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    As the World Turns CAST - Jade Taylor (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jade Taylor (PAST) Played by Elena Goode on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elena Goode

    Birthday: 0000-08-22
    Real Name: Elena Goode


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    Jack Turns Carly Down!

    Monday, July 16 2007

    Glad to be home without Cleo, Gwen asks Will if they can just stay in their house - alone! - forever. He would like to but tells her he has to go because Barbara's been leaving messages for him for days. Gwen hugs him tightly. He kisses her. They are interrupted by Jade. She asks to come in and Gwen invites her inside. Jade surprises them both by apologizing and thanking them for telling the police about Cleo so she wouldn't get in even more trouble. She tells them how great they have it and apologizes for all the trouble she has caused. Gwen and Will are stunned. Jade leaves.

    Jade meets Luke at the farm. As she is telling him goodbye, Lily walks in. Jade explains that she needs to be on her own for a while so she can figure out who she is. She is going back to her adoptive family to figure some things out. She hugs Luke and he leaves. Alone with Lily, Jade promises to stay in touch. She gives Lily letters to give to the girls and then hands her the J pendant, asking Lily not to forget her. Jade's cab arrives and she leaves. With tears in her eyes, Lily promises Rose that Jade will be okay.

    Emily Knows!

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    Gwen and Jade are fighting the ropes, trying to get free as the train gets closer and closer. Gwen realizes the train horn isn't as loud as before and they realize it's going a different direction. Instead of feeling relived, Gwen is more worried because another train could come along at any second. Jade suggests they begin trying to free only one of them; Gwen agrees, as long as they free her first. She doesn't trust Jade to stick around to help her! When she realizes that there is only one knot left in Jade's bonds, though, Gwen decides to free the other girl first. Another train approaches and they hurry to free Jade. They finally get her arms free and Jade unties Gwen's arms. They both begin working on their ankle bonds; Jade gets free first but they can't get Gwen's knots undone. Jade runs off, telling Gwen she'll be right back. She returns because she couldn't find a signal to stop the train. The girls realize the train is getting closer this time. They hear Will yelling for them and Gwen begins hollering back at him. Jade runs to direct him to the tracks and Will takes off. He has a pocketknife and cuts her loose as the train rounds the bend! They clear the tracks as the train rushes past.

    Will, Gwen and Jade arrive back at the theatre as the show ends. Andy Williams introduces her and she takes the stage. The audience loves her and she begins to sing. Andy Williams comes back on stage and asks Gwen to sing a duet with him! They begin to sing "What the World Needs Now Is Love". Backstage the police haul Cleo off in handcuffs. Jade walks in and Luke hugs her, glad she is safe. Will takes a giant bouquet of flowers to Gwen on stage. From the corner, Gwen watches Cleo being taken away.

    Tied Up In Knots!

    Monday, July 09 2007

    In her dressing room, Jade keeps trying to convince Gwen that Cleo is the liar. Gwen doesn't want to listen. "I'm really tired of you taking advantage of me," Gwen says, telling Jade that she'll have her thrown out. Jade walks to the door. Gwen stops her, asking about the proof and Jade shows her the torn up pages from Cleo's diary. Gwen has second thoughts about the diary when she learns Jade went through her garbage to get it, but she reads anyway. As she reads Gwen gets really freaked out. She tries to call Will but can't get through, which worries her even more. She tries to leave but Jade holds her back and tells her to call the police. She tries Will again but doesn't get an answer.

    Jade and Gwen split up with Jade going to find Noah, Luke and Maddie to help with the search for Will and Gwen going to find the stage manager. Jade warns Gwen not to turn her back on Cleo and leaves. Outside the room, Cleo sees Jade leave and follows her. Maddie arrives and she and Gwen begins brainstorming. Gwen remembers Cleo talking about several local tourist destinations. They split up to try to cover more ground. A stage hand comes in to tell Gwen that showtime is only 30 minutes away. He leaves and Cleo walks in. Gwen demands answers and tells Cleo to take her to Will. Cleo plays dumb but it doesn't work. Gwen grabs Cleo, scaring her. She agrees to take Gwen to Will! She and Gwen leave. Cleo takes Will to the railroad tracks. She sees a body across the tracks and goes to check it out. She realizes too late that the body is Jade! Before Gwen can react, Cleo clonks her on the head with the gnome! Cleo ties both of them to the tracks. Jade tries to bait her, telling her that Will won't ever love her. Cleo has her own plans and tells Gwen that she is going to forge a note that tells Will she is leaving him behind for fame and fortune. "Nobody is going to believe that," Gwen says but Cleo is sure she can convince everyone. She leaves them tied to the tracks. They tried to untie each other, arguing every second. The ropes begin to loosen. They keep arguing, both sure they are right. Gwen stops working on the ropes because her hands are sweating too badly. Jade tells her it isn't sweat - her hands are bleeding! They both start working the ropes. All of a sudden the track begin vibrating! Both women realize a train is headed their direction but when the tracks stop vibrating they are relieved. A train whistle blows in the distance and Gwen can see the approaching train! The girls begin working even harded to free their hands.

