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    As the World Turns CAST - Lucy Montgomery (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucy Montgomery (PAST) Played by Spencer Grammer on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Spencer Grammer

    Birthday: 1985-07-15
    Birthplace: Los Angelos, CA USA
    Real Name: Spencer Grammer


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    Jack Loves Carly!

    Thursday, December 11 2008

    Luke gets Brian home. Brian apologizes for losing control and says he's been so worried about Lucinda. Luke pours water but Brian makes a mess of things so Luke cleans him up. Brian takes Luke's hand. Luke tries to pull away and then Lily and Holden interrupt them! Brian says he drank too much and made a mess of things. Lily offers to make a sandwich but he says he needs to go to bed and leaves. Holden says how nice Luke is and apologizes for the night not ending the way he wanted. Luke goes upstairs and Holden tells Lily about Noah walking out on Luke. She is worried about Carly but he convinces her to forget about their friend and takes her to bed. Brian comes downstairs and pours another drink. Luke is there and says if Brian doesn't back off, he'll tell Lucinda.

    Lucy kidnaps Johnny!

    Thursday, December 14 2006

    At Craig's, Lucy informs Lucinda that she called her mother to arrange for a plane to take her and Johnny out of Oakdale. Lucinda doesn't like the idea, but Lucy begs her to help. "Sweetheart, I'm sorry but if you take a step toward that door with that child then helping you is not what I'm going to be doing." Lucy explains how Craig set Dusty up. She says Johnny will just end up stuck in the middle of everything. Lucinda asks her if she really believes kidnapping Johnny will stop the animosity between Craig and Dusty. She says at least Johnny won't have to see it. She goes on to say she owes it to Jennifer to do what she can for Johnny. "Please grandmother, please. Let me go," Lucy pleads.

    Later, we see Lucy and Johnny on a plane.

    Iris Becomes Will's Houseguest!

    Wednesday, December 13 2006

    At the jail, Lucy says, "You really wouldn't try to kill my father again." He replies that Craig has his son, and he's going to find him and finish what he started. He admits killing Craig is the only way!

    On Lucy's way out, she bumps into Margo. She asks Margo not to tell her father she was there. After Margo says she won't tell Craig, Lucy asks her if--when she saw her father--did she get the feeling that Craig would do anything to hold onto Johnny. Margo confirms. Lucy says Dusty would do just as much if he were free. Margo feels sorry for Johnny, saying he's going to end up spending his life in a constant tug of war between two people who love him but hate each other. Lucy agrees saying if there was only something they could do. An officer interrupts, informing Margo that she has a phone call.

    Lucy returns to Craig's place. He asks where she went. She says she went by her grandmother's to get some things. She goes on to say she misjudged him, and it was the biggest mistake of her life. He smiles, then gives her a hug. While hugging her, he hollers out in pain. She asks to look at his wound. While looking, she informs him that he's developing a bad infection and must return to the hospital right away! He says he'll be okay, but she insists he go, warning that if he puts it off the infection could spread quickly. She offers to stay with Johnny while his driver takes him to the hospital. He says they should just bundle Johnny up and go together. "No!" she answers quickly, confusing Craig. He wonders if Bob will make a house call. She says he needs to be at the hospital to have scans, IVs and etc. Finally, he agrees to go.

    After Craig leaves, she opens up the safe and takes the money that's inside. She grabs Johnny telling him they have a long way to go before they can sleep, but before she can get out the door Lucinda walks in and asks her what's going on --where she's taking Johnny. She says she can't discuss it right now. However, when Lucinda continues to question her, she says she's taking Johnny back to Barbara. "You're lying," Lucinda says. Lucy says she doesn't have time to explain, she has to go. On her way out, she bumps into Lucinda, her purse falls to the floor, and the wad of money slips out into view.

    "Oh my God Darling, you're running away. You're kidnapping Johnny," Lucinda says, after seeing the money.
    "Yes, I am," Lucy says nodding her head.

    Will Pays Iris to Stay Away From Gwen!

    Tuesday, December 12 2006

    At Craig's, Lucy informs Craig that even though he and Barbara have issues she loves her grandson. Craig tells Lucy he's drawn up the paper work to change Johnny's name to Craig Montgomery JR. She confronts him about changing Johnny's name. He wonders whose side she's really on. He says no matter how much he wants her to live with them, if her feelings for Dusty are going to cloud her judgment then she can leave! She asks him why he's questioning her loyalty to her brother when she's just giving him an honest opinion about some of his plans. He responds that he's questioning her loyalty to him and not her brother. She says if that's how he feels then maybe she shouldn't have stopped Dusty from shooting him! He hugs her saying he's sorry. He goes on to say he's just so close to having everything he wants that he doesn't want to blow the chance.

    Cassandra comes in to say she spoke to the judge and he will have full custody by the end of the week. She also says given the circumstances the judge agreed he shouldn't have to share Johnny with the mother's family.

    With Cassandra gone, Craig tells Lucy with her there they will all be happy. He apologizes for doubting her loyalty earlier.

    Once Craig leaves the room, Lucy promises Johnny she won't let Craig hurt him like he has hurt her.

    Lucy arrives at the jail demanding to talk with Dusty; she says she has to see him! He agrees to talk with her. She reveals what Cassandra said when she dropped by. Dusty instructs her to take a seat. After she takes a seat, Dusty shocks her when he asks her to help him break out! She says even if she could get him out how will that stop her father from getting custody.

    "You just get me out of here and I'll take care of the rest," Dusty replies.
    "What aren't you telling me?" Lucy inquires.
    "We both know that there's only one way to stop him."
    "What do you mean?"
    "I'm going to finish what I started. I'm going to kill your father."

    Katie and Henry Break Into Carly's House and Make a Discovery!

    Monday, December 11 2006

    Barbara and Lucy argue about Lucy wanting to take Johnny to Craig. Barbara goes to the phone to call her attorney, but Lucy notifies her it won't do any good, because she now has legal rights to take Johnny. Lucy warns her if she continues to fight, she'll have Johnny taken away from her and all she'll have is visitation rights. Again, Lucy asks for Johnny, Barbara refuses. Lucy says she'll just have to call the police. She gives in and says she'll bring him over to Fairwinds in two or two and a half hours. Cassandra says that's not acceptable. Ignoring Cassandra Barbara says she'll stay with Johnny to make sure that he has adjusted. Lucy responds, "Nice try, but were taking him with us. Where is he?" "Some place safe," Barbara replies. Lucy notifies Cassandra that he's probably in the rear apartment with his nurse, she instructs her to go and get him.

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