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    As the World Turns CAST - Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff Snyder Played by Terri Conn Colombino on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Terri Conn Colombino

    Birthday: 1975-01-28
    Birthplace: Bloomington, IN; raised in Alb
    Marital Status: Married, Arthur Colombino (Sep. 7th, 2001)
    Real Name: Terri Conn Colombino
    Height: 5' 3"
    Web site:


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    Until It Was Too Late.

    Monday, July 19 2010

    Katie goes home and sees that she has twelve messages from Chris. She decides not to drag him into her mess though. Henry shows up and demands to know where Vienna is. Katie has no idea. He tells her that Vienna freaked out and ran away. Katie keeps apologizing but he wants answers and begins searching the apartment. After he searches, she tells him she was just trying to help. He says she's ruined his life and they can never go back to the way they used to be. She's desperate to help but he refuses to let her relieve her guilt. She never realized he really loves Barbara. "I didn't know it either... until it was too late," he says. Katie says she'll never be able to forgive herself for what she's done. He doesn't care and walks out.

    Off With Her Head!

    Friday, July 16 2010

    Vienna and Katie are arguing in the hall of the Lakeview. Vienna begs for her help but Katie won't give it. When Vienna tries opening Henry's door, her key card won't work anymore. The door flies open and Henry announces he needs to speak to his wife. Once they get rid of Katie, Vienna begins kissing Henry and telling him he's wonderful. "I want an annulment," he says. She wants to pretend that everything is okay so eventually it will be. He doesn't want her or her scams and warns that a divorce will get really ugly. She accuses him of wanting this all along and says Barbara proved she doesn't love him as much as she does.

    Henry goes downstairs at the Lakeview and asks around about Barbara but no one has seen her. Katie follows him around and he explains he's annulling the marriage. If he could, he would annul their friendship too. He doesn't know how she could have betrayed him like she has. Henry tears her up for destroying the happiest relationship he ever had just because she's a miserable person. "I lost Brad because of you and I forgave you!" she blurts out. He guesses she's a better person than him and walks off. Will and Gwen rush up to him and ask about Barbara. He starts to worry. Katie wanders over and Henry vows to track Barbara down. The clerk walks over and hands Will Barbara's phone. It was found in the stairwell.

    Upstairs, Henry pounds on Barbara's door. Katie tells him she's gone... and she knew there was no baby. He's shocked and asks her if she's helping Vienna hide Barbara. She insists she's innocent.

    Gwen and Will bring the phone to Margo at the station. Katie arrives and says she was there when Barbara made her final call.

    Not That Smart.

    Monday, July 12 2010

    At the Lakeview, Katie breaks it to Henry that Vienna was never actually pregnant. That doesn't make sense to him but she swears it is true. He starts to pace and yell until he begins hyperventilating. Katie makes excuses for her friend and then wonders how they can fix this. He orders her to stay away from him and storms off.

    Chris goes to Katie's. She tells him that she told Henry everything and now lost the best friend she ever had. He wishes he could help. They share a beer and he says things will be better when the dust settles. Vienna calls and asks her how she could have ruined things for her like this. Katie wants to rush to Henry but Chris tries to dissuade her. She insists, gives him a hug and leaves.

    Katie goes looking for Henry at his place. He won't open his door so she tells him how sorry she is from the hallway. Chris shows up and tells her to give him more time. She blames herself for ruining things by meddling. He tells her she did the best she could. "I'm a mess," she says, advising him that he'd be smart to stay away. He's not that smart. Inside the room, Henry calls Barbara and says that he loves her.

    The Best Friend Anyone Could Have.

    Friday, July 09 2010

    At the hospital, Katie admits to Chris she doesn’t want him to leave, but she isn't sure she will ever be able to give herself to him. Chris thinks it will just take time, but she's not sure it will ever happen. She explains she felt single for the fist time at the wedding, but she couldn't take off her ring later at home. She took it as a sign that she's not ready to move on. They change the subject to Vienna and Henry. Katie thinks Vienna will come clean to Henry soon. She tells Chris he's been really great with her in regards to Henry and as they come close to kissing, Chris gets paged away.

    In Vienna's room, Henry tries to console her over the loss of their baby and he wants to talk to her doctor about it. Vienna insists he not do that as Katie walks in. Henry tells her Vienna had a miscarriage. Vienna gets Henry to back down on talking to the doctor and he leaves to get the car. Carly lashes out at Vienna for lying about a miscarriage. Vienna cries saying it was necessary, but Katie only sees that Henry is devastated and mourning a child that never existed. Vienna thinks they can make a real baby now and start their life together. She thanks Katie for being the best friend a person can have.

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