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    As the World Turns CAST - Margo Hughes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Margo Hughes Played by Ellen Dolan on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ellen Dolan

    Birthday: 1955-10-16
    Birthplace: Monticello, IA and grew up in
    Marital Status: In a commited relationship - Doug Jeffrey (1 daughter, Angela Emmett Jeffrey. [April 15, 2000])
    Real Name: Ellen Dolan
    Height: 5' 8"


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    I'm Actually Speechless.

    Thursday, January 14 2010

    Simon and Katie wander around town. He teases her for tearing up over every building they walk by. Margo, Henry and a cop walk over. Margo arrests Simon. Katie is outraged that they are doing this and defends Simon. He asks Margo to trust her sister's instincts and let her do what she feels she needs. "You're loving me so much I feel like I'm in a prison," Katie says. She needs to try and live for herself again and begs them to let her do this. Margo reluctantly gives in, but insists that Katie let her friends and family say goodbye to her first.

    Henry and Margo go back to the station. She says that they are going to pull out all of the stops and convince Katie not to leave. Henry gets so excited that he wants to kiss her.

    This Time It's For Keeps.

    Tuesday, December 29 2009

    Jack shows up at the station to tell Margo that Craig has kidnapped Carly. He asks her to put out an APB. Margo says her brother isn't really a threat to Carly. Jack rants. She thinks he's just ticked off that Carly is with Craig. He complains that she is giving her brother too much credit and decides to find him on his own. He wants to follow the toll records. Margo points out he is no longer a cop. She agrees to let him access the records if he will come back to the force. Jack agrees to consider it.

    The Deep End.

    Wednesday, December 23 2009

    At home, Tom and Margo look at ornaments that Adam made. He tells her it's okay to miss him. Meanwhile, Alison is decorating the tree and remembers her dream again. Casey interrupts her. He's been watching his mother remember Adam and blames himself for costing her time with her son. Ali tells him to stop talking and fix it. Kim and Bob arrive. The doctor turns off his pager and begins teasing Casey. The round of apologies begins. Tom apologizes for not supporting Adam. Casey apologizes for driving him away. Margo thanks them. Bob apologizes for Kim's cooking. As Tom breaks out the booze, Bob tells Ali she has a knack for keeping his grandson in line. When Bob turns to Casey, Casey tells him he is taking things slow with Alison. Bob warns him not to take too long. Sometimes it's best to dive into the deep end.

    The family joins around the table. Bob toasts to the family, those present and those absent. He talks about how proud he is of Casey turning his life around and tells Alison that she is very welcome to be with them. Before Bob can say grace, Casey apologizes to everyone and then declares that the biggest mistake he ever made was messing things up with Alison. He takes her hand and tells her he wants her to be with him all the time. "Will you marry me?" he asks. Her jaw drops. She doesn't know what to say so she leaves. Kim prompts him to run after her. When he does, they all laugh and Kim asks Bob if he pushed Casey into this.

    Casey goes back inside. He and Tom give Margo a gift. It's a cell phone. They explain it is pre-dialed and tell her to press a button. When she does, it calls Adam. She tearfully tells him how much she loves him. Bob and Kim watch. They talk about how fast time has been going. She thinks he's been pushing himself too hard and should slow down. He agrees and hands her a gift. It's a pair of sunglasses and a brochure for a cruise to the Greek Islands. She's thrilled and they hug and kiss.

    You Change Men Like You Change Clothes.

    Thursday, December 10 2009

    Katie shows up at the station to argue with her sister about arresting Simon. He insists that Katie doesn't have any knowledge of his activities. Katie explains that having him around has made her feel better. When Margo leaves them alone, Katie tells Simon she's going to get him out of there. He says he doesn't regret being locked up as long as his return has helped her. He can't believe he's screwed things up for her again. She admits that she really needed him to come back and begs him not to go.

    Outside the office, Jack explains to Margo that he brought Simon back to town and why. He still despises Simon, but he needs to help Katie. Margo returns to Katie and Simon. Katie begs her not to take him away. Margo says she'll be contacting Interpol but it will take time to sort things out. She agrees to release him until they get an actual warrant. Margo unlocks Simon and tells him that he'll be in trouble if he hurts her little sister. Simon walks over to Jack and thanks him. Katie leads him out and Jack promises Margo that he'll keep an eye on him. Margo tells him about Brad's ghost and then asks him if he is ready to come back to work. He says he'll be back soon.

    What's What.

    Wednesday, December 09 2009

    Katie goes to see her sister at the station. She brings up Simon and asks her what would happen if he came back. Margo says that he would be tied up in legal problems for years. Katie putters off.

    When Katie goes home, she calls for Simon. He just slipped out to buy a gift for Jacob. She thanks him. As they hug, Brad comes back. Margo walks through the door. "Oh Katie! I was so hoping I was wrong about this," Margo groans. She arrests him. "You finally arrested the right guy!" Brad says with a smile as Simon is taken away. Katie cries and blames herself.

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