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    As the World Turns CAST - Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes Played by Kathryn Hays on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kathryn Hays

    Birthday: 1933-07-26
    Birthplace: Princeton, IL USA
    Marital Status: Divorced (Glenn Ford- 1969)
    Real Name: Kathryn Hays


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    I Need You To Help Me.

    Thursday, September 02 2010

    Katie is at WOAK watching old recordings of her show with Chris. Kim shows up and asks why she isn't at the hospital. Katie admits that she's known for a few days but was scared to say or do anything. Kim says her son really needs her by his side. However, she's not sure that she's really ready to move on from Brad. If she really wants to help her son, she should consider staying away from him. Kim is terrified by her lack of control over this situation. She knows that Chris will never ask Katie to stay away and will let her suck all the strength out of him. Katie doesn't think she's being fair. Kim knows that and rails about how she wants to shake everyone to get things done. She asks Katie to stop refusing to make a choice and decide if she can take the pain ahead.

    In the hall, Kim accuses Reid of being happy that her son is dying so he can get the chief of staff job. Reid insists that's not the case. Bob comes over and asks her to stop. She cries and Bob stands up for Reid, explaining that the doctor was looking after their son. She apologizes but Reid says it isn't necessary. Bob asks her to stay strong for their son's sake. Kim and Bob worry about each other. Tom calls and says that they have a lead on a donor.

    Back at the hospital, Kim and Bob stand by their son's bed. Reid looks in at them. Luke approaches him and the doctor admits that he gave Katie the wrong advice before and told her not to run away. Luke's impressed. "Sometimes I surprise myself," Reid says. Chris suddenly goes into cardiac arrest so all the doctors run in.

    It's So Sad.

    Wednesday, September 01 2010

    At the hospital, Kim and Bob talk about Nancy's service. He remembers that he has a golf game with one of the trustees. She suggests he send Chris instead. Chris wanders in, nearly collapsing after John has dragged him there. He starts making excuses about why he's there and they suggest he go golfing. When they explain that it would be good for his bid at the chief if staff job, he agrees to do it.

    John searches for Chris and a nurse tells him he's gone. Reid walks by and John fills him in. They start looking around. Bob and Kim walk by and Reid pays his condolences to them. Bob tells him that his son is off playing golf.

    Bob and Kim are at Java. He sadly talks about his mom and what it was like to find her. He wishes she hadn't been alone. Kim tells him his mother was surrounded by love all of the time and he was a wonderful son. A nurse wanders over and mentions that Dr. Oliver is golfing with Chris.

    Tom, Margo and John arrive at the hospital and see Bob and Kim, who tell him that their son is playing golf. He blows up and Tom wonders what's going on. Reid brings Chris in. John sends Chris off to get oxygen. Bob demands some answers but John tells him they'll have to wait. John sends Reid to keep the family occupied. Katie arrives and sees Kim hugging Bob. "It's really happening," she mumbles. She doesn't think she can handle this so Reid advises her to go home. This leads to Luke bickering with Reid. The family file in to see Chris. Katie circles around and watches through the window.

    There Should Be More.

    Tuesday, August 31 2010

    Bob and Kim are with Margo in Tom's office. They go over the will. Nancy left all of her money to charity and her possessions to various people. Kim feels like they should do more. "There just should be more," she says, weeping and walking out. Tom agrees that they haven't done enough. He feels angry. Margo understands: they all wish they'd had a chance to say goodbye. Bob walks Kim back in and Margo suggests they name something after Nancy. Bob doesn't think she'd want that.

    Margo, Kim, Bob and Tom all arrive at the Hughes house. Bob smiles and remembers the holidays with his mom. Katie and Chris arrive and Kim urges them to make the announcement they were planning on making before Nancy died. Before that can happen, Casey and Alison return with Lisa and declare that they should do something Nancy would have liked. John arrives to pay his respects to Bob and Kim. They get their wires crossed and Bob thinks he's talking about Nancy's passing rather than Chris' disease. Chris hurries over and tips John off. John's embarrassed and apologizes to everyone. Chris takes John aside, who tells him to get to a hospital right away. Lucinda wanders over and they catch up. Casey sends everyone off to do volunteer work.

    Bob, Kim, Chris and Katie go to Nancy's apartment to pack things up. Chris is obviously in a lot of pain. His parents assume it's just grief and leave the couple there. Katie's eager to take him to the hospital but he insists they pack some boxes first. They kiss and then sort through paperwork and look at old photos. He says that one day they will be just like his grandparents.

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