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    As the World Turns CAST - Madeline "Maddie" Coleman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Madeline "Maddie" Coleman Played by Alexandra Chando on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandra Chando

    Birthday: 1986-07-28
    Birthplace: Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Alexandra Chando


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    Lily Disobeys Holden!

    Friday, August 31 2007

    Luke, Noah and Maddie are wandering around Old Town talking about apartments - one bedrooms! Luke is feeling weird about it but before he can say anything he sees Holden veering through the area. He pulls Holden aside and asks what is going on; Holden tells them about the shooting. Maddie and Noah pipe up that the woman who was killed is the same woman Dusty was arguing with; Maddie remembers Lily was there, too. Holden asks for a play-by-play of the conversation and Maddie fills her in. Holden is pretty sure he knows what really happened now, but is really concerned that Lily was there at the start of the problems between Dusty and Cheri. Maddie and Noah take off but Luke stays behind with Holden. Holden asks about the tension between Luke and Noah but Luke doesn't want to talk about it. He changes the subject to Lily and Holden but Holden doesn't want to talk about his own problems. Luke leaves. A few minutes later Lily walks through Old Town and Holden goes on the attack. He won't listen when she tries to explain what happened with Cheri. She makes him listen, though, professing all over the place that Dusty is innocent. Holden can't believe it. Lily starts to walk away but Holden won't let her go. He wants to know where she is headed. Lily says she is going to post bail for Dusty! Angry, Holden tells Lily that she can't pay the bail because it will make her look more guilty. Lily explains why she feels like she has to help Dusty but Holden could care less. Holden counts down all of Dusty's crimes but Lily is certain he is innocent. He pulls a trump card, telling Lily that choosing Dusty will mean she is turning her back on her family! Lily walks away.

    Henry and Vienna are making out in Al's when Col. Mayer walks in. He is immediately uncomfortable about what he's seen and tries to backtrack but Henry stops him. They introduce themselves and Vienna invites Col. Mayer to stick around for a bit. They all sit down to talk and Vienna gets very friendly with the Colonel, making him even more uncomfortable. He asks about the diner and Vienna fills Col. Mayer in on all of Henry's past jobs. The Colonel isn't sure what to think about either of them. Maddie walks in, thanking Henry for co-signing the lease. He points out Col. Mayer and she immediately sees how strange he is acting. Maddie asks him about his covert operation of meeting her family. He invites Maddie and Noah to dinner, excluding Henry and Vienna, who have other plans anyway. Col. Mayer leaves and Maddie asks what happened before she arrived. Vienna tells her about their fooling around. Henry signs the lease for Maddie and she leaves. Henry strips off his tie and he and Vienna go back to making out!

    Luke heads for WOAK where he starts gets really close to Noah, purposefully making him uncomfortable. He pulls away from Luke and tells him that he can't be gay. Luke wonders why and they begin to argue. Luke tells Noah that he fought being gay, just like Noah is doing now, and then wonders what he really wants. Noah isn't sure what would make him truly happy. Luke brings up Maddie and Noah's father. "It's the life I want," Noah insists but Luke is certain that Noah is making a huge mistake. They argue. Luke grabs Noah's arm, Noah grabs Luke's arm and they are quickly very close together again. Maddie walks in and gets curious about what is going on and demands that they tell her what has been going on.

    Noah Stuns Luke!

    Wednesday, August 22 2007

    Col. Mayer hustles Maddie and Noah away from Dusty and Cheri's fight. He wonders if he should interrupt them, possibly saving Cheri from Dusty's wrath. Lily walks in, diffusing the situation. The Colonel invites them for coffee somewhere else but Maddie declines. She tells them she needs to start looking for a new place for them to live - together! She leaves. Col. Mayer tells Noah he knows what the fight between Cheri and Dusty was about - sex!

    Noah returns to WOAK, sees Luke and thinks about the kiss - again. He beats around the bush for a second but finally decides to take the bull by the horns. "I kissed you because I wanted to," he says! He goes on to tell Luke that it won't happen again because he is with Maddie now. Angry, Luke tells him that this won't solve any problems and asks when he is going to be honest with Maddie! Noah tells Luke that he loves Maddie but that doesn't satisfy Luke. They argue - about Maddie, about the Colonel and about their lives. "I can control this. I will control it," Noah says. Luke tries to reach out to him but Noah backs away and asks Luke to keep their kiss a secret! Maddie walks in, senses the tension and wonders what's up. Both guys clam up. Maddie begins telling them about the apartment she found.

    Katie Postpones The Wedding!

    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    Luke beats around the bush about what he has to tell Maddie. He can't get the kiss out of his mind. Before he can say anything, he sees Col. Mayer standing outside the room and clams up. Maddie introduces them and Col. Mayer asks what secret he knows about Noah! Luke covers, saying it was just work related, but Col. Mayer won't let the subject drop. He bullies Luke, telling Luke that he should just say what he has to say - either to Noah or to Noah's father! Noah walks in, curious about what is going on. Col. Mayer tells Luke to say what he has to say. Luke struggles with what to say and decides to protect Noah - by telling Maddie that Noah may have lost their master tape. Noah leaves to find the missing tape and Col. Mayer goes with him. Maddie apologizes for the way Col. Mayer was acting. Luke interrupts her, asking if she is really going to move in with Noah. "Are you in love with him?" Luke asks. Maddie isn't sure but admits that she likes him a lot. Noah and Col. Mayer return, having found the tape. Noah and Maddie kiss; Luke can't believe it. They leave. At the door, Noah looks back at Luke, thanking him "for everything".

    Cheri follows Dusty from the bar into the lobby of The Lakeview. "Not exactly a happy ending, is it?" she asks him. Dusty lashes out at her, wondering why she brought Alison into her plan to hurt him. As he yells at her Noah, Maddie and Col. Mayer listen in!

    Jack To The Rescue!

    Monday, August 20 2007

    Col. Mayer calls Noah, angrily asking what is keeping him from their lunch date! Uncomfortable, Noah tells his father he simply lost track of time. The Colonel hands the phone to Maddie to get the truth out of him, which only makes Noah more nervous. Maddie asks him to have Luke look over the schedule and they hang up. Noah tells him about the schedule but Luke wants to talk about the kiss. Noah tries to shrug off the kiss as an experiment. "It was a joke," he says angrily and storms off. Luke can't believe it.

    Back at The Lakeview, the Colonel apologizes for Noah's tardiness, telling Maddie that a stint in the Army will make him into a real man. Maddie tells him that Noah is already a real man! Noah arrives. Col. Mayer gets a call and leaves them for a moment. When they are alone, Noah asks Maddie to make things official - and move in with him! Maddie can't believe what she is hearing and neither can Col. Mayer - who offers to help pay the rent! "I wish your mother could see you now," he says.

    Maddie returns to WOAK and tells Luke the moving in news. Luke stops her, telling her there is something she doesn’t know about Noah. Col. Mayer listens from outside the door.

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