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    As the World Turns CAST - Madeline "Maddie" Coleman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Madeline "Maddie" Coleman Played by Alexandra Chando on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandra Chando

    Birthday: 1986-07-28
    Birthplace: Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Alexandra Chando


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    "I'm Dying..."

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    Luke and Noah, back at work, are sniping at one another. Noah tries to tell Luke to go away, but Luke gets right in his face, urging him to come out of the closet with his dad. “Luke,” Noah says, “go to hell!” leaving Luke stunned and open-mouthed. “I wish I’d never met either one of you,” Noah continues, blaming Luke for how much Noah has hurt Maddie. He accuses Luke of having a “cause,” of wanting everyone to live their lives his way. Luke tries to defend himself, but Noah sticks to his guns, telling Luke that if his father knew the truth about him, it would kill him. “What about what it’s doing to you?” Luke asks. Through it all, he still cares for Noah.

    Luke catches up with Maddie at the diner, and Maddie is one ticked off lady. She tells him he’s not her friend. He tries to defend his part in what happened, telling her that he felt that Noah needed to find his own way. She’s ticked that he put Noah’s feelings over hers. Luke bemoans that everyone’s mad at him, but he didn’t seduce Noah and he’s not at fault for what happened. Maddie says it sure is funny that he got exactly what he wanted. “I never meant to hurt you,” Luke says, as Maddie breaks down in tears. She apologizes for everything she said and they make up. Together they wonder about Noah – is he in pain and will they be able to help him?

    Carly Needs A Neurosurgeon!

    Friday, September 14 2007

    Maddie is walking in Old Town when she runs into Noah. She tries to get away from him but he sees her and follows. Noah puts his arm around her but she pulls back and tells him she wants to be alone.

    Noah finds Maddie at the television station. She tells him she needs time because she feels completely betrayed - she thinks he used her to get acceptance from his father and from the town. Maddie isn't mad about Noah's attraction to Luke, she is upset because of the way he treated her! When Noah asks her if they can try again Maddie wonders why he would want to - for her for for his father! Maddie isn't interested in being anything with Noah any longer and tells him so. She walks away. Noah goes to The Lakeview to meet the Colonel. He wonders where Maddie is and Noah tells him that they just broke up. The Colonel doesn't accept that and tells Noah it was just a fight and he needs to stop overreacting. "Buy her flowers and swear you will change," the Colonel says. Noah wonders if he can change! The Colonel becomes angry and tells Noah that he better make things right. Lily and Luke arrive and Lily goes to see an employee. The Colonel notices Luke and confronts him, telling Luke to stay away from Noah or he'll have to deal with the Colonel. He storms off. Luke goes to Noah's table and tries to apologize but Noah leaves.

    Maddie goes to the diner to talk things over with Henry. She is feeling bad because of the things she said to Noah and upset about being on her own, again, now. "I wanted to wake up to somebody and come home to somebody who wanted me," she says, wondering if she'll ever find her prince. Henry assures her that she will find that perfect guy and even makes her laugh.

    Baby...or Else!

    Monday, September 10 2007

    Henry bumps into Maddie and Noah, whose dad, by the way, has given them money for furniture for their new pad. Perfect timing, Noah is about to run along and Henry wants to have a chat with Maddie alone. Henry tries to persuade Maddie to go to Wesleyan after all. Maddie doesn’t want to do it, but she sounds like she’s trying too hard to convince him…or herself. Laying it all on the line, Henry tells Maddie about his run-in with The Colonel, and suggests that The Colonel is a homophobe. He tells her that The Colonel left the impression that there’s something going on between Luke and Noah. Maddie’s particularly unhappy to hear this and goes into tirade-mode. Henry throws up his hands – she wins the argument – but she’s also clearly disturbed and wondering.

    Maddie finds Luke at the station, where he’s hard at work. She’s pensive and he picks up on it, wondering what’s wrong. She’s uncomfortable, but asks Luke flat out, “Is there something going on with you and Noah?” Luke plays dumb, and in not answering her, lets her know that her suspicion is correct. This is one love triangle Maddie didn’t expect to be in!

    Brad: Carly's Voice of Reason

    Thursday, September 06 2007

    Luke is talking over college courses with Roth, a friend, in Old Town. Noah walks up, sees them and is not sure what to feel. He asks to see Luke, alone, but he declines. Noah insists because Kim has given them a new deadline. When they're alone, though, Noah doesn't talk about work - he begins to question Luke about the other guy! Col. Mayer walks up, wondering what is going on. Noah says they were talking about classes. Luke walks away as Maddie arrives, excited about her course load. They talk about the classes they'll have together. Noah leaves to meet with the registrar. Maddie and the Colonel talk and she decides to tell him about her past and her family. They sit down and Maddie is surprised to know that the Colonel already knows about Eve and Raven Lake. He doesn't care, though, because he knows Maddie isn't her sister! He says Maddie is the best thing to happen to Noah.

    Jack meets Katie at Al's and presents her with the watch, which now fits. Katie realizes she is completely late to meet with Margo about dresses. She can't find the pictures anywhere, though! Jack tells her to calm down because the pictures are probably at her place or the farm and she'll find them soon enough. He asks what the real problem is and Katie finally tells him she wants to know what is going on between him and Carly. He says nothing is going on and Carly is now crystal-clear on that matter! Katie can't believe he finally got through to Carly, meanwhile, Jack can't help remembering - and maybe even regretting! - some of the things he said to Carly. Henry interrupts them, offering to those them a joint bachelor/bachelorette party at the diner. They both agree. He leaves. She starts to get stressed out about the wedding plans and Jack tells her to calm down because everything is going to be perfect. Katie realizes they've left out one detail - where they will live as man and wife! Jack grabs a paper from Henry when he returns and then they leave to track down new housing. Maddie arrives and asks Henry for advice on Col. Mayer. She isn't sure why but for some reason, the Colonel is making her really nervous. Henry tells her that it's a father/son thing but is shocked and a little unnerved when Maddie tells him that the Colonel knows about - and doesn't care about - their sordid family history. Henry suggests that she ignore the Colonel and just focus on school. She leaves. Henry calls Colonel Mayer and asks him to come by Al's. The Colonel arrives and Henry plays the part of the big brother, pretending not to be okay with the new living arrangements between Maddie and Noah. Col. Mayer can't believe what he is hearing and says he is all for it! Henry kind of throws Maddie under the bus, implying that she is a flighty kid but the Colonel just waves that off. He insists that Maddie is a good egg and the perfect girl to keep Noah on the straight and narrow - unlike his friends back in Missouri!

    Lily Goes Undercover!

    Tuesday, September 04 2007

    Luke admits to Maddie that he and Noah weren't just arguing about the show - they were arguing about her! Maddie has no idea what that means and demands to know what, exactly, is going on. Luke makes up a story about resenting her newfound closeness with Noah. Maddie doesn't buy that for a second but Luke won't say anything more. He leaves. Annoyed, Maddie turns to Noah and asks him what his deal is. Noah tells her that Luke's insecurities have just been affecting him. Noah takes Maddie in his arms and kisses her passionately. Colonel Mayer watches them from outside the office. He walks in, interrupting them, and begins talking about the new family they are all making. He leaves as quickly as he arrived; Maddie and Noah aren't sure what to make of that.

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