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    As the World Turns CAST - Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes

    Full detailed profile on Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes Played by Kathryn Hays on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kathryn Hays
    Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes

    Actor: Kathryn Hays

    Who played Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes over the years

    Kathryn Hays: 1972-1975, 1976-present
    Patty McCormack: 1975-1976 ? Temporary replacement

    Useful information on Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes

    * Currently Kim resides at home with her husband

    * Married to Dr. Bob Hughes

    Crimes Committed

    * 1998: Refused to let John Dixon follow Hal and Barbara to the cemetery. She stopped him from going by putting his car keys down her blouse.


    * WOAK-TV: Co-Owner
    * Patterns: TV show that Kim Hosted
    * Campaign manager for Tom
    * Andropolous Restaurant: Manager
    * Lowell, Hughes & Colman Law: Former secretart
    * Former singer


    Kim Sullivan arrived at Oakdale to watch her sister, Jennifer marry a very handsome Bob Hughes. Kim was very envious of Jennifer for finding such a wonderful man. After the wedding, Kim left Oakdale to pursue her singing career. She married Jason Reynolds, but found herself to be a widow at an early age. She continued singing. On one occasion, Bob came down to Florida on a trip. During this point in Bob's marriage, Jennifer and Bob were not getting along. Bob was able to locate Kim. They talked and ended up making love. Bob went back to Oakdale and Jennifer gave him the great news, she was pregnant. They worked things out and tried again. Meanwhile, Kim couldn't get her mind off Bob and what happened so she went to Oakdale, hoping that Bob and Jennifer decided to divorce. She was devastated to discover they had worked things out and Jennifer was having a baby. Kim had some news of her own; she was pregnant with Bob's child too. But she didn't want to upset her sister and stand in the way of reconciliation. She set her sights on Bob's enemy at the time, John Dixon. They soon married, and when it came time for her to deliver the baby, she was told her baby had died. She would later learn that her little girl was alive and a family in England had adopted her.

    Kim's marriage to John was not very good. She wasn't in love with him and didn't want anything to do with him. She was determined to leave John, but he was in an accident and put in a wheelchair. She vowed to stay with him until he recovered. Of course, once he healed, he faked his paralysis in order to hang on to her. She developed amnesia one time and was unable to remember anything about her life. John told her she was his wife and they loved each other. Kim found out that she was pregnant and eventually got her memory back. As soon as she did, she left John. John had a terrible drinking problem, and when his habit started interfering with his work, the hospital suspended him. She fought with John constantly over custody of their son, Andy.

    Kim eventually found herself free to marry the love of her life, Bob. Bob had lost Jennifer in a car accident and had just come out of a marriage with Miranda Marlowe. They were destined to be together. On one occasion, Bob found himself caught up in an affair with Dr. Susan Stewart. After Kim threw him out of their home, she reconsidered, after a sincere Bob apologized and vowed never to stray again. They had a child together named Chris. Their life was full, and Bob continued to provide Oakdale with outstanding dedication as a physician. Kim supported her husband ever step of the way. She pursued a career herself, ended up hosting her own show, and eventually became co-owner of WOAK-TV. Women of Oakdale confide in Kim for her advice and wisdom.


    Nick Andropoulous: Deceased
    Dr. Dan Steward: Deceased
    Dr. John Dixon: Divorced
    Jason Reynolds: Deceased


    Jeffrey Talbot: Dated
    Raymond Speer: Dated, Deceased
    Nick Andropoulous: Lovers, Deceased
    Dr. Dan Stewart: Affair, Deceased
    Dr. John Dixon: Lovers, Engaged
    Dr. Bob Hughes: Lovers
    Jason Reynolds: Deceased


    Frances Sullivan: Mother, Deceased
    Jennifer Sullivan Hughes: Sister, Deceased
    Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Munson Dixon Munson: Niece
    Rick Ryan: Nephew
    Melinda Grey: Niece, Deceased
    Paul Ryan: Great Nephew
    Jennifer Kasnoff Donovan: Great Niece, Deceased
    Will Munson: Great Nephew
    Johnny Dixon: Great Nephew, Deceased
    John Dustin Munson Donovan: Great Great Nephew
    Jennifer Ryan: Great Great Niece, Deceased
    Lien Hughes: Granddaughter by marriage
    Adam Munson: Grandson by marriage
    Casey Hughes: Grandson by marriage
    Daniel Hughes: Grandson by marriage
    Hope Dixon: Granddaughter
    Billy Norbeck: Great Grandson, Deceased
    Chuck Ryan: Brother in law, Deceased
    Chris Hughes: Father in law, Deceased
    Nancy Hughes McClosky: Mother in law,
    Don Hughes: Brother in law
    Penny Hughes Cunningham: Sister in law
    Margo Hughes: Daughter in law, by marriage


    Sabrina Hughes: Daughter, with Bob
    Andy Dixon, son with John
    Christopher Hughes: Son with Bob
    Emily Stewart Munson: Step daughter
    Frannie Hughes: Step daughter and Niece
    Tom Hughes: Step Son
    Betsy Andropoulous: Step Daughter


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    Friday, September 17 2010: Goodnight.

    It's early morning and Bob walks the halls of Memorial, listening to the machines humming. He walks into his office and thinks about how this quiet will end as the day dawns and the lives of the people of Oakdale begin to swarm through the place. He thinks about how he has taken care of many of the town's residents since they were children and then taken care of their children. It's now time for him to walk away. Kim comes in and reminds him he's supposed to be packing. He finds it impossible to believe that he is retiring today.

    Thursday, September 09 2010: That's A Damn Shame.

    At Al's, Kim continues to worry to Bob about Chris. He says everything points to a steady recovery. She wonders what the lessons are in all of this for her.

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