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    As the World Turns CAST - Madeline "Maddie" Coleman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Madeline "Maddie" Coleman Played by Alexandra Chando on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandra Chando

    Birthday: 1986-07-28
    Birthplace: Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Alexandra Chando


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    The Kiss!

    Friday, August 17 2007

    Maddie and Noah are talking about the new show. She leaves to get some supplies. Noah hears someone come in and, believing it is Luke, starts talking about the show again. It's his father! Col. Mayer tells Noah it is time they get down to what - or who! - is really keeping him in Oakdale! They talk for a while, and Col. Mayer tells Noah he is proud that Noah is going to work his way through school. As he talks, Noah becomes even more confused because he has no idea what his father is talking about. Col. Mayer finally tells Noah that he is going to give him a gift - cash! - to use however he wants, as long as he enlists in the Army, too. Noah can't believe what his father is asking. Maddie walks in and Noah introduces his dad to her. Col. Mayer is pleased to meet her and asks them both to lunch. Noah hesitates and Col. Mayer plays up to Maddie to get them all to lunch. She tries to get out of it but Col. Mayer pushes the issue, asking Noah to tell him more about their work over lunch. Reluctantly, Noah agrees to go and so does Maddie. Col. Mayer asks them to meet him at The Lakeview in an hour. He leaves. Maddie decides to change clothes before lunch, reminding Noah that his father wouldn't have come to Oakdale if he didn't care. They kiss and she leaves. Noah is finishing up a few things when Luke walks in. He sees the time and gets nervous because he hasn't has time to change. Luke offers to help him get ready for lunch with his dad. Noah has problems tying the tie so Luke helps him. When Luke gets closer, Noah starts to breathe funny. Luke asks what is wrong and Noah says nothing. And then Noah kisses Luke!

    Maddie and Col. Mayer are waiting for Noah at The Lakeview, getting to know one another. She tells him about moving to Oakdale with Henry. Col. Mayer keeps peppering her with questions, making Maddie even more nervous. She becomes more comfortable when they talk about her siblings. Maddie becomes curious when Col. Mayer mentions that he thought Noah was making up their relationship, wondering why Noah would pretend anything. She tells him that Noah is what is keeping her in Oakdale.

    Poker, Anyone?

    Thursday, August 16 2007

    Noah is trying to get some work finished up for Kim when Luke walks in. He offers to help but Noah turns him down. Maddie follows Luke in with a surprise for Noah - she is turning down Wesleyan in favor of Oakdale U! Luke can't believe his ears. Noah leaves to finish up some things and Luke asks Maddie what she is thinking. She tells him the scholarship fell through and she doesn't want to ask Henry for any money; she tells him she can save more money by attending Oakdale U for a while. Luke sees through her explanation, realizing that she wants to stay in town for Noah. He tells her not to do that! Telling him that she doesn't love Noah - yet - Maddie tries to convince Luke that she wants to see where things might go. Luke compares Noah asking her to give up Wesleyan to Casey insisting that she go. "If you want to be my friend, be happy for me," she says. Another worker comes in and asks Maddie to work on a computer problem for him. She leaves as Noah returns. He sees how upset Maddie is and asks Luke what happened. Luke tells him about their argument and asks when Noah suggested Maddie stay in Oakdale. He admits it was earlier in the evening, after their swim. Luke gets quiet. Defensively Noah says, "I'm not gay!" Before Luke can reply, Maddie returns. She and Noah leave.

    Noah and Maddie grab some ice cream in Old Town. She tells him about Luke and even questions her own decisions. Annoyed because he thinks she is changing her mind, Noah tells her to just tell him that she doesn't want to stay with him! Maddie assures him that she wants to be with him, telling him that she trusts him because he is a "what you see is what you get" kind of guy!

    All Tied Up!

    Friday, August 10 2007

    Noah and Luke are horsing around in the kitchen. Noah slips, loses his balance and winds up in a very close almost-embrace with Luke! Both are stunned. Maddie walks in. Noah goes to her and Luke turns away, uncomfortable with what almost happened. Maddie, not noticing anything, rambles on about Henry's troubles. She finally catches on to the tension in the room but both Noah and Luke try to distract her. Noah suggests they go for pizza; she invites Luke to tag along and is surprised to Noah tells her no! Luke pipes up that he doesn't really want pizza anyhow; Maddie and Noah leave. Brad and Katie walk in and Katie learns that Brad's story about Parker is fake - he isn't losing it at all! Luke leaves to return to work. Angry, Katie confronts Brad who says he just wants her to admit the truth: she is fine with Jack going after JJ but she isn't fine with Carly tagging along! Katie tries to leave but Brad convinces her to stay behind, offering his friendship and a private celebration of her engagement. He pulls out a bottle of wine. They play a few hands of poker and Katie beats the pants off Brad. A little more relaxed, she thanks Brad for helping to take her mind off of Jack.
    They play another hand, which Katie wins, and then she calls the game to a halt because Brad's out of money. Brad challenges her to another hand, putting his car and a few prized possessions on the line. Katie turns him down and Brad begins to strip! "I am in it to win it," he says!

    Noah takes Maddie for ice cream in Old town. As they munch, Maddie asks him why they didn't just eat at the farm. Testy, Noah tries to change the subject but Maddie won't let things drop. She brings up college, reminding him that he'll need friends when she goes away. Noah asks her to stay in Oakdale so they can go to college together! Maddie can't believe what he is asking and tells him she can't turn down Wesleyan. "Do you know what you're asking me?" she asks. Noah tells her she can always go to Wesleyan later if they don't make it as a couple. Maddie tells him she'll think about it as long as he doesn't pressure her.

    Broke and Busted!

    Thursday, August 09 2007

    At Gwen and Will’s party, Noah and Luke are joking about being guys at a baby shower, the two of them being friendly and relaxed with one another. But not everyone’s feeling friendly, as in Gwen’s bedroom, Alison has walked in on Gwen and Maddie talking about her. She’s just confronted them about it, challenging them to say whatever they have to say to her face rather than behind her back. Maddie and Gwen try to pass it off, as Will comes in and tries to smooth things over. But, not one to be brushed off, Alison is persistent, wanting details about what was said. Dusty walks in behind Alison, to rescue her, and ultimately suggesting that everyone just let it go. “This is supposed to be a party,” he says. Everyone agrees and Gwen and Maddie apologize to Alison for talking about her. They all go back into the living room, leaving Alison and Dusty alone. Alison tells Dusty that he shouldn’t have come to her aid, saying she just wants the whispering to stop – to get it out in the open and let it go. Dusty suggests that instead, Alison might want to try to become friends with Maddie and Gwen.

    Getting back into the party spirit, Gwen and Maddie bustle about the living room, talking about Casey and Maddie’s current love life. They do the girly heart-to-heart thing, with Maddie telling Gwen that she and Noah are going to go out and have fun, but that it’s nothing fairy tales are made of.

    At the party, a toast. Will gets honest about how hard the year has been and how much Gwen has helped him get his life back. Everyone is touched – Alison giving Dusty a sidelong look, Noah reaching down to give Maddie a peck on the cheek, Luke jealous, looking at his shoes.

    Maddie, Noah, and Luke are getting ready to leave, too, and make plans to go swimming tonight. But just as the plans are made, Maddie gets a phone call from Vienna, who asks Maddie to come be with Henry, to hold his hand while he’s having this little money crisis going on. Maddie tells the boys that they’re on their own for swimming and leaves. The boys reluctantly follow her out. Luke offers to nix the swimming idea, but Noah wants to go, so they head out for a swim.

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