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    As the World Turns CAST - Holden Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Holden Snyder Played by Jon Hensley on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jon Hensley

    Birthday: 1965-08-26
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Marital Status: Married (Kelly Menighan Hensley in May 199) 2 children
    Real Name: Jon Hensley
    Height: 5' 10"


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    Did I Win A Beauty Pageant?

    Friday, July 30 2010

    At Metro, the party breaks up. Holden and Molly look forward to their marriage and then split up for the night. Holden tells Jack that he's going to France and it's not for a bachelor party. Jack is shocked that he seriously wants to run off to France on the night before his wedding but Holden is sure he can be back in time.


    Thursday, July 29 2010

    Henry and Katie return to her home. Henry wants Barbara to come home and forgive him. Katie points out that Barbara may never forgive him. Henry knows that Barbara is close and has to find her. Katie leaves to get the mail and Henry is shocked to hear Barbara's voice yelling for help! Katie returns and thinks Henry is stressed, but Henry swears he heard her voice! After they leave, Barbara's voice continues to beg for help from Jacob's baby monitor!

    All This Joy Might Be Too Much For You.

    Friday, July 23 2010

    Holden is startled when Lily shows up at Carly's for Molly's shower. "I'm worried all this joy might be too much for you," he says. She insists it's all good and hurries in, aggressively declaring to Carly and Molly that they need to get the party started.

    Lily drops by the farm house to see Holden. She tells him that the shower was hard on her and she couldn't handle it. She's in tears and confesses that she can't stand to watch him marry Molly, even if she wants the best for him. Lily's decided to leave so she won't have to see it happen.

    Back at the shower, Carly worries about Lily and Molly wonders why her party is all about Lily. Holden arrives and tells her that he saw Lily and she ran off upset. Carly pouts. Holden tells Molly that Lily won't be at the wedding. She thinks that's probably for the best.

    Same Vows, Different Woman.

    Thursday, July 22 2010

    Holden and Molly discuss their vows over coffee at Java. While Holden is getting a refill, Molly reads Holden's vows. He admits they were his vows to Lily. Molly wonders why he would reuse his vows. Holden claims he was afraid he would accidentally say a phrase he said before to Lily. Molly buys his excuse and kisses him.

    Holden stops by Carly's house with supplies for Molly's bridal shower. He asks if she is okay being in the wedding and being so close to Lily. Carly admits she is worried that Lily is going to get hurt by Craig. Holden admits he doesn't like it, but he is about to marry Molly and she is his focus. Molly arrives and wonders what they are discussing. Carly tries to lie, but Holden admits that they were discussing Lily and Craig. He then tells Molly she looks amazing and kisses her. Molly tells Carly to act like she is on her side and reminds her that they are family. Molly orders Carly to keep her mouth shut! Jack arrives with Janet's food contribution. Carly and Jack go to prepare the food. Molly admits to Holden that she was feeling shaken about his vows to Lily and went to see a priest. Holden is happy the visit made her feel better.

    Fond Of Craig.

    Wednesday, July 21 2010

    Molly and Holden are shopping at Fashions for the wedding. After he sends her off to pick up some pumps, Lily and Faith arrive. Things are awkward. They convince Holden to stick around and see Faith's dress. When she slips off to try it on, Holden and Lily begin bickering about Craig. She assures him that she can take care of herself and he's forfeited the right to have a say in her life. Faith comes out in her dress and they tell her she's beautiful. Lily turns away and sobs. She and Holden are upset to see their little girl all grown up. Lily's just realized that this wedding is for real. Molly rushes back and interrupts their sentimental moment. Lily runs off.

    Molly and Holden go to talk to the clergyman about their wedding. He talks about his last marriage and how it ended. He admits that part of him will always love Lily but their relationship is over. After the reverend goes off to finalize some details, the couple talks about their history and he says the past is just the beginning.

    I'll Do What I Want.

    Tuesday, July 20 2010

    At Java, Holden and Molly go over their wedding details. Molly tells him all he has to do is show up. She leaves to meet Carly at Fashions. Craig immediately arrives and asks why Holden wants to see him. Holden wants to know what he was doing with Lily in New York! Holden wants details, but Craig laughs and wonders if this is what keeps him up at night. Craig then asks if he got the memo that he's not married to Lily anymore. Holden tells Craig he will pound him into the ground if he doesn't tell him what he needs to know! Holden wonders where Craig fits in and knows he is up to something. Craig tells Holden he will keep his distance from Lily if and when she asks him to do so.

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