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    As the World Turns CAST - Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes Played by Kathryn Hays on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kathryn Hays

    Birthday: 1933-07-26
    Birthplace: Princeton, IL USA
    Marital Status: Divorced (Glenn Ford- 1969)
    Real Name: Kathryn Hays


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    You've Lost Your Mind.

    Wednesday, July 14 2010

    At the Lakview, Kim tells Bob that Mona has a crush on him and then moans about her company trying to buy the hospital. Bob admits he's having a hard time finding a replacement for Reid. She wanders off. He meets with Mona and they go over her picks for the hospital. Reid strolls in and asks to talk to him alone. Luke runs up behind him to prevent a rant and explains that Reid wants his job back. Mona says that ship has sailed. When the young men step aside, Bob makes a case for letting Reid back in. Mona warns him this isn't a good 'test case'. He assumes she has a problem with Reid because he's gay and informs her that the hospital is no longer for sale. Mona storms off and Luke and Reid return. They're impressed when Bob fills them in and Reid takes his job back. They rush off to celebrate and Kim returns so Bob tells her the latest. She giggles and wonders who he will find to replace himself.

    Bob meets Reid at the Lakeview. He wants to recommend him to take over his position. Reid's flattered. Bob suggests he take it so he can work on his people skills. After he sends Reid off, Kim returns and he fills her in on what just happened. "You've lost your mind," she says.

    This Is A Disaster!

    Thursday, July 08 2010

    At Fairwinds, Emily asks Paul to try on a sweater so they can go ahead and take a Christmas photo. He happily agrees because she's not mad at him anymore. Kim arrives and wonders if Paul has heard from Barbara. Kim is worried that something is wrong. Emily denies she is happy Barbara is gone, but thinks no news is good news. Kim agrees maybe Barbara does need time before she faces Henry again. Paul returns and Emily lies that she was talking to a housekeeper. Emily thinks that by making a card, it means that they will still be together at Christmas.

    Paul, Emily and Eliza head to Old Town and pose for a Christmas picture. Kim approaches and Paul is surprised Emily didn't mention that Kim came by looking for Barbara. Emily lies that it slipped her mind. Henry runs up asking for directions to the health food store and then asks if anyone has heard from Barbara. Everyone thinks it is strange that Barbara won't return calls, but Emily begs Henry to not call or look for Barbara! Emily goes off on a rant because everyone is so crazy for Barbara and wonders why they want to call in a search party for her. Kim tells Emily to get a grip, but Emily thinks if Barbara can survive James Stenbeck, she can survive getting over Henry. Emily then calms down and says Barbara is family and that will never change. After Kim leaves, Paul wonders what is going on with Emily. Emily mutters that Barbara isn't even there and managed to ruin their Christmas picture.

    Chris stops by WOAK and tells Kim about the opportunity to go to Haiti. He admits he is tempted to go since Frannie and Sabrina are already there and have the experience of a lifetime. Kim gets blunt and thinks this all has to do with his feelings for Katie. Chris denies it does, but thinks Katie will be better off if he leaves. An exasperated Kim tells him he has no understanding of women. She points out how hurt Katie still is from losing Brad on what should have been the happiest day of their lives. She thinks Katie wants Chris to stay there for her and assure her he's not going anywhere. She then asks him what he is waiting for.

    Congratulations For Not Hyperventilating.

    Monday, July 05 2010

    There are a lot of anxious glances from the wedding guests at Al's. After an awkward pause, Henry stutters and Paul hands him the rings. Chris worries the groom's head will explode. Katie says he always looks like that. Paul asks that the vows be shortened because his brother is so nervous... and drunk. They try exchanging rings but Henry's barely fits over his knuckle. Kim and Bob are surprised Barbara hasn't stormed in. Before the marriage is finalized, Vienna halts things so she can recite her own vows. The guests whisper among themselves as Vienna talks. Henry stares until Paul pokes him. The groom didn't prepare anything so he starts to babble and then he talks about the baby and how the child brought them together. Chris and Katie guess that Vienna didn't tell him the truth. The minister declares them man and wife. Emily congratulates him for not hyperventilating and hopes that Barbara is gone. Katie corners the bride and pulls her into a corner to confront her about not telling Henry. "Tell Henry what?" Henry asks, interrupting. Vienna claims that she had cold feet and prayed for guidance. Saint Lucia came and told her that she owed it to their child to get married and make things work. Katie cringes and tells her to be ashamed. Chris intrudes and tells her to back down. Henry's confused. Chris drags her away and Henry says Katie is just upset because she was supposed to be a godparent with Brad.

    I Hope They Have Good Food.

    Friday, July 02 2010

    Bob and Kim are having coffee at Java. He wonders why she is so antsy so she explains that she's expecting Barbara to show up and make a scene. They discuss Chris and Katie and worry he's moving too fast with her. They rehash his romantic failures and worry he'll take off again.

    Emily and Barbara bump into each other in Old Town and begin bickering. They sling the dirt back and forth before launching threats. Barbara rips up Emily's dress. As they yell, Bob and Kim arrive as Emily complains about how she will now be late for the wedding. Barbara screams about how tired she is of being 'the nice girl' and storms off. Emily stomps off in the other direction. "I hope they have good food at this thing," Bob says.


    Wednesday, June 30 2010

    Barbara is in her room when Kim shows up. Barbara shows her the invitation she ripped up. "If there was ever a losing hand, I've got it," she says. Kim tells her to find someone other than Henry. Barbara never wants to leave her room again. Kim orders her to fix herself up and go out to dinner with her.

    Back in the dining room, Kim and her son sit at the table and she begins teasing him about Katie. She tells him that he should take things slow with her.

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