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    As the World Turns CAST - Paul Ryan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paul Ryan Played by Roger Howarth on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Roger Howarth

    Birthday: 1968-09-13
    Birthplace: Westchester, NY
    Marital Status: Married (Cari Stahler)
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 6'


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    Thursday, April 15 2010

    Paul is with Meg in the hall. He tells her that what happened can't happen again because he loves Emily. He leads her back to her mother and Emily. Meg thanks Paul for being in her corner. She cradles Eliza and says goodbye, promising to see her soon.

    It's Over!

    Wednesday, April 14 2010

    At Fairwinds, Paul is reluctant to let the baby out for one night with Meg. Emily points out that they'll have the house to themselves. Meg calls and asks if she can spend the night at the house with Eliza. He agrees to her request. Emily isn't thrilled. They bicker until Barbara arrives. She asks to speak to her son alone. When she begins asking for love advice, he kicks her out. She flounces off. Paul's confused. Emily tells him she doesn't want Meg there. Meg walks in on cue. Emily runs off to get things ready. Meg feels awkward so Paul assures her she's not causing any trouble. When Meg goes to get her daughter, Emily returns to grimace. Katie calls and invites them to the party. Meg encourages them to go.

    Chris meets with Katie at Metro as the party starts. Emily arrives and Katie leaves them to catch up. Alison shows up. "Some people never learn," Emily snaps. A drunken Barbara arrives as Katie starts the toasting. Henry's nervous as Barbara makes her toast to him. She talks about how romance can sneak up on you... even when it might be wrong. Katie gets nervous and stops her. Paul guesses that his mom has been sleeping with his brother. She pushes past him and runs out. As Henry trails after her, Paul stop him to ask him if he's out of his mind. Henry runs off.

    Emma is at Fairwinds with Meg and the baby. She's shocked that she was left alone. She warns her daughter not to get close to Paul again. After Emma leaves, Emily and Paul return. She gets a call that Silas has been released and says she has to run off an get an interview. She's reluctant to leave him alone with Meg but he talks her around. After Emily leaves, Meg returns after listening in and says she doesn't want to be a problem. He assures her she's not. He feels like they've gone back in time but she says that everything is different now.

    Paul takes Eliza up to bed. Meg takes the baby off so he can sleep. After he climbs into bed and passes out, she and the baby get in with him.

    Guess I Beat You To Him.

    Wednesday, March 17 2010

    When Emily walks out to get sandwiches, she runs into Meg and begins freaking out, assuming that she escaped again. Meg explains that she is on a group outing. Emily calms down. Paul and Eliza come by and he puts the baby in Meg's face. She's reluctant, but holds her. Emily leaves to get sandwiches and Paul lets Meg spend some time with her daughter.

    Meg and Paul go to Java with Eliza. He tells Meg she's stronger than she thinks and she'll make it through this. Her group leader comes to collect her. She says goodbye to her daughter and thanks Paul for everything.

    Emily and Paul go home. They talk about Meg and he says that it's important that they don't give Eliza any mixed signals. Emily says she is Eliza's mother right now. Paul says he needs to protect his daughter from becoming too attached to her. Emily begins fuming. They bicker and she asks him to trust her. They make out.

    Glutton For Punishment.

    Wednesday, March 10 2010

    At home, Paul and Emily notice a news article about Holden's escape and how Damian might be alive. Paul decides to take Eliza to see Emma and make sure that she keeps Damian's possible re-appearance a secret from Meg. As soon as he leaves, Meg calls and asks Emily to come and visit her.

    Paul goes to the farm house and tells Emma that Damian is alive. He wants them to keep this a secret from Meg. She takes a swipe at him and assumes he just wants to pin the blame for what's happened on Damian when he's also to blame for Meg's madness. Emma lays into him and tells him he's the last person Meg needs on her side. "Just stay away from her," she asks.

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