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    As the World Turns CAST - Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi Played by Eileen Fulton on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Fulton

    Birthday: 1933-09-13
    Birthplace: Asheville, NC USA
    Real Name: Eileen Fulton
    Height: 5' 2


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    Fire Up That Cash Register!

    Monday, April 14 2008

    Lisa returns to Katie and fakes a coughing attack so that Margo will leave to get water. A few minutes later Mike arrives, she tells him the "termites" are in the fitting rooms and sends him that way. Just then Katie exits the fitting room in a beautiful gown. Mike tells Katie how beautiful she is, making her uncomfortable as she remembers the past. Lisa leaves; she finds Margo in Old Town and tries to hold her up so Mike has more time. She rambles to Margo about dreams and nightmares. Margo looks over to the store and sees Mike inside. "How could you do this?" she asks. Margo runs inside as Mike says he and Katie need to talk about their marriage. She asks what is going on. Just then Brad walks in and catches a glimpse of Katie in the gown! Katie runs into the fitting room, crying. Brad tells everyone that seeing Katie isn't bad luck. Mike leaves. Brad heads for the fitting room but Margo stops him, telling him to let her go first. Margo finds Katie, crying, on the floor. Katie says Mike called her "Angel" and it got to her. Margo says maybe this is a sign but Katie refuses to listen. She says Mike's visit only made her sad because it brought back sad memories. Katie says she is ready to be happy. Margo offers to host the wedding. "Tell Lisa to fire up the register because I've got my wedding dress," Katie says. Margo returns to the main room. Brad asks if Katie is mad at him. Margo says everything is fine. She leads Lisa outside and once they are away from Brad, Margo demands the truth. Lisa caves and says she was just trying to help Katie make the right decision. Margo says the best thing they can do is support Katie.

    Party Disruptions!

    Thursday, April 10 2008

    Mike is at The Lakeview, helping Lisa with some maintenance. She thanks him and asks about Katie. He says he'll see her soon.

    Mike returns to The Lakeview and orders a beer at the bar. Lisa thanks him for fixing the leak. He tells her about seeing Katie.

    Vienna's Choice!

    Friday, March 14 2008

    Sofie arrives at the Lakeview Lounge with Hallie in tow. She sees Lisa and says she couldn't get a sitter. Lisa doesn't care; she says Hallie can't stay at the bar all day! Sofie says Hallie will be fine but Lisa won't give in. She pats Hallie, who has become fussy again, and realizes the baby has a high fever that Sofie hasn't noticed. She sends them to the hospital. Sofie is pacing the hall when she runs into Alison. A doctor comes by and says Hallie's fever is under control but she is severely anemic and needs a blood transfusion. Sofie isn't a match; the doctor says to call the father but Sofie doesn't know where Cole is. She tries to call Cole but he doesn't answer his cell phone. She leaves a message begging him to come and help their daughter. Alison tells Sofie that she should try contacting Gwen, too. Sofie tearfully calls Gwen and says Hallie is sick and needs help. Gwen and Will arrive; she goes in to be matched. When they are alone Will berates Sofie, wondering why she waited so long to get help. She insists she only thought Hallie was fussy. When she says she called Cole before calling them, Will gets very upset. He can't believe Sofie tried calling Cole first. Gwen returns and says she is a match and the transfusion will begin soon. Will and Gwen go to see the baby. They are talking with Sofie in the cafeteria when Cole walks in!

    Jack Is Parker's Problem!

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Barbara is leaving her doctor's office when she runs into Lisa, who tells her about Bob's condition. Barbara says she'll stop and see him later but Lisa doesn't believe her. She pushes Babs to tell her what is really going on. Barbara tells Lisa about the cancer! In the hospital break room Babs tells Lisa about the cold sore that wouldn't go away. She admits that she hasn't told anyone else; Lisa tells her she has to share this with Will and Paul.

    Lisa is in Old Town when she runs across Casey. He says he is job hunting and she offers him a job at The Lakeview. They go on to the hotel, Lisa tells Casey to meet with the managers the next day for paperwork and then shows him around the lounge where he will work as a bus-boy.

    Chris Learns Emily's Secret!

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    In the car, Barbara begins to cry. Barbara arrives at The Lakeview. Just outside Lisa hands Sofie her first paycheck. Sofie tells her the check is wrong because it doesn't account for her room and board; Lisa says that is because Barbara has paid her room and board. Sofie goes over to Barbara, rips up the paycheck and tells Babs that she can't buy forgiveness! Sofie walks off. Lisa comes over to chat. The ladies sit down and Lisa brings up Barbara's speech and wonders if something is wrong physically. She is about to tell Lisa about the doctor and her diagnosis when they are interrupted by a bellman. Lisa shoos him away so they can continue talking and Barbara decides to make up a story about bad dental work. Lisa is relieved and goes off to fix her kitchen emergency.

    Baby Naming Time!

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    Back at the cottage Will and Gwen talk about the people they will tell first. Gwen wants to tell Carly first; Will wants to tell Rosanna. Neither wants to tell Barbara or Iris, though. They arrive at The Lakeview as Bonnie and Lisa are chatting about lunch. Bonnie, Gwen, Will and the baby go into the lounge to go over the papers. Aaron and Sofie are waiting. Sofie is surprised that they brought the baby but insists that they continue on and sign the papers quickly. Aaron questions the rushing of the paperwork but Sofie won't listen to any of his doubts and signs right away. Will and Gwen sign, too, and Hallie is officially theirs. Sofie leaves. Bonnie tells Will and Gwen that allowing Sofie access to the baby is probably not a good idea but Gwen says they can't cut her out of the baby's life. They return home.

    Lisa runs into Barbara in Old Town and congratulates the new grandma. Barbara is stunned. She sits with Lisa and tells her that she didn't know anything about it. Unable to sit and wait for news Barbara goes to the cottage. Will and Gwen and the baby have just arrived but Will won't allow Barbara to come inside. Barbara watches them from the porch.

    Bob Wakes From The Coma!

    Monday, December 24 2007

    At the hospital, the Hughes women are talking over coffee about Bob and the fact that Kim kicked them out of the hospital room. Emily and Chris walk in and Chris hurries to Bob's side to see what Kim has worked up inside. Kim has the room fully decorated and reminds Chris that Bob loves Christmas. She invites the rest of the Hughes crew inside and they take turns talking to Bob. Tom arrives with Daniel in tow! Kim puts Daniel front and center and asks him to talk to Bob, so Daniel brings up fishing trips and asks Bob to wake up. Emily and Chris leave the room. Em asks him what is wrong and Chris tells her that no matter what his family does, Bob will not wake up! Kim hurries out and asks Chris to come - because Bob is waking up! His eyes flutter and then open but Chris can't get any other response from him. He asks everyone to leave but Kim refuses to leave go. Chris allows her to stay and begins trying to get some response from Bob. Nothing happens for a while and then Bob reaches out to grab Chris' arm! Bob begins trying to talk. He finally says, "Merry Christmas"! Kim is encouraged. In the hall Daniel asks if he can stay with Emily. She is uncomfortable with that because Daniel doesn't know about her living arrangements. Margo rescues Emily by telling Daniel that he has a new, redone room at Tom's house. Daniel is excited by that. Kim comes out and tells them Bob spoke! Excited by that Lisa asks about Christmas plans and wonders how Casey is. Upset Margo leaves the room. Tom explains that Casey had an altercation with a guard and he'll be in jail a little longer. Chris gives the staff a few orders and then leaves with Emily. Kim returns to Bob's side and holds up a family picture so that he can see it. She kisses his forehead.

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