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    As the World Turns CAST - Margo Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Margo Hughes Played by Ellen Dolan on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ellen Dolan

    Birthday: 1955-10-16
    Birthplace: Monticello, IA and grew up in
    Marital Status: In a commited relationship - Doug Jeffrey (1 daughter, Angela Emmett Jeffrey. [April 15, 2000])
    Real Name: Ellen Dolan
    Height: 5' 8"


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    I Need You To Help Me.

    Thursday, September 02 2010

    In the hall, Tom and Margo tell John that they are determined to get Chris a transplant regardless of what he says. He tells them that this isn't like lobbying for legislating. "I'm lobbying for my brother's life," Tom declares.

    It's So Sad.

    Wednesday, September 01 2010

    Margo goes to Nancy's and finds Katie crying as she packs things. "It's so sad," Katie whimpers. They discuss her connection with Nancy and how losing her brought back the pain of losing Brad. Margo rambles about how everyone expected Chris to announce that he was engaged to her. Tom arrives and Katie walks out in tears.

    John drops by Tom and Margo's looking for Chris or Katie. They begin bickering but he can't explain anything to them. He asks them to go with him and the trudge off.

    There Should Be More.

    Tuesday, August 31 2010

    Bob and Kim are with Margo in Tom's office. They go over the will. Nancy left all of her money to charity and her possessions to various people. Kim feels like they should do more. "There just should be more," she says, weeping and walking out. Tom agrees that they haven't done enough. He feels angry. Margo understands: they all wish they'd had a chance to say goodbye. Bob walks Kim back in and Margo suggests they name something after Nancy. Bob doesn't think she'd want that.

    Tom and Margo are visiting the school to set up a scholarship in Nancy's name. They remember how much she loved teaching and hold hands.

    Never Call Me Mom Again.

    Tuesday, August 24 2010

    Jack and Carly meet up in the bar and he tells her that he's made up his mind about where they are going. They turn back to the topic of Dusty and wonder why Blackthorn would take Dusty there. Janet wanders by and they ask her if she's seen Dusty and tell her that he's gone missing. She keeps defending Blackie and then walks off to find him. Blackie walks in looking for Janet and Jack tells him to leave her alone. Blackie gets in Jack's face and then strolls off. Margo calls and tells Jack that someone saw Dusty getting loaded into a van. She worries that he sounds high strung and gets on the phone to Carly to ask her to keep him out of trouble.

    Where Party Favors Go To Die.

    Friday, August 06 2010

    Paul and Margo arrive at the warehouse and Henry shows them what he found. "Barbara was here and making out with the clown?" Margo summarizes. She doesn't see where the crime is so Henry begs her to treat this like a kidnapping. The cop isn't impressed by his instincts considering he married Vienna. Paul and Will start agreeing with Margo and Henry continues worrying. She leaves and Henry begins talking about bad juju in the air and suggests they get a psychic. Will wonders where they can get one. Henry points to Paul, who asks him to keep him out of this. Henry decides to track down the psychic who was on Katie's show.

    Margo arrives at the hospital to see her sister and explains what happened with Chris. Things got romantic and... Margo notices she's not wearing her wedding ring anymore. Katie blames herself for nearly giving Chris a heart attack. She brings her sister across the hall to see Chris. He claims he just had acid reflux. The women leave and Katie begins talking about her 'future new boyfriend'. Reid walks into the exam room and asks Chris why he is having himself tested for an obscure tropical disease and lying about it.

    I'm Doing This For You.

    Wednesday, August 04 2010

    At the station, Tom and Margo gab until Chris arrives and announces that he's thrown his hat in the ring for Bob's job. They agree to pull some strings for him. Tom bustles off and Margo wonders if this is what Chris really wants and suggests he's trying to impress her sister. He claims this is no whim. She babbles until Katie walks in to tell her sister what happened with Henry. Chris starts mocking this and the three of them bicker until he announces that he's going for Bob's job. She's bewildered.

    Tom returns to the station to see Margo and they chat about Chris and Katie. She admits that he was right about them. Tom decides to call Chris and Katie and invite them up to the cabin for a family weekend. When he calls, Katie says they'll have to discuss it. She and Chris begin bickering about suddenly becoming a couple. She thinks he's trying to test her to see if she's worth it. He thinks that's she's scared he'll pressure her for sex. She's offended and tells him she's no prude but she won't sleep with him while her sister is listening in the next room.

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