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    As the World Turns CAST - Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi Played by Eileen Fulton on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Fulton

    Birthday: 1933-09-13
    Birthplace: Asheville, NC USA
    Real Name: Eileen Fulton
    Height: 5' 2


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    Christmas With The Snyders'.

    Friday, December 25 2009

    In the kitchen, Holden, Emma and Lily gather to talk about everything the children are upset about. Lucinda comes in after discovering a letter and explains that Faith has applied to boarding school behind their backs... and she was accepted. They bring Faith in and confront her about this. She says that things have changed too much and she can’t stay. She’s actually enthusiastic about going off to school because she wants to pursue her writing. After she walks out on them, Lily follows her into the living room and asks her if she really wants to leave because of Damian. She admits that, at first, that was the reason, but now she genuinely wants to go for her writing. Holden comes in dressed as Santa. Ethan brings him cookies. Holden laughs and assures him that he is, indeed, the real Santa. As he hands him a gift, however, Luke walks in dressed as Santa. After an awkward moment, Luke claims that he is Santa’s brother. Ethan pulls off his beard and laughs.

    Marry The Jerk.

    Monday, December 07 2009

    In Fashions, Lily and Meg pound on each other. "Damian loves me!" Meg screams. "You are crazy!" Lily shouts. Lisa comes in and stops them. She calls Damian over. When he arrives, with Holden trailing behind him, he manages to stop the battle. Lily tells Holden that his sister has gone off the deep end.

    Rosanna goes to Fashions to return her wedding dress. She tells Lisa that the whole wedding was a very bad fit. Carly walks in and tells her sister that she should have a custom made dress. Rosanna lays into her. Lisa rolls her eyes. "Oh brother. Not again," she sighs. Carly follows her sister outside and tries to explain what happened with Craig. She insists that Craig loves her as much as he can love anyone. Carly encourages her to, "Marry the jerk."

    I'm Not Your Pet Incubator!

    Wednesday, October 14 2009

    Lily's in shock when she runs into Maeve and Holden on the street. "What are you doing with my husband?" Lily demands. Holden tells her to calm down and explains that Maeve was as much of a victim of Ebb as he was. They explain how they helped each other and Lily apologizes. "A good husband is hard to find. But some people are greedy with them," Maeve snipes. They bicker. Holden ends it and Lily asks him to come and see the kids later. After she walks away, Maeve asks Holden if he still wants Lily back.

    The Circle Of Life.

    Friday, October 09 2009

    Damian is drinking at the bar when Lisa shows up to see him. She asks him why he isn't in his honeymoon suite. He explains what happened. She advises him not to fight a losing battle. "Some things are worth fighting for," he says.

    Holden bumps into Lisa at the Lakeview and he tells her he needs a room.

    Barbara runs into Lisa who probes her for details about why she is wearing a new red outfit. She guesses it's about a man. Barbara says it's complicated but it's been a long time since a man looked at her. Lisa tells her to enjoy herself. Henry calls and asks Barbara to see him in her suite. "I'll be waiting," she says.


    Wednesday, July 22 2009

    Adam returns with a laptop as a present for Casey. Margo is so happy he is home with them. She admits she feels bad for keeping his identity a secret from Tom, but she does not want him to go back to jail. Tom returns with Lisa, Kim and Bob. Tom calls and tells Casey he must return home immediately.

    Alison and Hunter arrive at the surprise party. Alison introduces them to Hunter. He admits that he is her brother. Alison fills them in on the details. Lisa remarks, "Oh great, another Stewart to contend with!" Hunter asks if Tom and Emily were married when they had Daniel. Alison comments there is too much friction between their families. Before things get tenser, Casey enters and is shocked to see a crowd yelling, "Surprise!" Casey leaves and Margo chases him. Casey tells her he wanted to tell her and Tom and see their reaction. Margo tells him she could not be prouder of him and coaxes him back inside.

    At the Lakeview, Lisa, Bob and Kim make a toast to Casey. Kim tells him he is terrific for helping Casey. Bob kisses her and says, "You're great, too, Lisa!" Kim asks if he is trying to be funny, but Bob looks at her confused. Kim takes his drink and laughs that perhaps he has had a bit too much.

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