    Lance Is Back!

    Friday, July 06 2007

    Luke and Jade arrive in Branson and begin walking the strip to find Gwen or Will. They're nervous that they won't be in time. As they walk they find a poster with Gwen's show time. Luke takes off and Jade follows. They arrive in Gwen's dressing room but she isn't there. Jade asks Luke to check on Gwen at the hotel and stays behind in the dressing room alone. Gwen returns but before Jade can say anything she tries to call security. Jade blocks her from the phone and tells her that Cleo was behind the accident. Gwen doesn't believe her. Jade asks where Will is and Gwen reluctantly tells her. Jade tells her to call Will to make sure he is okay. "If you don't you're going to lose your husband," she says.

    Branson Here We Come!

    Thursday, July 05 2007

    Luke goes straight to Dallas, telling him that he saw Cleo throwing something away and he believes it is the diary. Dallas tells Luke they can't get a search warrant for someone taking out the trash; he says the best way Luke can help Jade is by getting Lily involved. Luke goes to the farm, upset. He tells Lily about Jade's problems. Lily can't believe Jade is suspected in Will's accident. Lily calls to cancel her appointments and Luke fills her in on Cleo. Lily can't believe how far Jade went, and doesn't know if she should believe in Jade or not. The more Luke explains the more Lily wonders if Jade was involved in Will's accident. "This is really bizarre," she says. Luke reminds Lily that they would give him a second and third chance and asks her to do the same for Jade. Lily finally agrees to go with Luke to the jail. Dallas brings Jade in to talk with Lily. She swears she is innocent but Lily still isn't sure what to believe. When Jade tells her to get someone to help Will and Gwen and forget about her, Lily begins to believe in her a little bit. Lily decides to pay Jade's bail!

    Luke takes Jade straight to Will and Gwen's but the garbage cans are empty! Jade flags down the trash man and bribes him to let her look through the bags of trash they picked up at the Munson's! They get the bags and begin digging through, both worried because the pages are in so many small pieces. Luke encourages her, suggesting they treat the pages like a jigsaw puzzle. Jade picks the Munson's lock and they go inside! They begin piecing the pages together and realize that Cleo is more off her rocker than they originally thought. The find a page that reveals Cleo stole Jade's necklace. Luke suggests they take what they know to Dallas but Jade fears he won't believe them. She thinks they should go to Branson themselves! Luke says he can't go but Jade convinces him to go along. Luke tries to call Gwen but can't get through on her cell phone; he tries Will but can't get through to him either. They head to Branson!

    Cleo Ran Will Off The Road!

    Monday, July 02 2007

    At the police station, Jade confronts Cleo, telling everyone that Cleo is setting her up! She suggests that Cleo stole her car and ran down Will. Cleo defends herself, asking what her motivation for hurting Will and Gwen would be. As they talk, Noah gets curious about Cleo's past and Jade fills him in on what brought Cleo to town. She admits that she is the one who brought Cleo to town - at Jade's request! The more Jade talks the more curious Gwen and Will get. Jade tells them about her website and wanting to take Gwen down a peg. The admission doesn't make anyone believe Jade's story, though. Cleo tells them Jade is lying, but when Jade keeps talking Will and Gwen realize that they've all given money to Cleo to leave town but she keeps staying behind. Jade tells them that the whole plot, and Cleo's obsession with Will is spelled out in the journal! Dallas asks about the journal and Cleo tells him the journal is in her locker. Another investigator comes over, telling Dallas they can't find anything at the web address Jade mentioned. Dallas pulls Jade in to an interrogation room. Cleo stays with Will and Gwen, crying and telling them that she came to Oakdale because of Gwen's music and not because of Jade's plan. Maddie and Noah leave to finish the Branson preps. Gwen hugs Cleo, telling her not to worry and swearing that they don't believe Jade - they believe Cleo!

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