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    As the World Turns CAST - Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes Played by Kathryn Hays on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kathryn Hays

    Birthday: 1933-07-26
    Birthplace: Princeton, IL USA
    Marital Status: Divorced (Glenn Ford- 1969)
    Real Name: Kathryn Hays


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    Halos Don't Look Good On Me.

    Wednesday, August 12 2009

    As the celebration continues, Kim makes a toast to how wonderful Janet did. Teri makes a plate of food for Kim to take with her. Janet goes to thank Kim, but overhears Kim telling Teri she would have been a knockout on television. Janet realizes she was the second choice for the job. She tearfully asks Teri, "The only reason I got this job was because you turned it down?" Teri tells her she got the job because she deserves it. Janet becomes irate and tells them they were all in on it. Jack tells her to let herself do the job and stop beating herself up. Janet whines, "Pathetic Janet who never went to college can't do anything." Craig tells her that he is the evil mastermind behind everything and she should blame him instead! Craig tells everyone that he made Teri turn down the offer to stay with Jack's children. Janet softens and apologizes.

    Alison goes to the television station to talk to Kim. Alison tells her she thinks something is wrong with Bob. Kim can't believe Alison is trying to blame her mistake on Bob. Alison stammers she is trying to help, but Kim tells her she is trying to blame others. She yells, "This time kiddo, you picked the wrong scapegoat!" Kim lays into Alison and tells her she is a liar. Alison is sorry for upsetting her. Kim yells that she should not suggest Bob is dangerous. Kim cries, "You, your sister and mother stay away and quit blaming everyone else." Kim then clutches her chest and falls to the floor! Alison calls an ambulance and tells them they have a possible heart attack!

    Casey sees Kim being wheeled into the hospital. Alison informs him Bob isn't answering his pages and that Kim had a heart attack!

    We Were Just Having Sex!

    Monday, July 27 2009

    When Henry and Brad arrive to the station, two of Henry’s fans storm in, happy to meet Henry. Kim tells the ladies it’s a closed set and they must leave. Henry and Brad beg for their jobs back, but Kim says that ship has sailed. Vienna alienated the audience when she outed Geneva, however, she will put Brad on the air if Henry agrees to be his co-host! Kim is hesitant but thinks he should be himself. Brad and Henry start bickering.


    Wednesday, July 22 2009

    Adam returns with a laptop as a present for Casey. Margo is so happy he is home with them. She admits she feels bad for keeping his identity a secret from Tom, but she does not want him to go back to jail. Tom returns with Lisa, Kim and Bob. Tom calls and tells Casey he must return home immediately.

    Alison and Hunter arrive at the surprise party. Alison introduces them to Hunter. He admits that he is her brother. Alison fills them in on the details. Lisa remarks, "Oh great, another Stewart to contend with!" Hunter asks if Tom and Emily were married when they had Daniel. Alison comments there is too much friction between their families. Before things get tenser, Casey enters and is shocked to see a crowd yelling, "Surprise!" Casey leaves and Margo chases him. Casey tells her he wanted to tell her and Tom and see their reaction. Margo tells him she could not be prouder of him and coaxes him back inside.

    Back inside the party, Alison hears Bob say, "Nurse, can you send in the next patient?" A concerned Alison asks Kim about the comment, but Bob tells her he was just making a joke. After everyone leaves, Casey tells Adam, "You planned an awesome day!" Margo and Adam both happily smile.

    At the Lakeview, Lisa, Bob and Kim make a toast to Casey. Kim tells him he is terrific for helping Casey. Bob kisses her and says, "You're great, too, Lisa!" Kim asks if he is trying to be funny, but Bob looks at her confused. Kim takes his drink and laughs that perhaps he has had a bit too much.

    The Gloves Are Off!

    Monday, July 20 2009

    Vienna and Kim are stunned that Henry is Geneva. Vienna runs off and before Henry can chase after her, a reporter stops him and asks what he has to say to the fans. Henry addresses the fans and tells them he was trying to raise the decency of daytime television. Kim pulls Henry aside and Katie and Brad follow. Katie tells Henry he got caught like she said he would. Brad and Kim realize she knew about Henry's masquerade all along. Kim tells him that he committed an act of fraud and drags him off. Henry argues that Kim liked Geneva. Kim demands that he stay away from the station and hits him with her purse!

    Vienna Pulls the Wig Off!

    Friday, July 17 2009

    Henry gives flowers to an unhappy Vienna in her bedroom. He says her health is more important than the show, then tells her that Geneva is replacing her. Vienna wants to kill Geneva. She suggests they make love and she goes into the bathroom to get ready. Henry gets a phone call from Kim and talks with Geneva’s voice. Kim says she needs ‘her’ at the Lakeview now. Vienna emerges wearing sexy lingerie. Henry tells her that he’s upset about her firing and says he needs to take a walk to relax. He leaves with his bag and says to himself, “Now where the hell will I put on this dress”.

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