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    As the World Turns CAST - Parker Munson (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Parker Munson (Past) Played by Giovani Cimmino on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Giovani Cimmino

    Birthday: 1995-07-14
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Giovani Cimmino


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    What If It's Not Enough?

    Tuesday, February 09 2010

    Liberty is in bed but can't sleep. Parker comes into her room and offers her some gum. She's nauseous and asks him to take the flowers out of the room. Crying, she tells him about the drug cocktails she's been taking. He thinks she should try thinking positively. They hold hands and she admits she's never been this afraid in her life.

    Liberty wakes up in her bed and Parker is lying beside her. She's glad he's there but she tells him that things are going to get worse. He offers to hold her hair back when she starts puking.

    Henry Aids Simon

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    Carly opens the door to get the morning paper. On the front cover she reads, "Suspected Jewel Thief Evades Capture." Once inside, she begins reading the piece, but stops when she notices Parker coming downstairs. She asks him to take out the trash for her. As he's taking out the trash, he notices a cop sitting in an unmarked car at the end of the driveway. Once back inside, he asks her if she knows there's a cop sitting outside, and then he asks her why they're begin watched. Before answering, she goes outside to discover that there is indeed a police car outside.

    Going back inside, she begins to explain Simon being in trouble to Parker, but the phone rings. She answers to find Henry on the other end. She yells at him for what he done calling him a lousy friend and a creep. He says he's on her side, and he's trying to help her, but she hangs up on him telling him not to call her again. When Parker asks who was on the phone, she says just someone she use to do business with. He asks if she thinks Simon will show up. She says he's gone for a very long time. Henry calls back asking for a chance to explain, but she says she's hanging up. Before she can hang up, he mentions Meme (the vase that got broke at the apartment). Capturing her attention, she asks how he knew about that. He says he knows when it broke she was devastated. He goes on to say he stumbled across another vase he thought she would be interested, but he can't deliver it in person. He asks if she'll meet him at Java. He says he'll bring her a brochure so she can use it to get in contact with the manufacturer. She says she'd like that very much, because the place isn't the same without it. She asks again if he wants her to meet him at Java. He confirms, saying as quickly as possible, because it's a much sought after item and he'd hate for her to miss out. She agrees to meet with him.

    After hanging up the phone, Henry informs Simon that it worked this time; she didn't hang up. Before he heads to Java to meet her, Simon asks if he has the phones. Henry confirms, handing him the phones saying he won't have to worry about rollover charges or wire-tapping.

    Craig Makes a Shocking Confession!

    Wednesday, January 03 2007

    Jack confronts Carly about finding her earring in Simon's room. She denies being there. "Then why did I find your earring in his room?" "I don't know," she replies. When he demands she stop lying to him, she asks if she can have the earring back. He refuses to return it, saying it's evidence. "Of what?" she inquires. "A crime," he answers. When he accuses her of warning Simon about the arrest warrant, she tells him to think whatever he wants to think. He reminds her that she broke the law, defining it as aiding and abetting.

    A little while later, he threatens to haul her down to the station if she doesn't tell him where Simon is. She says she doesn't know where Simon is. He says it's sad, because he can't tell if she's lying to him anymore or not. "You've gotten too good at it. I guess practice makes perfect," he concludes. She asks him why he told her he was about to make an arrest if he didn't trust her. He says he did trust her, because she told him she was through with Simon and was going to focus on her kids--their kids. He goes on to say he respected that, and that's why he told her about the arrest warrant. She retorts that he only done it to test her. He says no, he done it because he wanted her to know why he asked her to give him up. He says he wanted to prove to her that breaking it off was worth it, and she wouldn't have been implicated. "But now, guess what? Now you are," he adds, shocking her. In an attempt to defend herself, she says she wasn't trying to aid or abet. She says it was instinct, and she didn't want to hurt him (Jack) or the case. He stops her saying he doesn't want to hear it, not if she wants to do herself any good. When she asks if he's going to arrest her, Parker approaches asking if they're fighting. She says they're not, then asks if he's ready to go home. Jack turns to Parker asking if he can tag along too.

