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    As the World Turns CAST - Mike Kasnoff - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mike Kasnoff Played by Mark C. Collier on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mark C. Collier

    Birthday: 1971-05-27
    Birthplace: Ocala, Florida USA
    Real Name: Mark C. Collier
    Height: 5'10"


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    Wholesome Environment.

    Friday, November 13 2009

    In South Carolina, Anna and Carly find Mike unconscious in the hospitality suite at the racetrack. Mike wakes up and explains why Jack was there. He confesses to his wife that he was going to race to try and solve their money problems.

    Mike and Carly run down to the track. They radio in to Jack but he refuses to get out of the car. "I've already widowed one woman. My conscience isn't going to let me sit by and let it happen to someone else," he says. Carly gets on the line. She tells him that this won't make up for what happened to Brad and the rest of his family needs him. He tells her that he has to make things right and then speeds off to join the other cars. Mike sadly watches and fears they are going to lose everything. Suddenly, Jack pulls ahead of everyone and wins the race. Mike runs down to Jack, who tells him to keep all of the money.

    Sexual Torture.

    Thursday, November 12 2009

    In South Carolina, Jack takes Mike and his family out for breakfast. After Mike's wife leaves with their daughter, Jack asks him why he's lying to her. Mike says his wife isn't a fan of his racing and this is none of his business. He asks Jack to tell Katie he is thinking about her, but, even if he wasn't married, he wouldn't be the right guy to help her. He suggests that Jack go looking for Simon. Jack doesn't like that idea at all.

    Jack approaches Mike as he's being threatened on the racetrack. After Jack stops the confrontation, Mike tries pulling on his racing gloves. Seeing how his hands are shaking, Jack tells him that he can't drive. Mike needs the prize money to pay his mortgage. Jack points out he's more likely to kill himself than win this race. Mike tells him to go home and put his own life together instead of trying to fix everyone else's. Jack punches him out. He drags him inside.

    I Can't Go To Jail.

    Wednesday, November 11 2009

    Jack tracks down Mike in South Carolina. He fills him in on Katie and Brad. "That's awful... um, poor Katie," Mike offers. Jack tells him he's the one person who can help Katie through this. Mike explains that he's lost his business and only has short term work. Jack isn't looking for money. Mike's wife and daughter drive up.

    After listening to this conversation, Mike invites Jack to his place for some rest. They go home and Jack meets Mike's wife, Anna. As Mike leaves to take a call, Anna tells Jack how hard things have been.

    When they get back, Jack finds Mike fixing up a car. Mike explains that he's going to race it. His hands shake.

    Missing Bonds

    Friday, January 26 2007

    Mike reads the letter from Simon. While reading the letter, the phone rings. He lets the machine pick it up. It's Katie wanting to know if he's there, but he just looks at the machine.

    Katie arrives home and Mike shows her the letter. "Why didn't you tell me about this?" he asks. She says she's sorry and asks to explain, but he's tired of explanations. She says it's a goodbye letter, and she was saving it to show it to him. He says they have a big problem. "What is it?" "It's that I'm married to you, and I don't even know who you are," he says. He can't believe she wants to save the letter after what Simon has done to everyone! Again, she says she was saving it to show to him. She says she's tired of defending herself. "Great, great, we finally agree on something. We just can't do this anymore," he replies. She says they could burn the letter but it wouldn't be enough. He says he's not trying to say he hasn't made mistakes, but she keeps holding on to this fantasy with Simon as if it's some kind of love story. He goes on to say he wants her to be happy, but with him feeling the way he does she won't be happy with him. "I think what kills me is I end up hurting you more than he does," he finishes.

    Back at Katie's, Mike comes downstairs with his bag. "So where you going?" she asks. "I'm just goin," he answers. "Just taking off like you use to, huh?" "Something like that," he replies. "Mike, don't give up on being happy. Don't give up on that just because of us… because of me." "We didn't work out. You're not the only one who made mistakes." "The only one who made mistakes and then publishes them," she laughs. "You blow me away," he laughs, then smiles. She fights back emotions as she kisses him goodbye. "Goodbye," he says softly. He walks out the door. She sits on the couch and cries softly to herself.

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