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    As the World Turns CAST - Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi Played by Eileen Fulton on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Fulton

    Birthday: 1933-09-13
    Birthplace: Asheville, NC USA
    Real Name: Eileen Fulton
    Height: 5' 2


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    ...And The Truth Will Set You Free - Maybe!

    Tuesday, May 27 2008

    At the Intruder, Casey kisses Emily, who pulls away from him. She tells him to go but he won't. He worries about what Margo and Tom will do now and Emily tells him to go to them before Lisa has the chance to tell them first. Casey returns home. Lisa tells them they can work this out and leaves. Tom asks what happened and Casey explains. Margo rages at him, asking why he expects her to not turn him in. Casey angrily tells her to just arrest him! Tom steps in and tells Casey it is time to grow up. Margo, in tears, says she won't arrest Casey - but only if he goes back to school! "And if you mess up one more time I will arrest you," she says. Casey can't believe it but Tom backs up Margo. Casey angrily says he won't be blackmailed and runs out of the house. He goes back to the Intruder and tells Emily everything - including his refusal to go along with them. Emily says he is being stupid. He says he won't end their relationship or go to school just because of his parents. Em points out that they don't have a relationship - they only had sex! Casey is crushed. He returns home and tells Margo and Tom he'll go back to school. Margo is relieved. She leaves. Tom sits down with Casey and says this is his last chance.

    The Truth Could Hurt...

    Monday, May 26 2008

    Casey brings some papers to Emily's office. He can't keep his eyes off her legs, making her uncomfortable. Emily tells him to find something to focus on besides her! Casey says he can't. They begin talking and Casey fills Emily in on prison, his early release and the theft from The Lakeview. He says he wants to make things right, starting with Lisa and the bartender who was actually fired. Emily offers to fund his plans to repay the money. He is stunned and thanks her. Emily asks how he is going to accomplish the return of the money and suggests that he come clean with what happened. Casey is afraid telling the whole truth will land him back in jail. Emily convinces him to tell Lisa the whole truth and offer her the money. Casey goes to the Lakeview. "I'm afraid it isn't that simple," she says after Casey confesses. He begs Lisa to give the other bartender back his job; she says he has to tell Margo and Tom the truth, too. Casey says Margo will send him back to prison. That worries Lisa; she says she'll think on things for a bit. Casey returns to The Intruder and tells Em he may be in big trouble. Emily says Lisa is just trying to scare him straight and that she won't turn him in to the police. Casey isn't so sure but says he is glad that he told the truth. Emily reaches out to him and they embrace.

    At The Lakeview, Lisa holds the envelope of cash and then calls Tom. She asks if they can meet.

    Prince Charming To The Rescue!

    Wednesday, May 21 2008

    At Old Town, Barbara is shopping and looking tired when Lisa approaches and comments that she looks pale and should be taking care of herself. Barbara says she is doing everything the doctor wants her to, but helping Sofie makes her feel like herself and not a cancer patient. As Lisa says good bye, Barbara nearly collapses and Meg runs up to catch her. They sit down on a bench and Meg wants to take her to the hospital. Barbara protests she is going to go home and lay down, but does ask Meg if she can help get her home to the Lakeview.

    At the Lakeview shops, Lisa sees Sofie and tells her she plans to put her jewelry in the windows. Sofie shows her one of her necklaces and Lisa thinks she will be a success. Sofie comments that Paul is helping as much as Barbara, and it is more than just business. Sofie goes on to say she thinks Paul really cares about her. Lisa helps her pick out clothes and Sofie hopes Paul will like it. Lisa thinks she will be irresistible.

    One Is The Lonliest Number.

    Friday, May 16 2008

    Casey storms into the Hughes home as Margo is eating lunch. He yells Emily is impossible to work with and Margo laughs. Margo suggests going back to college but Casey gets frustrated and leaves again. He goes to see Lisa but she tells him she can't give him his job back because of hotel policy. She tells him to go back to school. Casey tells her he understands why he can't have his job back and leaves. He runs into Emily who informs him he has already been replaced. Lisa approaches and Emily walks off saying that she and Casey have nothing to say to one another. Lisa hands Casey a letter that arrived for him and as he says good-bye to his Grandma, Emily watches. Margo arrives at the Lakeview and informs Emily that Casey told her what happened between the two of them. Emily is not sure what Margo knows and tries to get away from her. Margo follows her and says something good came from Casey's work at the Intruder, because now he knows to stay as far away from her as humanly possible. Lisa tells Margo she felt bad about turning Casey down for a job. They both laugh about telling him to go back to school. Lisa says that Margo never would have admitted her mother was right at Casey's age. Margo doesn't know what to do with Casey but Lisa says not to worry and Casey will see the light. Margo admits she is just relieved he is not working for Emily anymore.

