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    As the World Turns CAST - Dr. Bob Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Bob Hughes Played by Don Hastings on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Don Hastings

    Birthday: April 1 1934
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA
    Marital Status: Married - Leslie Denniston
    Real Name: Don Hastings


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    Wednesday, July 22 2009

    At the Lakeview, Lisa, Bob and Kim make a toast to Casey. Kim tells him he is terrific for helping Casey. Bob kisses her and says, "You're great, too, Lisa!" Kim asks if he is trying to be funny, but Bob looks at her confused. Kim takes his drink and laughs that perhaps he has had a bit too much.

    Vienna Pulls the Wig Off!

    Friday, July 17 2009

    In Paul’s room, Dr. Hughes takes Barbara into the hallway. She asks him about the memory loss. He says it’s not unusual for a patient to be disoriented after surgery.

    Meg leaves Paul’s room and finds Barbara holding Eliza. Meg says she won’t be hurt this time. Barbara pleads for Meg’s help with Paul. Meg goes back into Paul’s room with Eliza. He smiles at Eliza adoringly and says she’s cute. Paul says he doesn’t know what Meg’s trying to do. He says he wishes he did remember and asks her to leave so that he can get some sleep. Meg and Eliza see Barbara who is upset. She tells Meg that she has only herself to blame. Meg tells Barbara that she hasn’t had the slightest insight into her own son. Dusty and Bonnie arrive and burst into Paul’s room. Dusty grabs Paul and threatens him. Dr. Hughes, Barbara and Meg all yell at him to leave. Dusty tells Paul that they are not through. Damian sees Meg. She tells him the condition is real and tells him about the microchip. She says Eliza has lost her father and she doesn’t know if she’s going to get him back.

    There's Something About Riley...

    Tuesday, June 09 2009

    Tom meets Bob at the hospital to talk about Adam. Bob wonders why the memorial didn't include family. Tom explains it was Margo's idea and she just wanted immediate family. He admits he is worried about her. Tom explains Riley's arrival and how Margo might be substituting him for Adam. Bob advises Tom to be patient.

    At the hospital, Emily tells Susan she thinks she has more in life to give. Susan worries she could get hurt, but Emily asks what happened to her eggs that she donated to her when she conceived Alison. Susan thinks they are still stored in the hospital and agrees to check with Bob. After investigating, Bob tells them, "This is the strangest thing, they are gone!" Bob thinks they were lost during reorganization. Susan agrees that they will be able to find them because the eggs are so well-protected. Emily hopes so because she wants a baby now with all her heart!

    They Can't Have My Baby!

    Tuesday, May 05 2009

    At Al's Henry questions Bob about fatherhood and asks if there is something wrong with him because he doesn't want kids! He tells Bob about raising his sisters and the pressures that come along with parenthood. He even blames himself for the way Eve turned out! Bob says raising siblings is not the same as raising a child, and Henry deserves to experience that. Henry still isn't sure. Kim calls Bob to tell him about the segment; when Henry hears about the childbirth class he freaks out.

    After the taping is finished Kim tells Bob about Henry's bot-baby-napping. Bob tells Kim about Henry's issues with fatherhood and his fears about being a parent. Both wonder if Henry will figure out what he really wants in his life. Kim brings up Chris; Bob says all they can do for Chris is stand by and love him. She kisses him. Both worry that Henry might not come back with the bot-baby.

    Brad and Katie search through Old Town for Henry but can't find him. Katie worries that Henry will kidnap their real baby just as he has kidnapped the bot-baby. Brad calms her down. Katie spots a poster for a stand-up comedian and realizes that the comedian is the man who gave them the news about the baby! They hurry to the hospital and ask Bob about the comedian. Bob says the comedian is not on staff at the hospital. He walks away.

    Meg's Up To Something!

    Tuesday, April 14 2009

    Alison bumps into Bob and Nancy at the hospital. Nancy is giving Bob a hard time about letting the senior's bus driver go; he says there was no choice and reminds Nancy of the hiring freeze. Alison says she has a solution! She asks them to give her a minute and leaves. She calls Casey and they agree to meet at Java.

    Alison and Casey return to the hospital. They find Nancy and Casey excitedly tells her that he is going to help organize the seniors and drive the bus. Nancy is thrilled with the turn of events. Bob comes in and says Jade is going to help, too! Casey and Alison are not thrilled; neither is Jade. Jade and Casey don't want to work together but Bob orders them to work out their differences. He leaves. Casey tells Jade to get another volunteer job but she refuses. He storms out, saying he'll find something else to do. Alison follows him. Jade tries to leave, too, but Nancy won't let her. "You volunteered, now get to work!" Nancy exclaims!

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