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    As the World Turns CAST - Tom Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tom Hughes Played by Scott Holmes on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Scott Holmes

    Birthday: 1952-05-30
    Birthplace: West Grove, PA USA
    Marital Status: Married (Pamela) 1 child
    Real Name: Scott Holmes
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Friday, September 17 2010

    Ali drops by Tom and Margo's and goes up to see Casey. She wakes him. They gather their bags as their families arrive. Everyone joins to say goodbye to the couple. Tom tells Casey that he has changed his life forever and he's always been proud of him. Casey thanks his mom for believing in him. There are plenty of hugs and then the young couple drives off to Carbondale. Tom tells Margo this is a brand new start for them. She feels like she's been punched in the gut. He reminds her that they promised to spend more time together. Margo feels like her life is empty now.

    At her place, Chris and Katie flirt and he reminds her that he promised to marry her and he wants her to hold him to it. Getting on his knee, he proposes, promising to love and care for her for as long as possible. Crying, she agrees to marry him and they kiss. He thinks they should move out of Brad's shadow. Tom and Margo show up. Margo weeps about her child leaving so Katie tells her about the engagement. That perks Margo up. After she and Tom leave, Luke stops by and tells Chris that it's likely he'll be named new chief of staff at memorial. Chris isn't sure he wants that anymore. Katie gives Luke Reid's stethoscope. He uses it to listen to Reid's heart in Chris' chest and smiles.

    You Belong Together.

    Wednesday, September 15 2010

    The newlyweds thank everyone for coming. Carly throws her bouquet and Rosanna catches it. Will and Gwen accidentally tell Margo and Tom that Casey and Alison are moving. They run off. Margo starts stuttering but Tom is calm. Will and Gwen say goodbye to Parker and push him to go and talk to Faith. He sits down with her and apologizes for not telling her his secret. They talk about Liberty going away and he tells her she looks hot.

    I Wish It Wasn't This.

    Tuesday, September 07 2010

    At the station, Margo explains to Tom that they lost the donor heart. He's shocked. The police chief from Bay City calls and tells them there has been an accident.

    Luke rushes down the hall to Reid's room. Reid opens his eyes. Luke begs him not to talk. The doctor asks for his wallet. Luke looks through it and finds the organ donor note on his license. "Chris," Reid gasps. Luke tells him he'll get better but Reid wants a lawyer, not a doctor. They call Tom in and Reid says he wants Luke to have his power of attorney. Luke begs him not give up. "We haven't had enough days. We're just getting started," he pleads with him. As he kisses him, Reid flatlines. John and Bob tell Luke that Reid is brain dead and there's nothing they can do. Luke asks them to leave him alone. Tom tells Bob about Reid's final request. John can't even consider that without a judge's approval. Luke is distraught and Bob tells him he knows this is all unfair. Luke is left alone with Reid. He blames himself for dragging him to Oakdale. He wishes he could save his life but the only thing he can do now is leave him and move on. "We finally agree on something Dr. Oliver. I wish it wasn't this," he says.

    Luke goes to see Tom and Margo in the waiting room. They hand him the power of attorney papers and tell him they need to move quickly. Luke signs the paper so they can take Reid off of life support and give Chris the heart.

    Everyone waits in the waiting room. Tom is pensive. He thinks that Reid has set a new standard of decency and they all need to follow his example.

    I Need You To Help Me.

    Thursday, September 02 2010

    At the hospital, Chris' family is baffled about what's going on with him. He explains that he didn't want anyone to worry about him. Bob's annoyed but they promise to do what they can to help. John comes in and asks everyone to leave. Kim notices that Katie isn't even there. Chris requests to speak to Tom and Margo alone. He asks them to make sure that they just let things play out and not give him any special treatment or advantages. Margo and Tom want to call in favors for him but he refuses to allow that. His family refuses to be as noble about this as he is.

    In the hall, Tom and Margo tell John that they are determined to get Chris a transplant regardless of what he says. He tells them that this isn't like lobbying for legislating. "I'm lobbying for my brother's life," Tom declares.

    It's So Sad.

    Wednesday, September 01 2010

    Margo goes to Nancy's and finds Katie crying as she packs things. "It's so sad," Katie whimpers. They discuss her connection with Nancy and how losing her brought back the pain of losing Brad. Margo rambles about how everyone expected Chris to announce that he was engaged to her. Tom arrives and Katie walks out in tears.

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