    Carly, Parker and Jack arrive at Carly's place. Parker asks them how long they're going to go without talking to each other. Carly tells him their fine. After Parker leaves the room, Carly confronts Jack about lying to her son. He says he didn't lie to him. He goes on to warn her about Simon. He tells her Simon takes what he takes and doesn't give her anything in return. "That's not true! He loves me, Jack, and I love him!" She apologies, saying she shouldn't have blurted out like that. He tells her to say it again. "I love him," she repeats. He informs her that he was using her for information, and the man she thinks she loves just ruined her. She says she hopes he's far away and never comes back. Jack's phone rings. "You spotted him? Where?" he asks.

    After hanging up the phone, Carly tells Jack she needs to know if he's going to arrest her so she can make arrangements for the kids. He says he's not going to arrest her tonight.

    After Jack leaves, Parker comes down asking what's going on. He says he heard them fighting about Simon. She tells him that there's a warrant out for Simon's arrest, and they haven't been able to find him yet. "What did he do?" Parker inquires. "He made a terrible mistake, Parker. We both did," she answers.

    Outside Carly's place, Jack is on the phone. He orders that Carly's phone be tapped, and he says he wants 24-hour surveillance outside of her house. "Starting now," he finishes.

    Maddie Discovers Casey's Lie!

    Tuesday, January 02 2007

    Parker offers Faith some food, but she refuses. She confides in him saying her parents are a joke. He asks what she means. She says tonight they may be cool, but she bets by spring it will be over. He says he'd give anything to see his parents acting like that. He goes on to say they use to be happy together, but now, he says he doesn't know what happened.

    Christmas Brawl at the Snyder Farm

    Friday, December 22 2006

    Later, Carly joins Jack and the kids outside. While they're outside, Mike enters the kitchen. Vienna asks him where Katie is. "She went home," he answers, taking a seat at the table. "You know it's hard to spend the holidays alone. Thank God we have each other," she says, placing her arm around his neck.

    Jack catches up with the boys downtown. He asks if they're ready to go. He sends JJ after Sage. While waiting for JJ and Sage to return, Jack sits Parker down to talk with him. He tells him they need to go to court and get adoption papers to prepare in case something was to happen to Carly. Parker says he doesn?t want to hurt his feeling, but he says he doesn't want him to adopt him. Jack asks him what's wrong--what's going on. He says it's not like he doesn't want to be his son, because he kinda already is, but he says he misses his dad. Jack says he understands. He goes on to explain it's just a lot of legal stuff. He says it's not like he's going to have to give up his last name or anything like that. "Even if mom gets married again? Parker asks. Jack asks if she's said something about getting married again. He says no, it's just that when Simons around they look at each other like he and Carly use to. He goes on to say if they get married and he's his dad, he doesn't want them to fight. Jack assures him they won't. He says they only want what's best for him. He asks Jack if he would ask Simon and Carly if it would be okay so they're wouldn't be a fight. He says he'll take care of everything.

    Back at the Snyder farm, Sage says, "This is the best Christmas!" "It sure is," Jack replies. Carly's phone rings. She looks at the caller ID before answering. "Who is it, Mom?" Parker asks. No one she replies, looking at Jack.

    Mike Discovers the Truth!

    Monday, November 13 2006

    At the Snyder's, Jack has made hot chocolate for the kids, and they ask him where their mom is. Jack tells them she must be running late, and about that time, the phone rings. It's Carly; she's calling to ask Jack if it's all right for Simon to drive her out. Jack approves, telling her he wants to talk with Simon anyway.

    Later, Carly and Simon arrive, and Carly goes in to see the kids, leaving Simon and Jack to talk. While inside, Carly promises the kids she'll take them to the ice rink tomorrow, and Parker asks if Simon is coming, but J.J. says he doesn't want Simon there. Carly asks him why not, and he says, "Because Jack doesn't like him."

    Outside, Jack tells Simon he doesn't want to see the kids hurt. Simon tells him he'd never do anything to hurt them, but Jack informs him that he already has by getting involved with Spero. "If she goes to prison, how are my kids suppose to deal with that?" Jack asks, referring to Carly. Simon tells him he respects his position, and he tells Jack not to worry, because Carly is in the clear.

    Carly comes back out and tells Jack the kids are in bed. Jack tells her and Simon to have a goodnight, and he goes back inside.

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