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    As the World Turns CAST - Margo Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Margo Hughes Played by Ellen Dolan on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ellen Dolan

    Birthday: 1955-10-16
    Birthplace: Monticello, IA and grew up in
    Marital Status: In a commited relationship - Doug Jeffrey (1 daughter, Angela Emmett Jeffrey. [April 15, 2000])
    Real Name: Ellen Dolan
    Height: 5' 8"


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    Come With Me.

    Tuesday, February 16 2010

    Outside, Margo is trying to keep the rest of the cops away. Unfortunately, they've already sent a SWAT team. She tells Tom to get out of there. He won't leave until they have everyone out safely. She tries calling Mick but he won't answer. Tom tells her to try thinking like James. She asks him to call Susan to see if she knows anything about a connection between Mick and Alison. She hears a gun go off and calls again. Mick lets her talk to Casey to prove he isn't dead.

    Outside, Tom remembers that there is a tunnel that runs from the nearby classroom to the church. Margo calls over the leader of the SWAT team to sort things out. She and Tom rush into the church. Mick and Alison are already gone. Casey chased after them. Tom calls Margo to run after them without calling for back up.

    On the street, Mick tells Alison that everyone is safe now. She can see that he is Mick again, not James. He's grateful that she's tried to save him and everyone else, but he's not sorry that he stopped this wedding. He's sure that she didn't want to be married to Casey. "I love you," he says. She smiles. He asks her to go away with him. Casey runs at them. Mick levels his gun at him. Alison throws herself in front of him. Casey pushes her out of the way. Margo runs up and yells at Mick to surrender. He drops his gun and leaps into the path of an oncoming van.

    Mick Isn't Here.

    Monday, February 15 2010

    At home, Margo is doing up Tom's bow tie and worrying about the wedding. She wonders if she should tell her son that Mick is on the loose. Casey comes in and they take pictures. Tom jokingly tells him not to screw this up. Casey hopes his marriage can be as strong as theirs.

    Bob and Kim are in the chapel talking to Lisa. Tom and Casey come over and they all discuss the police coming by. Tom downplays everything. Katie and Dr. Oliver arrive. Bob's impressed that he's stopped by. When they turn around, Henry and Barbara arrive. As everyone sits down, the music begins to play and Alison starts down the aisle. At the altar, Casey thanks her for making him a better person and nervously runs through all of the things he loves about her, like her honesty. She admits that she's made mistakes but promises to make him happy for the rest of his life. Margo suddenly runs off. Paul and Emily go up to read a passage from Shakespeare. As soon as Paul open his mouth, Mick storms in and shoots him. Reid and Bob gather around Paul. Mick orders everyone to throw their phones on the floor. He yells at Henry to stop trying to escape. Barbara is sure that not even James would stand by to watch Paul die. Paul asks Mick to let everyone go so they can sort things out alone. Margo calls Mick after finding the cop in his car. She tells him to leave now. He tells her that if he sees a cop outside, he'll start killing hostages. "I'm in a room full of hypocrites who act like I'm the only criminal that Oakdale has ever seen!" he yells. Bob asks Mick to let the women go. Kim refuses to leave him. Mick says no one is leaving. Bob has a stroke and collapses. Everyone begs Mick to let Bob go. He agrees to let some of the hostages go. Everyone bickers over who should leave. Susan and Reid leave with Bob, Lisa and Kim, Tom, the minister and Katie.

    Outside, Tom fills Margo in on what's happened. She calls Mick and asks him to let Paul go. He refuses and tells her that he's not negotiating any more. He just wants 'quality time' with his family.

    You Sir Are No James Stenbeck.

    Thursday, February 11 2010

    "You sir are no James Stenbeck," Margo tells Mick at the station. He insists that he is James and threatens to make a lot of noise if he's not released. When she walks out, he gets a headache and begins arguing with himself, "I want you out of my head. I want a chance with Alison! You have no chance with Alison."

    Paul rushes into the station looking for Mick. Margo asks him how long he's been claiming to be James. She needs proof that Mick actually committed a crime if she's going to lock him up. She lets Paul go in and see Mick, but she makes him go in with a guard supervising. "What took so long, son?" Mick says as Paul comes in. He wants this to be a rebirth of their father-son relationship. Paul still thinks that he's a conman and warns him not to ruin things between Casey and Alison. Mick's nose begins bleeding. He collapses on the floor.

    Casey goes home and runs into his mother. She tells him Mick was arrested and is claiming to be James Stenbeck. That sounds crazy to him. When she questions him about Ali and Mick, he gets defensive. She suggests he postpone the wedding. This infuriates him and he accuses her of trying to prevent his marriage.

    I've Been Brainwashed.

    Thursday, February 04 2010

    At home, Margo starts making faces after Casey tells her that the shower was supposed to be this weekend, not today. She runs out the door as Alison comes in. Tom suggests they go to the Lakeview. "Please tell me you're not trying to ambush me with a surprise bridal shower," Alison says.

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