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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Bob Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Bob Hughes Played by Don Hastings on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Don Hastings

    Birthday: April 1 1934
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Married - Leslie Denniston
    Real Name: Don Hastings


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    I Wish It Wasn't This.

    Tuesday, September 07 2010

    Luke rushes down the hall to Reid's room. Reid opens his eyes. Luke begs him not to talk. The doctor asks for his wallet. Luke looks through it and finds the organ donor note on his license. "Chris," Reid gasps. Luke tells him he'll get better but Reid wants a lawyer, not a doctor. They call Tom in and Reid says he wants Luke to have his power of attorney. Luke begs him not give up. "We haven't had enough days. We're just getting started," he pleads with him. As he kisses him, Reid flatlines. John and Bob tell Luke that Reid is brain dead and there's nothing they can do. Luke asks them to leave him alone. Tom tells Bob about Reid's final request. John can't even consider that without a judge's approval. Luke is distraught and Bob tells him he knows this is all unfair. Luke is left alone with Reid. He blames himself for dragging him to Oakdale. He wishes he could save his life but the only thing he can do now is leave him and move on. "We finally agree on something Dr. Oliver. I wish it wasn't this," he says.

    Bob and Kim sit in the hall and wonder how this could have happened. She feels like a fool for questioning Reid when he has died for their son. "I'll never have a chance to tell him I'm sorry," she cries. Alison and Casey wander over and she asks if she can still be part of the transplant team. Bob assures her she can be. They're family after all.

    How Dare You Sacrifice Yourself For Me.

    Friday, September 03 2010

    Bob and John kick Kim out of Chris' hospital room as they try to keep him alive. Reid rushes in to help and Kim is left weeping with Luke. Henry and Barbara arrive. Luke tips Henry off that Katie isn't there. Once Chris has stabilized, the doctors tell him he's in very bad shape. Chris refuses the treatment that John suggests and won't be hooked up to a machine. He insists on being treated like just another patient and not being bumped ahead in line for a transplant.

    In the hospital waiting room, Barbara sits with Kim. She tells her about being a newlywed and tries to think positively. Kim walks back into Chris' room and the doctors explain that he's refusing treatment. Katie and Henry arrive as Chris talks about how he doesn't want to be remembered struggling for his life. Kim tries to talk him around. "How dare you try to sacrifice yourself for me," Katie says. She tells him to listen to his doctors so they can have more time together. She accuses him of being a coward and tells him that no one who loves him wants to be spared this fight. Katie vows to sit at his bedside until he becomes healthy again and they can go dancing with Barb and Henry. He caves in and agrees to fight. Bob suddenly announces that a heart has become available in Bay City. Everyone is relieved.

    In the hospital hall, Reid tells Luke that Chris' heart is ready. Luke thinks that's incredible. Bob asks Alison to scrub in to help with the surgery. Kim notices she's wearing Nancy's ring so she and Casey break the news of their engagement. Bob and Kim hug her. As they drift away, John walks by on the phone. His smile drops. He turns to the family and informs them that the heart has now been claimed for someone else. Chris says he'll go back on the list as planned. He requests to speak to Reid alone. The doctors spar and Reid tries to be encouraging. Chris asks him to take care of Katie.

    I Need You To Help Me.

    Thursday, September 02 2010

    At the hospital, Chris' family is baffled about what's going on with him. He explains that he didn't want anyone to worry about him. Bob's annoyed but they promise to do what they can to help. John comes in and asks everyone to leave. Kim notices that Katie isn't even there. Chris requests to speak to Tom and Margo alone. He asks them to make sure that they just let things play out and not give him any special treatment or advantages. Margo and Tom want to call in favors for him but he refuses to allow that. His family refuses to be as noble about this as he is.

    Kim and Bob sit in his office. She wonders how this could have happened. He's sure John will do all he can and advises her to go home and rest.

    At Memorial, Reid goes to see John and they begin bickering about the case until Bob walks in. When John walks off, Bob corners Reid and tells him that he's tried to be a mentor to him, but he doesn't think he's appreciated it. He demands to know why he wasn't told about his son's condition earlier. Reid says he had no choice but to honor Chris' wishes. He says that if he's upset about how things were handled, he needs to take that up with his son.

    Luke goes to see Chris at the hospital and tells him that Reid sent Katie home. Chris doesn't think she should be forced to watch him wither away. He's been selfish most of his life and is tired of acting that way. Bob comes in and asks to be alone with his son. Once he is, he questions him about his illness. Chris tells him that he had it before, beat it and returned to make him proud. Bob is proud, but he's ashamed of himself for thinking he was just lazy. Chris is determined to prove that he's as strong as his father.

    In the hall, Kim accuses Reid of being happy that her son is dying so he can get the chief of staff job. Reid insists that's not the case. Bob comes over and asks her to stop. She cries and Bob stands up for Reid, explaining that the doctor was looking after their son. She apologizes but Reid says it isn't necessary. Bob asks her to stay strong for their son's sake. Kim and Bob worry about each other. Tom calls and says that they have a lead on a donor.

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