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    As the World Turns CAST - Margo Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Margo Hughes Played by Ellen Dolan on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ellen Dolan

    Birthday: 1955-10-16
    Birthplace: Monticello, IA and grew up in
    Marital Status: In a commited relationship - Doug Jeffrey (1 daughter, Angela Emmett Jeffrey. [April 15, 2000])
    Real Name: Ellen Dolan
    Height: 5' 8"


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    Off The Hook.

    Friday, May 14 2010

    Margo arrives in Gabriel's hospital room and finds Liberty reading to him. She spots the pearls and Liberty explains where they came from. "They were made in a little jewelery shop in Montega," Margo adds. She rushes off. Liberty stays behind and wonders why she cares so much about him.

    Margo returns to the station and makes calls about Gabriel.

    Craig and Lily go back to his room. He's sarcastic and annoyed. He blames her for everything so she offers to make things right. "Get me off the hook," he says, ordering her to get Lucinda to pay off a judge or twenty. She acts offended. "The only people who can take the moral high ground are people with morals and you're not one of them," he says. Craig wants her to give him an alibi. Margo approaches them and begins asking them about Gabriel's background. He refuses to answer but she already knows that Craig knew the boy's mother. She warns him that the case is getting more damning. Lily blurts out that Gabriel is Craig's son.

    You Have No Idea What You're Doing.

    Tuesday, May 11 2010

    Jack and Margo are at the station discussing the Caras case. They don't know anything about Gabriel.

    The cops head to Gabriel's room at the Lakeview and search it. Jack discovers a folder of information about Craig. He and Margo look through it and guess that Gabriel came to town looking to blackmail her brother.

    A Monumentally Bad Idea.

    Monday, May 10 2010

    Tom is massaging Margo against her will at the kitchen table. She's pouring over her brother's case. After telling him how bad the case against Craig is, she asks Tom to take the case. He refuses. They argue. She worries and asks him to just talk to Craig.

    Margo goes to the hospital and talks to her brother. He tells her that she can think whatever he wants but he would never murder... his own employee. Tom wanders over and tells Craig he's going to need a good lawyer. She tells her brother to be smart and take Tom's help. After she leaves, Tom says he has his work cut out for him.

    When Jack gets to the station, he finds Tom and Margo discussing Craig's case. When Tom talks about the fight, Jack's interest is piqued.

    Oh That.

    Thursday, May 06 2010

    At the station, Margo explains to Jack that there is evidence that Craig has been stealing from Parker. He's furious and wants to kill him when he discovers all of the money in the trust fund is gone.

    Craig wakes up on his couch with a hangover. He calls Ellis, who appears to be in the Caribbean. Ellis isn't phased when Craig tells him about everything that's happened. Craig guesses that he never invested his money, just stole it. Margo comes to the door with a cop. They're there to search his room. She can't believe he stole the trust fund. "Oh that," he groans. The cops grab his stuff and they file out.

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