    Liberty: Not Such A Good Girl!

    Wednesday, May 07 2008

    Barbara goes to The Lakeview where she runs into Lisa. Barbara tells Lisa about Paul and Sofie, wondering what she can do to keep them apart. She leaves for the police station to check in with Paul and sees him with Sofie. She watches as he blows Sofie off and leaves and then takes Sofie back to The Lakeview. Over lunch, Babs brings up Sofie's jewelry line again. Sofie keeps bringing up Paul but Babs won't talk about him; she finally gets Sofie's attention and lays out a plan to launch her career. She decides that Sofie must attend the reopening of Metro, dressed to the nines and wearing her own jewelry.

    Lily's Not Coming Home!

    Thursday, May 01 2008

    At The Lakeview, Brad tells Katie that Janet just backed up Liberty's story. Then he says Janet asked him to step up because she is going through a rough time. Brad offers to give her a divorce because she didn't sign on to play instant-mom to a teenager. Katie says she doesn't want a divorce - she wants him! They go upstairs to get Liberty ready for school but she says she isn't going. Katie offers to enroll her anywhere but Liberty poo-poos every school they bring up. Katie bribes her with a new wardrobe; Liberty gives in. At Fashions, Katie and Liberty buy out the store. As Liberty is trying a few things on, Katie tells Lisa about the paternity testing. Liberty asks for a bracelet but Katie says no. Liberty steals it! Outside, Brad calls Jack for advice. When he arrives, they argue about Katie until Jack says he isn't trying to steal Katie away from Brad. Katie and Liberty return, followed by Lisa's security guard - who finds the bracelet in Liberty's pocket! Lisa offers to forget the whole thing but Brad takes a tough stance and tells Jack to arrest her! Hours later, Brad, Katie and Jack are still watching Liberty through the interrogation glass. Katie tells him to go get the girl. Parker arrives. He goes in to talk to Liberty, telling her how good she has it. He compares her situation to his arrest. Back in the main room, Brad agrees to release Liberty. She refuses to leave with him! Angry, she says she doesn't want a tough-guy dad and says she is going to go home! Brad calls her bluff and she changes her tune. She says she doesn't want to go home but she doesn't want to live with him, either. "Just give me money for a bus ticket," she says. Brad refuses and she screams at him. Katie and Jack rush in. Liberty tells the new arrivals that she hates Brad because he's demanding. Katie says she already knows that but what Liberty doesn't know about Brad is that he has a great heart. Liberty demands an apology; Brad apologizes for grabbing her arm but won't apologize for having her arrested. Katie and Jack agree with Brad on that one and tell her to apologize to Brad for stealing the bracelet. She reluctantly says she is sorry and walks out with Jack. Brad stares at Katie, realizing that Liberty just called him dad. They leave. Back at The Lakeview, Liberty puts on a fashion show for Katie and Brad; Katie says things are going to be okay.

    Wedding Plans...

    Tuesday, April 15 2008

    Mike returns to The Lakeview. He sees Lisa and she asks how things went. He tells her that Katie isn't coming around and he isn't sure what to do. Lisa tells him not to give up hope!

    Fire Up That Cash Register!

    Monday, April 14 2008

    Katie drops by Margo's to tell her about the wedding plans! Margo warns Katie not to rush things and points out that she should talk to Mike before saying her "I Do's" with Brad. Katie says Mike has nothing to do with her decision and asks Margo to stand up with her. She convinces Margo to go dress-shopping. They arrive at Fashions, where Lisa is working. Katie tells her about the wedding plans and Lisa becomes worried. While Katie and Margo are distracted with dresses, Lisa calls Mike! She makes up a story about termites and asks him to come by. Lisa returns to Katie with a bunch of dresses that aren't her style at all. Katie is ready to give up but Lisa insists that they try on all the dresses! With Katie and Margo distracted again, Lisa impatiently waits for Mike.

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