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    As the World Turns CAST - Holden Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Holden Snyder Played by Jon Hensley on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jon Hensley

    Birthday: 1965-08-26
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Marital Status: Married (Kelly Menighan Hensley in May 199) 2 children
    Real Name: Jon Hensley
    Height: 5' 10"


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    Needy And Dependent.

    Wednesday, August 11 2010

    At the farm house, Holden and Jack discuss Carly. Holden starts to explain that Craig has some kind of attachment to her company. Jack worries.

    Lily goes to the farm house and finds Holden packing Molly's stuff. She apologizes and then tells him he should be begging Molly for forgiveness. He claims that he had to do what he did and he's starting to think that it meant more than he thought it did. She's sure he would have done the same thing for Molly. He says he would have, but he would have asked her first. They discuss how different it would have been and how she would have gone with him. He thinks she's needy and dependent. They bicker about Craig and he says she's too trusting.

    Cutting Their Losses.

    Tuesday, August 03 2010

    In Canada, Lily realizes how much Holden loves Molly and bribes the pilot with a diamond Holden once gave her in order to get him home to Molly. Holden tells her she didn’t need to do that, but Lily knows it's time to let go no matter how much it hurts.

    Lily drops Holden off at the farm and tells him to be happy. Holden walks inside and finds Molly who has changed out of her wedding dress. He wonders why she isn't at the wedding and she tells him there isn't going to be one. They talk about Lily and Molly tells him she's leaving. He wonders why and she says maybe for the first time he should have said no to Lily, especially on their wedding day. He promises it won't happen again, but she knows better. He thinks they can get past this and she thinks they could and she could make him happy, but she won't sit around and wait until he runs after Lily again. He wants to promise to love her forever and he asks her to give him the chance to make it happen. She wants a man she doesn’t have to share with another woman and can't believe the example she's set for their daughter. She doesn’t want to settle for a man who loves someone else more than he loves her. She gives him her ring back and walks out of the room.

    Lily comes home and finds Lucinda. They talk about the fake factory, but Lucinda also tells her daughter Holden's wedding is off. Lily wonders if she had something to do with it by asking Holden to come to France. Lucinda fesses up but says Holden made his own choice. Lucinda thinks Holden will come back to her and reminds Lily to thank her when he does. After Lucinda has left, Holden comes over to check on the kids. Lily says she's sorry, but he tells her it's not her fault. She assures him it's not his either, but he's not so sure.

    Best Day Ever.

    Monday, August 02 2010

    In France, Lily and Craig realize that they've been scammed. He's sure her mother is behind it but she refuses to accept that. Craig says her mother is trying to get back at him. She thinks they're screwed but he assures her they can work something out. As he gives her a hug, Holden arrives and pulls him off. He interrogates her and tells her she's flying back with him. She needs to stay and find out what happened. Her ex husband accuses Craig of being behind this whole scam. Lily doesn't want his help and reminds him he's supposed to be getting married. She realizes Holden won't leave without her so she decides to leave Craig to dig into things. As soon as Craig turns his back, Holden continues interrogating her and placing the blame on Craig. He keeps whining about the other man but she insists this is her mess to clean up.

    On a plane, Holden continues ranting about Craig. Lily thinks this is ridiculous and tells him to focus on his own life. They hit turbulence and hold hands. She tells him he needs to move forward. He says he has faith she can turn all of this around. The turbulence gets worse until the pilot announces they will have to land in Montreal until the weather clears.

    Did I Win A Beauty Pageant?

    Friday, July 30 2010

    Holden and Molly wander around Old Town and talk about how she flubbed her lines at the dress rehearsal. They make out until Abigail interrupts them. When Molly leaves to check on her dress, Abigail asks her dad how Lily is taking the wedding. He changes the topic.

    Jack and Carly arrive at Metro for the rehearsal dinner. Jack toasts to the bride and groom. Abigail takes out a poem and her mom starts to cry. As she reads it, Lily walks in. She stays at the back and listens until Carly spots her and ushers her into a corner. Lily tells her about the latest disaster and says she's heading to France to sort it out. When Carly asks her about Craig, Lily gets defensive until Holden approaches and asks what she's doing there. She assures him she's not there to cause trouble and asks him to tell Molly she's beautiful.

    Francoise calls Lucinda to tell her that Lily is on the way to France to deal with the disaster. She worries about the next step. "Maybe it's time to let everything blow up," Lucinda says. She calls Holden and stutters as she tells him how worried she is about Lily running off to France. Holden doesn't understand so she tells him to forget all about it.

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