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    As the World Turns CAST - Margo Hughes

    Full detailed profile on Margo Hughes Played by Ellen Dolan on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ellen Dolan
    Margo Hughes

    Actor: Ellen Dolan

    Who played Margo Hughes over the years

    Ellen Dolan (December 1989 - January 1993, June 1994 - present)
    Glynnis O'Conner (February 1993 - February 1994)
    Hilary B. Smith (November 1983 - December 1989)
    Margaret Colin (July 1980 - October 1983)

    Useful information on Margo Hughes

    * Currently married to Tom Hughes.
    * 1981 - She cussed Barbara Ryan Stenbeck out at Fashions.
    * 1982 - She was working undercover as a prostitute investigating a drug ring when she was arrested.
    * 1982 - Did her own investigation on James Stenbeck by following him to Paris.
    * 1987 - Threatened Barbara Ryan Munson.
    * 1987 - She accused Barbara Ryan Munson of having an affair with Franco Visconti, when she wasn't.
    * 1989 - Told everyone that Tom was the father to Adam when actually Hal Munson was.
    * 1990 - When her stepfather, Casey Peretti, had no hope of coming out of his coma, she pulled the plug on his life support.
    * 1996 - Treated Nikki Munson badly when Nikki was in jail.
    * 1996 - Not thinking clearly, she took little Adam in her police car to a stake out where there was a shoot out. He was asleep in the car.
    * 1997 - Hid evidence in the murder of Diego Santana. It was Kirk Anderson's gun.
    * 1998 - Shot and killed Deena Silva, by accident.
    * 1998 - She told Tom that Eddie Silva didn't have another sleepwalking incident when he actually did. He also kissed her.
    * 1998 - She went to Fashions, Ltd. and verbally assaulted Emily Stewart.
    * 1998 - She helped Eddie Silva resist arrest.
    * 1998 - She lied to Tom that her search for Eddie was strictly police business.
    * 1998 - Lied to Tom to help Eddie instead of going on a picnic with Tom.
    * 1998 - Chuckie Well, a drug dealer, took her gun from her, but just for a moment.
    * 1998 - Convinced Dr. Susan Stewart and her sister, Katie, to keep her secret about her pregnancy.
    * 2005 - Framed Craig by making him look guilty in dealing with drugs to force him to leave Oakdale.
    * 2008 - Tried to kill Emily Stewart.


    Current: Detective
    Past: Acting Chief at Oakdale Police Department
    Past: Nurse
    Past: Stable hand


    Margo Montgomery was attracted to James Stenbeck, who was married. Margo's mother, Lyla revealed that Dr. John Dixon was her real father. Margo learned the truth when district attorney Tom Hughes questioned Lyla as a witness during Dee Stewart's trial for rape charges. John was involved in a hit and run accident, he pretended to be blind and Margo asked him to stay with her at the house on Stenbeck estate. Somehow, John believed James was involved in his accident, and if he went to stay with Margo at the Stenbeck estate, he could learn the truth. James became suspicious of the accusations and threatened to take his life with a knife. When Margo learned of an affair James was having with Connie Wilson, she ended their relationship. Margo decided to pursue a career in law enforcement. She started to work at the law office of Lowell, Collman and Hughes as an assistant. Meanwhile, she applied to the police academy. She was now Tom Hughes's assistant. They fell in love, but Tom was involved with Maggie Crawford, Margo's aunt. Margo passed her entrance exams at the police academy.

    Margo and Tom went to France. She was skinny dipping and for the first time, they made love. Tom and Margo married in the fall of 1983. She became pregnant soon after, but later miscarried. When Tom left for Washington, DC to work on a crime, she was still suffering from the loss of her baby, confided in her friend, Hal, and slept with him. She became pregnant with Hal's baby. She couldn't face Tom, so she fled to Greece. When Tom found her, she was in labor and he delivered her son, Adam. Tom wanted to raise her son as his own. Margo became pregnant a few years later with Tom's baby. She had a son and they named him Casey.

    A lot happened in Margo's life over the years. On one occasion, Margo was raped while on a family vacation. This caused a lot of tension between her and Tom. She found it difficult to pretend that it didn't happen. Margo was involved in a plane crash, and she suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in which she had to be put in an institution. This put a terrible strain on her relationship with Tom and her sons. She was eventually released and was able to get on with her life.

    Margo became pregnant several years later with Tom's baby, but miscarried. At the same time, Tom was having an affair with Emily Stewart. Margo threw Tom out of the house when she found out about the affair. Emily became pregnant with Tom's baby. Margo couldn't deal with this and filed for a separation. Some time later, they renewed their marriage vows.

    Margo became Hepatitis C positive from the rape that had occurred years ago, and needed a liver transplant to survive. Katie, her sister, donated part of her liver and Margo soon recovered. Katie also recovered and the two sisters bonded even closer. Her marriage to Tom was on solid ground now, and there was nothing that would come between them.

