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    As the World Turns CAST - Holden Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Holden Snyder Played by Jon Hensley on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jon Hensley

    Birthday: 1965-08-26
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Marital Status: Married (Kelly Menighan Hensley in May 199) 2 children
    Real Name: Jon Hensley
    Height: 5' 10"


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    Something Fishy.

    Thursday, June 10 2010

    Molly goes to Carly's to tell her that she's accepted Holden's proposal. Carly's happy for her. Molly smiles so much her face hurts. They wonder how Lily is taking the news. Holden arrives to tell Molly that everything is good. Carly hugs him. Jack arrives and the couple break their news. He hands her the DVD. Carly demands to know what's going on. Jack explains. Holden and Molly depart and Carly accuses Jack of covering things up for Molly when he wouldn't do the same for his son. He says that Molly was the victim of a sex crime but she isn't swayed. He accuses her of never having faith in him.

    Holden and Molly go back to the farm. He promises that this mess won't be haunting her for long and suggests they burn all of the evidence.

    The Answer Is No.

    Monday, June 07 2010

    Lily decides she can't live without Holden and wants him back. As she arrives outside the farm house to tell him, Holden is inside telling Molly to marry him so he can protect her. She weeps. Lily walks in and is about to tell him how he feels when she notices Molly. Holden explains he just proposed. "This night's been full of surprises," Molly says. Lily wishes them well and runs for the door. Molly suggests he go after her. He wants an answer to his proposal first. "The answer is no," she says. She loves him but thinks they are too freaked out to make plans. They argue over this and she claims that she didn't kill Silas in self-defense; she just wanted to get rid of him before he could publish their sex tapes. He repeats that he wants to marry her but she still needs time and decides to talk to Carly.

    Holden arrives at the station and tells Jack that Molly shot Silas. He tells him his version of events and worries that this could blow up. He asks Jack to make sure this all goes away. Jack offers to help and Holden rushes off.

    Molly goes to see Carly, who is complaining about her latest fight with Jack. Molly explains the proposal and cries about the timing. "I killed a man tonight," she adds. Carly offers her sympathy and Molly swears her to secrecy before explaining how Silas taunted her and she killed him, though not in self-defense. Carly insists that she still did the right thing and she should stick to her story and do whatever Holden says. "It's a fantastic way to start a marriage," Carly says.

    Molly goes back to the farm and tells Holden she'll marry him.

    She's Toxic.

    Friday, June 04 2010

    At the Old Mill, Holden and Silas fight. Silas taunts and Holden punches him out. Molly explains that he got stoned and tried to rape her. She admits that there really are videos of her and Silas. Holden ties up Silas and then goes out to get his phone. Silas continues taunting her, telling her that she will never be happy with Holden. When he tells her she is cheap and dirty, she picks the gun up. He continues pushing her and gets his hands loose. When he tells her she will always be his 'whore', she shoots him just as Holden returns. They can hear the police coming so Holden tells her what she has to tell the sheriff when he arrives.

    Holden and Molly go to the farm house. He thinks the questioning went well and pulls out the recordings of the shooting and the sex. She asks him to destroy them. He wishes she had come to him for help. She cries and tells him she's sorry. He's sad that she's doubted him and tells her he wants to be with her. To prove it, he asks her to marry him.

    I'm Just Here For The Food.

    Thursday, June 03 2010

    Holden arrives at Lily's and the kids jump in his arms. Lucinda begins probing about why Molly isn't there. Gabriel wanders in and Lucinda gushes about what a momentous evening they are going to have and whispers to her daughter to seize the day while Molly is away. She drifts over to Gabriel and repeats her offer to give him cash to leave. Faith arrives and begins sniping at her mom for throwing a party for the guy who robbed Parker.

    Noah shows up outside and asks to speak to Lily. She's happy he has his sight back. He's looking for Luke; he needs some stuff from his room. He thanks Lily for helping him out. "It sounds like you're saying goodbye," she suggests. He says he won't be around much, but he thinks she has a wonderful family. Lily gets upset so Holden calms her down. Noah goes up to get his stuff. Lily sits down and weeps. Holden sits with her and they talk about how sad it is when a relationship ends. She's sorry she let Damian come between them. He says it wasn't her fault and she doesn't need to apologize. They kiss. He pulls away and says he can't do this.

    Lily follows Holden inside but he runs off after checking his messages. Meanwhile, Gabriel explains to Lucinda that Jack was digging. She tells him to stick to the story he's been telling. A few feet away, Faith asks her mother if she's sad Holden left.

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