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    As the World Turns CAST - Parker Munson (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Parker Munson (Past) Played by Giovani Cimmino on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Giovani Cimmino
    Parker Munson (Past)

    Actor: Giovani Cimmino

    Who played Parker Munson (Past) over the years

    Giovani Cimmino (2004 - 2006)
    Cole Kachelhoffer (1999 - 2004)
    Justin Weiss (Jan. 1999)

    Useful information on Parker Munson (Past)

    * Lives with his mother, Sage and JJ.


    Currently: Student


    Parker was born to Carly Tenney and Hal Munson. Although the circumstances were not stable, Parker was always loved and accepted. He grew up spending a lot of time with his biological dad, Hal, until Carly was able to provide him a stable home after marrying Jack Snyder.

    Jack and Carly had a daughter they named Sage. Parker now had a little sister to grow up with. Later, JJ Larrabee was warded to Jack and Carly, after his biological father killed his mother. JJ and Parker became like real brothers and bonded.

    Now, grown up to be a teenager, Parker felt abandoned when his mother, Carly, ran away with Simon after being in trouble with the law. His biological dad, Hal Munson, was killed in October of 2006 in the line of duty. Jack, who has been there since he was born, is trying his best to hold the family together and give Parker, JJ and Sage all the love and support that he can on his own.

    Jack took Parker, JJ and Sage and moved in with Emma Snyder at the Snyder farm to help him out while Carly is gone. Parker was very resentful to Jack and refused to believe anything good was going to happen to him now. He started to rebel on Jack and skip school to sneak out in the woods to visit Paul Ryan, who has visions about his mother.






    Hal Munson (father - deceased)
    Carly Tenney Snyder (mother)
    Nikki Munson (half sister)
    Jennifer Munson Kasnoff Donovan (half sister)
    Adam Munson (half brother)
    Will Munson (half brother)
    Nora Kasnoff (half sister - deceased)
    Sage Snyder (half sister)
    Harold Munson (paternal grandfather - deceased)
    Louise Munson (paternal grandmother - deceased)
    Ray Tenney (maternal grandfather - deceased)
    Shelia Washburn (maternal grandmother - deceased)
    John Dustin Munson Donovan (nephew)
    Claire Munson Shelby (aunt)
    Rosanna Cabot (aunt)
    Gwen Norbeck Munson (aunt)
    Lee Washburn Tenney (great aunt)
    Billy Norbeck (cousin - deceased)
    Tess Shelby (cousin)
    Molly Conlan (first cousin)
    Abigail Williams (second cousin)




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    Tuesday, February 09 2010: What If It's Not Enough?

    Liberty is in bed but can't sleep. Parker comes into her room and offers her some gum. She's nauseous and asks him to take the flowers out of the room. Crying, she tells him about the drug cocktails she's been taking. He thinks she should try thinking positively. They hold hands and she admits she's never been this afraid in her life.

    Liberty wakes up in her bed and Parker is lying beside her. She's glad he's there but she tells him that things are going to get worse. He offers to hold her hair back when she starts puking.

    Thursday, January 04 2007: Henry Aids Simon

    Carly opens the door to get the morning paper. On the front cover she reads, "Suspected Jewel Thief Evades Capture." Once inside, she begins reading the piece, but stops when she notices Parker coming downstairs. She asks him to take out the trash for her. As he's taking out the trash, he notices a cop sitting in an unmarked car at the end of the driveway. Once back inside, he asks her if she knows there's a cop sitting outside, and then he asks her why they're begin watched. Before answering, she goes outside to discover that there is indeed a police car outside.

    Going back inside, she begins to explain Simon being in trouble to Parker, but the phone rings. She answers to find Henry on the other end. She yells at him for what he done calling him a lousy friend and a creep. He says he's on her side, and he's trying to help her, but she hangs up on him telling him not to call her again. When Parker asks who was on the phone, she says just someone she use to do business with. He asks if she thinks Simon will show up. She says he's gone for a very long time. Henry calls back asking for a chance to explain, but she says she's hanging up. Before she can hang up, he mentions Meme (the vase that got broke at the apartment). Capturing her attention, she asks how he knew about that. He says he knows when it broke she was devastated. He goes on to say he stumbled across another vase he thought she would be interested, but he can't deliver it in person. He asks if she'll meet him at Java. He says he'll bring her a brochure so she can use it to get in contact with the manufacturer. She says she'd like that very much, because the place isn't the same without it. She asks again if he wants her to meet him at Java. He confirms, saying as quickly as possible, because it's a much sought after item and he'd hate for her to miss out. She agrees to meet with him.

    After hanging up the phone, Henry informs Simon that it worked this time; she didn't hang up. Before he heads to Java to meet her, Simon asks if he has the phones. Henry confirms, handing him the phones saying he won't have to worry about rollover charges or wire-tapping.

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