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    As the World Turns CAST - Holden Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Holden Snyder Played by Jon Hensley on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jon Hensley

    Birthday: 1965-08-26
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Marital Status: Married (Kelly Menighan Hensley in May 199) 2 children
    Real Name: Jon Hensley
    Height: 5' 10"


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    I'm Just Here For The Food.

    Thursday, June 03 2010

    At the Old Mill, Molly asks Silas to back off again and demands everything he has on her. After he locks the door, he tells her no one can hear her. When he begins telling her how much she turns him on, she guesses he's high. He talks about their home made porn and suggests they make some more. She asks for a drink. When he leaves to get it, she tries calling Holden and leaves a message about what's happening. Silas grabs the phone and smashes it. As he kisses her, she pulls a gun and demands the key to the door. He throws it across the room and taunts her. After he knocks the gun from her hand, they struggle. He pins her to the table and records raping her. Holden runs in and pulls him off.

    Obviously Not.

    Wednesday, June 02 2010

    Holden shows up at Lily's to see how she is handling Gabriel. He hands her the divorce papers he found on the porch. She says that Damian has still left his mark on her everyday life. She thinks they should have a party to welcome Gabriel to the house and even asks Holden to bring Molly. Once he leaves, Lucinda arrives and begins celebrating that the divorce from Damian has gone through. She gushes to her daughter about how she should get back with Holden. Lily admits that's what she wants but she doesn't think it will happen. She's sure that there is nothing left but love for their children. He makes her feel safe and she wishes she could go back in time and change everything... but there time is gone.

    When Molly gets to the farm house, Holden is waiting for her. He tells her they have been invited to dinner. Silas begins calling but she claims it's work and won't pick up. He pushes her to pick up. When she does, Silas orders her to make time for him or he will release photos of her. He threatens to come over and show their 'home movies' to the family. Holden walks off to take a call and Molly begs Silas to leave. He agrees to do that only if she meets him for dinner at the Old Mill. Holden returns and assumes she was just on a business call and needs to cover a story. She promises that this will be the last time she does something like this and then she will dedicate herself to him.

    Holden goes over to Lily's with flowers and explains that Molly can't make it. "That's too bad," she says with a smile.

    You're A Good Kid.

    Thursday, May 27 2010

    At the farm house, Molly gets another text from Silas to interrupt her time with Holden. She puts her pants on and goes downstairs. Silas rushes up to her and says he wants her back. She doesn't want a peeping tom. When Holden begins calling for her, she sends Silas away. Holden comes down and she tries covering but he's paranoid. They argue about Faith. He's worried she's mixed up with a bad crowd.

    When Faith gets home, her father says he thinks her friends have been hanging out around the house. She points out she has no friends so he accuses her of dealing drugs. She's offended and walks out. Holden realizes he just screwed up. Molly tries to apologize and explain but he'd rather go back upstairs. She suggests that he go and make things up with his daughter instead. As soon as he's gone, she runs off.

    Lily takes Gabriel and Lily to her place. Liberty leaves him alone there and Lily begins offering him clothes. He gets annoyed and blows past Faith as he goes out the door. Faith and her mother begin arguing until Holden walks in. She doesn't want to hear another lecture and storms off. Lily tells Holden about asking Gabriel to stay with her. He worries about her being in the middle of the Craig debacle. She asks him to stay out of her way. Holden is already sure that Gabriel is as bad as Craig. She argues the point and he backs down.

    You Could Have Fooled Me.

    Wednesday, May 26 2010

    Molly is at the farm house unwrapping another negligee from Silas when Holden startles her and asks what's in the bag. He snatches it away from her and then assumes she got it for his benefit. They flirt and he suggests they have a date night so they can have some private time.

    In Fashions, Holden goes shopping for a gift for Molly when Silas drops in to taunt him about the negligee. Holden orders him to stay away from Molly.

    Molly is at WOAK when Holden walks in and asks her how many lies she's told him. She apologizes and says that she's told Silas to stay away and didn't want to bring this up because she's afraid it would ruin things between them. She assumes he wants to finish with her and offers to pack her bag. He asks her how they can make Silas go away.

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