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    As the World Turns CAST - Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff Snyder Played by Terri Conn Colombino on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Terri Conn Colombino

    Birthday: 1975-01-28
    Birthplace: Bloomington, IN; raised in Alb
    Marital Status: Married, Arthur Colombino (Sep. 7th, 2001)
    Real Name: Terri Conn Colombino
    Height: 5' 3"
    Web site:


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    Isn't This An Interesting Situation?

    Tuesday, August 10 2010

    Chris joins Katie, Casey and Alison at Metro. Chris makes a toast, but has chest pains and has to leave. He approaches Reid and informs him that Reid has to pick up the medicine. Reid tells Chris to make up an excuse for Luke. Chris informs everyone that Reid had to leave to take care of a patient. Luke wonders if Reid was mad because he was thinking of Noah. When Reid returns with the medicine, Chris asks Reid to inject him in the men's room. Reid agrees, but pressures Chris to tell Katie the truth immediately! Instead, Chris leaves a disappointed Katie to go back to the hospital.

    Reid returns home to find an upset Katie. Katie wonders why Chris is pulling away. Reid advises a skeptical Katie not to give up on Chris.

    The Surgeon Dressed Like Fred Rogers.

    Monday, August 09 2010

    In an exam room at Memorial, Reid interrogates Chris about having himself tested for a tropical virus. He urges him to have a chest x-ray but Chris barks at him to back off. Katie walks in and asks what's going on. Reid covers for Chris but tells him he knows where to find him if he needs him. After he leaves, Chris hugs Katie. She wants to drive him home so they can play doctor. He'd love to but he has to take a rain check.

    Chris and Katie sit in an office going over the union issues. They take a break to talk about how much fun they can have some day. She says he's made her happy and hopeful again. They kiss and then get back to studying. He gets a call with the results from his test. He looks worried. She starts to ramble about her kid and other stuff until he tells her she should go. Once she leaves, he passes out.

    Reid strolls into the labor meeting at Al's wearing his lab coat. He introduces himself to the union reps and tells them all about himself and how much he cares about his patients. He knows they work hard and he needs them but the economy sucks so there's only so much he can do. They shake his hand. Luke and Bob watch admiringly. Katie shows up and wonders where Chris is. Reid teases her about her boyfriend and she talks about how much she likes him before going off to make a call.

    Bob finds his son sleeping in the office and tells him he missed the meeting. Chris claims he just dozed off but Bob accuses him of blowing it off and assures him he's not a shoe-in just because he's his son. Bob storms out and Reid trails in. Chris tells him to go away and his fellow doctor guesses what the results must have been. Chris explains that he was infected with the virus before. Reid thinks they should do an MRI but Chris insists on handling this alone and keeping it a secret. Katie interrupts and Reid walks off. Chris assures Katie that he still likes her and isn't blowing her off, but there's something he needs to take care of. He rushes down the hall, right past Reid and Luke. The doctor pulls Luke into a kiss and tells him that life is short.

    Gwen and Will are in Old Town discussing Iris.

    When Emily goes down to her wine cellar, she finds Barbara on the floor.

    Where Party Favors Go To Die.

    Friday, August 06 2010

    At the cabin, Katie starts to worry that Chris is having a heart attack. He claims he's just overexcited. When he tries to get up, he collapses. He insists that he's fine. She wants to call an ambulance but he asks her just to drive him to Memorial.

    At Memorial, Reid listens to nurses gossiping about who is getting Bob's job. They run away when they see him. While he does his rounds, Chris and Katie arrive and slip into an exam room. He looks for anti-nausea meds. She thinks he needs a doctor. He worries that it will make him look 'off his game' if he's given emergency care. When she goes off to the cafeteria to call her sister to call Bob, Reid walks into the room as Chris is drawing his own blood. They begin bickering and Chris stomps off, giving a nurse instructions in the hall and leaving a note on his file. When he walks off, Reid finds the note.

    Margo arrives at the hospital to see her sister and explains what happened with Chris. Things got romantic and... Margo notices she's not wearing her wedding ring anymore. Katie blames herself for nearly giving Chris a heart attack. She brings her sister across the hall to see Chris. He claims he just had acid reflux. The women leave and Katie begins talking about her 'future new boyfriend'. Reid walks into the exam room and asks Chris why he is having himself tested for an obscure tropical disease and lying about it.

    Let's Do This.

    Thursday, August 05 2010

    Katie plays with Jacob at home and asks him why she is being such a chicken about going away. She tries to talk herself into going. Katie wishes she had someone to talk to. Chris arrives and pulls her into a kiss. He then leaves to get food and hopes she'll join him to go to the cabin. Margo calls Katie and informs her she and Tom can't make the trip to the cabin because of work. Katie sits alone with Jacob and contemplates her next move.

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