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    As the World Turns CAST - Holden Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Holden Snyder Played by Jon Hensley on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jon Hensley

    Birthday: 1965-08-26
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Marital Status: Married (Kelly Menighan Hensley in May 199) 2 children
    Real Name: Jon Hensley
    Height: 5' 10"


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    Danger On The Dance Floor.

    Wednesday, May 05 2010

    When Lily gets home, she finds her front door wide open. She calls Holden and tells him she's scared that someone might have broken in. He tells her to wait in her car. When he arrives, they go inside and look around the house. He guesses that Faith just left the door open. She apologizes for dragging him over there. He says it was the right thing to do. They worry about Luke. He hugs her and promises that everything will be okay.

    The Latest Unpleasantness.

    Friday, April 30 2010

    At home, Lily tells Holden that she has made a terrible mistake and she doesn't know how she can make things right. Before she can confide in him, Lucinda arrives to stop her. She bickers with Holden and they send him away. Lucinda reminds her of how bad it would be if Craig found out the truth. Lily confesses that she told him already. "You are out of your mind," Lucinda says. She berates her daughter and Lily defends her choice. Lucinda is sure that Craig would have just turned Gabriel into a puppet and storms off.

    Lucinda shows up at the farm house and tells Holden that Lily and the kids are in danger from Craig.

    Holden goes to see Lily and tells her he knows everything and Craig attacked Lucinda. Lily begins blaming herself. He tells her that Craig will have to go through him if he wants to get to her.

    Dirty And To The Death.

    Thursday, April 29 2010

    At the farm house, Emma tells Meg that she looks very motherly and responsible. Meg's not so sure. Holden listens at the door as Emma gives her daughter a pep talk and promises her that all will be well. When Meg walks out, Holden comes in and worries. Emma is sure they can talk a judge onto their side and begs him to come to the hearing and do all he can. They look for Meg on the porch but she's gone.

    At the court house, Paul tells everyone that this doesn't need to be ugly. Emma begins taunting Paul until he and Emily walk away. Holden's starting to wonder if this is a good idea. Meg slips away to call a journalist and tell them that Deerbrooke just released a dangerous woman named Meg in exchange for money from her family. A moment later, Emily gets a call and runs off before the hearing can begin. When the judge arrives, Paul asks if they can have a brief delay until Emily returns. Emma blows up at him. The hearing starts anyway. Emma talks about what a loving home Meg has. Paul says this isn't about Meg, it's about what's best for Eliza and Meg can't provide a better home than she has. After the hearing ends, Meg trails behind her family so she can thank Paul for being fair to her.

    Holden shows up at Lily's to get riding gear for the kids. He can see she's upset. She sobs and tells him she's made a terrible mistake.

    Oh My Goodness.

    Tuesday, April 27 2010

    Holden goes to WOAK to get Molly. He finds flowers from Silas on her desk and gets grouchy. She assures him that her interest in the other man is only professional. He invites her out for something physical – a horse ride and sex in the bushes.

    Lily arrives at the farm house with a box of stuff for Faith. She hopes that some distance will help fix things between them. They begin talking about her friends and Lily quizzes her about Gabriel. Faith is defensive and storms off as Holden and Molly arrive. Lily is upset and walks outside so Holden chases after her. They stand on the porch and mull over her latest fight with Faith. He tells her what he knows about Gabriel and then turns back inside to Molly. She worries that Lily has a secret agenda to get him back.

    Lily calls her mother over to her house. She shows her a photo of Gabriel. Lucinda is shocked and asks her what she's doing. Lily explains that he's in Oakdale. "Oh my goodness," Lucinda says. They worry about how they are going to deal with this. Holden shows up to get some of Faith's stuff. When he steps into the other room, Lucinda tells her daughter they have to contain this. They wonder why Gabriel would have come to town and hope he leaves fast. Lily is sure he already knows the truth. He knows that Craig is his father.

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