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    As the World Turns CAST - Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes Played by Kathryn Hays on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kathryn Hays

    Birthday: 1933-07-26
    Birthplace: Princeton, IL USA
    Marital Status: Divorced (Glenn Ford- 1969)
    Real Name: Kathryn Hays


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    A Real Courtship.

    Tuesday, March 16 2010

    Barbara meets Henry at WOAK as everyone gathers for the press conference. They whisper together and she asks him if he's glad Vienna's back. They're interrupted before he can answer. The press conference begins. Kim tells Barbara that she better tell Henry exactly what she wants, many times if she has to. She stares at him, as the broadcast begins. Henry presents the check and talks about Brad. When the commercial break comes, Katie gets called away after her babysitter calls.

    I Like You Just The Way You Are.

    Thursday, March 11 2010

    At the hospital, Bob tries giving Reid a compliment but he can't compete with his ego. Bob attempts to convince him to stay but Dr. Oliver won't do it. When he walks off, Kim arrives, happy to see that the young doctor will be leaving. Bob knows that he's a headache but he might miss him anyway. He says that Reid has made him change how he feels about his own job. He's been thinking of training him to take over the hospital. Kim thinks that's a terrible idea.

    Henry and Barbara go to Fashions and he offers to buy her a dress. As they make out, Kim walks in. The couple tries to pretend they aren't one. Henry changes tracks and admits he's buying a dress for Barbara. She pushes him aside and tells him they can't go public. He insists that he's not ashamed of them and then walks off to tell Katie himself. Barbara worries that she's making a fool of herself. Kim tells her not to worry.

    Kim and Bob are eating lunch at the hospital and joking around when Chris surprises them. He's annoyed that they haven't told him anything that's been going on. Kim hopes he'll be sticking around. Chris asks his father why he would hire Reid.

    Kim, Bob and Chris go out for lunch. They discuss Dr. Oliver. Chris thinks he's a phony and tells them that Reid stole his fellowship. After they explain that Reid is leaving, they ask Chris to come back to Memorial. He's not ready for that. His mother wonders if he came back to town for Alison. "Relationships don't work for me," he says. When he walks out, he runs into Katie. She thanks him for his help earlier.

    I Love To See Him Squirm.

    Wednesday, March 03 2010

    In the corridor, Kim rants at Bob, refusing to lie on the stand for Reid's sake. Reid walks over to them and brings up how he saved their lives. He rants about how horrible the hospital is and thumps away. Bob smiles. "I love to see him squirm," he says. They file in and the hearing begins. Kim says that the accident had no malicious intent. Bob talks about what a fine and caring physician Reid is, even if he's obnoxious. When Luke is sworn in, he admits that he forced Dr. Oliver into coming to town and claims Reid didn't steal his car. The judge decides this was all a waste of time. Henry leaps up and demands to be heard. He says that he was held in quarantine after a false TB diagnosis. Bob explains that Henry is exaggerating so the judge dismisses the case. As Reid leaves, he thanks Luke, who asks him to keep up his side of the bargain. Bob asks Reid what it would take to keep him in town. That's not going to happen without a lot of money. Bob wishes he could offer him what he needs. Katie says she has an idea of where they could get the money to keep Reid there. Henry realizes what she's thinking about and runs.

    Katie walks out, assures Bob and Kim that she will talk Henry around, and then calls Vienna.

    Mick Isn't Here.

    Monday, February 15 2010

    Kim shows up at the hospital to drag Bob to the wedding. Dr. Oliver stops by to complain about patients. Bob tells Kim about Reid putting Henry into quarantine. The doctors begin bickering and Bob orders him to start respecting their standards.

    At the hospital, Susan checks Kim over and then leaves to check on her daughters. Bob explains to his wife how he faked the stroke to get out. "I just thought, what would Dr. Oliver do?" he says.

    A Conspiracy of Idiots.

    Monday, January 25 2010

    When Dr. Oliver tries to drive out of the parking garage, he drives right into Kim's car. Luke and Bob help her out of the car. Reid honks at them until Luke gets him out of the car. Dr. Oliver is ready to leave but Luke points out that he just hit someone. "What are you gonna do? String me up in the town square?" Reid taunts. They bicker. Kim tells Luke to let the doctor go. A cop comes over and demands Reid's license and registration. "Can you just pull out your gun and shoot me?" the doctor jokes. Luke explains that the doctor basically stole his car. When the cop hands over a summons, Reid crumples it up and throws it. The cop arrests him. Luke picks it up and reads the charges to Bob and Kim. They chuckle.

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