    When a slasher was in town killing teens, Casey was stabbed and left to die at Raven Lake. Casey was able to take the killer down while chasing his girlfriend, Maddie. Casey was rushed to the hospital where he made a full recovery. Margo sympathized with Maddie since she learned that Maddie was raped. She allowed Maddie to move in and live with them until Maddie decided she could move out on her own. Maddie took her up on the offer. Tom and Margo sent their son, Casey off to college in the fall of 2006.

    Tragedy struck in January 2007 when Daniel was kidnapped for revenge on Emily. During the search for him, Tom suffered a heart attack and had to undergo emergency surgery. For a moment, Margo was totally helpless, but Tom made it through surgery okay and now Margo is having a hard time keeping him in the hospital. Daniel was found.

    Margo and Tom went on with their lives. Casey was released from prison and Margo tried to put their perfect life back together. Casey was keeping secrets and finally admitted that Matt was actually a friend from prison. Matt was working for Gray Gerard, who wanted to kill Margo, and kidnapped Casey to get to her. Tom saved the day and Margo killed Gray.

    Soon after this, Margo learned that Casey and Emily were dating and tried to kill Emily; Casey stopped her but Margo was opposed to their relationship until she saw how connected the two were after they were poisoned. She tried to accept their relationship.

    Margo began investigating Leo's accident and told Jack to close the case. Jack quit the force.




    Coleman 'Doc' Reece (Kissed)
    Eddie Silva (affair)
    Hal Munson (affair - deceased)
    Rick Ryan (dated)
    James Stenbeck (lovers)
    Darryl Crawford (lovers)


    Lyla Peretti (mother)
    John Dixon (father)
    Bart Montgomery (stepfather)
    Craig Montgomery (half brother)
    Cricket Montgomery (half sister)
    Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff (half sister)
    Andy Dixon (half brother)
    Ian 'Duke' Kramer (half brother)
    Matthew John 'MJ' Dixon (half brother)
    Johnny Dixon (half brother - deceased)
    Margaret Crawford (aunt)
    Hope Dixon (niece)
    William 'Billy' Ross (nephew)
    Suzanne 'Suzie' Ross (niece)
    Bryant Montgomery (nephew - deceased)
    Lucinda Marie 'Lucy' Montgomery (niece)
    John Dustin Munson Donovan (nephew)
    Pam Wagner (first cousin)
    Jill Andropoulos (first cousin)
    Billy Norbeck (grandson - deceased)
    Casey Peretti (stepfather - deceased)
    Ernie Ross (brother in law)
    Scott Eldridge (brother in law)
    Sabrina Hughes (sister in law)
    Frannie Hughes (sister in law)
    Christopher Hughes (brother in law)
    Bob Hughes (father in law)
    Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi (mother in law)


    Two miscarriages (with Tom)
    Adam Munson (son with Hal)
    Casey Hughes (son with Tom)
    Lien Hughes (stepdaughter)
    Daniel Hughes (stepson)



    Friday, September 17 2010: Goodnight.

    Ali drops by Tom and Margo's and goes up to see Casey. She wakes him. They gather their bags as their families arrive. Everyone joins to say goodbye to the couple. Tom tells Casey that he has changed his life forever and he's always been proud of him. Casey thanks his mom for believing in him. There are plenty of hugs and then the young couple drives off to Carbondale. Tom tells Margo this is a brand new start for them. She feels like she's been punched in the gut. He reminds her that they promised to spend more time together. Margo feels like her life is empty now.

    At her place, Chris and Katie flirt and he reminds her that he promised to marry her and he wants her to hold him to it. Getting on his knee, he proposes, promising to love and care for her for as long as possible. Crying, she agrees to marry him and they kiss. He thinks they should move out of Brad's shadow. Tom and Margo show up. Margo weeps about her child leaving so Katie tells her about the engagement. That perks Margo up. After she and Tom leave, Luke stops by and tells Chris that it's likely he'll be named new chief of staff at memorial. Chris isn't sure he wants that anymore. Katie gives Luke Reid's stethoscope. He uses it to listen to Reid's heart in Chris' chest and smiles.

    Wednesday, September 15 2010: You Belong Together.

    In the garden, Rosanna and Holden stop the bride and groom from making out before the ceremony. Rosanna explains the ceremony procedures to everyone while Craig arrives and sits with his sister. Margo hopes he's not there to make trouble but he wants to watch the 'abomination'. Tom shushes them as the wedding march begins. Parker leads his mother down the aisle and asks Jack to take care of her. The clergyman marries the couple, who giggle throughout the ceremony. Craig gags. Molly reads a poem. Carly makes more promises to Jack, vowing never to forget that he is her soulmate and best friend. He says that he can never repay her for saving him from himself and his demons. The rings are exchanged and they kiss. Everyone (except Craig) claps.

    Faith tells her father to dance with Lily. He tells her to stay away from the champagne and then asks Lily to dance. Faith wanders over to Parker and Liberty and wonders if they are still upset with her. They walk away from and Liberty asks him when he's going to tell his parents his plans. Jack and Carly walk over and ask about these plans. Margo blurts out that he's decided to become a cop. His parents are shocked. Carly's proud, even though it scares her. Parker says he wants to makes the world better. Jack wanted more for him but Parker just wants to be like his father. His parents hug him.

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