolutely not!" Meg objects. Bickering ensues but Emma says this is a good idea and ushers her daughter out. Whispering to Meg, she tells her not to antagonize Emily. She gets a call from the farm that there has been an injury so she has to run off.

    At the church, Paul worries to his mother about Meg. When she asks him if she can move into Fairwinds, Emily pops up to say it's a horrible idea. Meg arrives alone. She takes Eliza in her arms as Ali arrives and Henry trails in. He locks eyes with Barbara. Paul walks over and asks Henry to be the godfather. The clergyman arrives and the child is christened as Vienna runs in. Once the child is christened, Paul thanks everyone for coming and then pries Eliza out of Meg's arms as they all file out. Vienna stays behind to snipe at Barbara and Henry rambles excuses.

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