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    As the World Turns CAST - Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff Snyder - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff Snyder Played by Terri Conn Colombino on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Terri Conn Colombino

    Birthday: 1975-01-28
    Birthplace: Bloomington, IN; raised in Alb
    Marital Status: Married, Arthur Colombino (Sep. 7th, 2001)
    Real Name: Terri Conn Colombino
    Height: 5' 3"
    Web site:


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    I Never Want To See You Again.

    Thursday, August 19 2010

    Barbara goes to her room and is disturbed to find it in disarray. She paces and finds that her money is all gone. After she has a shower, Katie shows up. Barb says she's over Henry. Katie thinks she's just in shock. She admits that she is part of the reason this whole mess happened and tells her that Henry is madly in love with her and would do anything for her.

    Chris goes back to Katie's. As he's letting himself in, he has more spasms and downs some more pills. Later, Katie arrives and finds the apartment empty.

    Who Are You Seeing Behind My Back?

    Wednesday, August 18 2010

    Chris is in Katie's doorway begging him to go to the trustee's party. She turns him down. They bicker about how he goes back and forth. He manages to talk her down. When she goes off to dress, he sits down and contorts in pain.

    Luke and Reid head to the Metro for the party. Chris and Katie arrive. The doctors step aside and Reid urges Chris to got o the hospital. Chris refuses and insists this is his choice. The trustees begin questioning the doctors. Kim and Bob wonder what's wrong with their son when he doesn't seem able to say anything constructive. Reid tries to help Chris out. Bob calls for a break. His parents worry. Reid orders Chris to the hospital to see a cardiologist. "Why?" Katie asks, interrupting. Chris covers and Reid walks off. Katie wonders what's wrong with Chris. His parents walk over and Bob asks his son if he wants to back out. Chris tells Katie he wants to go. As they leave, Bob is shocked to see his son walks out and complains to Kim. Across the room, Reid tries covering to Luke. They begin arguing and Reid admits that Chris is his patient and he's very sick. Luke's impressed to see Reid showing his more compassionate side for his rival. Reid admits that he's changing and he has Luke to thank for that.

    Katie takes Chris back to her place and wonders why he seems so wiped out. She worries about when the the shoe will drop with him but he assures her that things are okay. She invites him inside and they start making out on her couch.

    Kind Of, Sort Of, Almost.

    Tuesday, August 17 2010

    Katie sits down with Henry at Al's. He asks her to help him hunt down Vienna in Sweden so they can get the truth about Barbara. Katie thinks that's a bad idea so he tries to guilt her into helping. She doesn't want to leave town when she's involved with Chris. He assures her that the doctor is crazy about her.

    Reid is disturbed to see Chris doing rounds at the hospital and reminds him that he needs an MRI. They bicker and Reid tells him Katie doesn't need another corpse in her life. Chris begs him to keep his mouth shut and asks for his help with his next round of shots. He already got them a hotel room to do them in. Reid thinks this is ridiculous. As they shout at each other, Katie walks in. Chris covers and Reid grouchily walks out. Katie chases after him and demands to know what is going on between he and her 'kind of, sort of, almost boyfriend'. Reid isn't forthcoming so she goes back to Chris and tells him Henry wants to go to Sweden with her. He encourages her to go with him. She's reluctant when she wants to stay and get closer to him. Frustrated, she leaves.

    Chris goes to Katie's and asks her to a cocktail party. She shoots him down.

    Isn't This An Interesting Situation?

    Tuesday, August 10 2010

    At the Hughes home, Alison is proud of herself for getting Jacob to sleep. An upset Katie arrives and wants to take Jacob home immediately. Alison and Casey wonder why her vacation with Chris was cut short. Katie explains that Chris got really sick, but it turned out to be acid reflux. Katie thinks that Chris just wants to be away from her, but Casey protests that Chris is totally into her. Alison forces Casey to go find out what really happened. Katie worries that she was too needy with Chris and might have too much baggage. Alison doesn't think it makes sense because Chris knew her history.

    Reid meets Luke at Metro. He is annoyed when Luke brings up Noah's name. Reid leaves to get a beer. Katie approaches him at the bar and wonders why he isn't sitting with Luke. Reid is surprised when Katie informs him that Chris is meeting her there. Alison and Casey are surprised to discover that Luke and Reid are dating. Alison informs Luke that Noah got a film grant and is moving to Los Angeles in September. Alison, Casey and Katie leave Luke and Reid alone for their date. Luke admits that he was thinking about Noah.

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