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    As the World Turns CAST - Paul Ryan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paul Ryan Played by Roger Howarth on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth

    Birthday: 1968-09-13
    Birthplace: Westchester, NY
    Marital Status: Married (Cari Stahler)
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 6'


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    I Never Want To See You Again.

    Thursday, August 19 2010

    Paul returns to Fairwinds and finds Emily scrubbing the wine cellar. The only thing she ever wanted was to be a family with him, but she thinks she's put his family though hell and is being punished for it. Em explains that his mom tried to make peace with her and she turned her down. Crying, she can't believe she's been so spiteful.

    Gwen and Will return to Fairwinds to tell Paul and Emily that Iris is in custody. Emily's sorry. There are many apologies and Paul decides it's time for a toast to them as a family.

    Who Are You Seeing Behind My Back?

    Wednesday, August 18 2010

    At Fairwinds, Paul and Henry discuss Iris and wonder what she's up to. Henry thinks they should question her and they head out.

    Henry and Paul go to the Lakeview to search Barbara's room. Paul is still reluctant to believe Henry's theories. Will arrives and tells them that he wouldn't put anything past Iris.

    Iris and Gwen return to Fairwinds. Iris apologizes to her daughter for unburdening herself on her and then goes off to 'pray'. Will calls and asks Gwen to keep her mother there. He arrives with Paul and Henry. They explain they think her mom has something to do with the disappearances. Paul suddenly smells smoke.

    In the wine cellar, Emily moans at Barbara as sparks fly from the electrical box they accidentally smashed. They try to shimmy out of their bonds but that doesn't work and the room fills with smoke as they argue. Coughing, Barbara apologizes for treating her unfairly. Emily tries to apologize but that doesn't work out. Barb wonders if they'll be friends if they survive but Em says that's not possible. As they start choking, Paul kicks the door open and rushes in. The women are untied and explain that iris was behind it all.

    Kind Of, Sort Of, Almost.

    Tuesday, August 17 2010

    Paul walks into Fairwinds and slaps a woman's bottom. Unfortunately, it's Iris, not Emily, not that Iris minds too much. As Paul cringes, Will and Gwen walk in. Iris scurries off while the couple tell Paul that they think Emily must be involved in Barb's disappearance. Paul tries calling his wife but has no luck. He has a bad feeling about this. He gets a text from Emily saying she's on assignment. Paul finds it strange and texts her back.

    Henry walks into Fairwinds and begins complaining about Iris. Gwen and Will run off to find her. The half brothers begin bickering about Barbara. Henry starts to put the clues together and wonders if Iris could be the one running around dressed as Barbara.

    The Surgeon Dressed Like Fred Rogers.

    Monday, August 09 2010

    In the warehouse, Henry and Paul bicker as the psychic checks out the clown's vibrations. She says the answers they are searching for are in the clown. Paul asks the psychic if she will talk to the police for them. She's reluctant but Henry is still trying to be optimistic. Will questions the psychic, who explains that Chuckles absorbed all of the negative energy in the room. Paul needs something more concrete but she has nothing. After she leaves, Henry starts shaking Chuckles. Will decides to leave and Paul suggests they get a drink. Henry takes the clown with them.

    Paul and Henry are at the Lakeview with Chuckles. Paul continues trying to calm his half brother and claims his mother is fine. Henry can't shake his gut feeling and is determined to follow it. Paul gets a text about work and then calls Emily, who launches into a rant about Iris. He informs her that he has to go to Chicago and sort something out. When he gets off the phone, Henry is questioning Chuckles. Paul starts to worry a little bit and then heads off. Henry puts his hand up the clown's sleeve and finds a note from Barbara saying she's in trouble.

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