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    As the World Turns CAST - Madeline "Maddie" Coleman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Madeline "Maddie" Coleman Played by Alexandra Chando on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandra Chando

    Birthday: 1986-07-28
    Birthplace: Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Alexandra Chando


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    Holden Sees Lily In Dusty's Bed!

    Wednesday, October 24 2007

    Maddie returns to the diner. Maddie tells Henry about her visit to the farm and is finally ready to make her decision: she is going to Wesleyan so that she can figure herself out. Vienna walks up and agrees with Maddie's decision. Henry is still worried but encourages her to go, too. Vienna brings out the cake. Maddie tells them she is going to Wesleyan for herself and not for a boy. Vienna gets a little teary and hugs Maddie. Henry tries to lighten the moment so he won't cry. Maddie tells them she loves them and will miss them, which doesn't lighten the mood at all. Henry pulls them both into a family hug.

    Who Will Get Through to Luke?

    Friday, October 12 2007

    Maddie pulls away from Noah, who insists that he wants to be with her again. She reminds him that he really wants Luke, not her, but he tells her he was happy with her. “Pretending that you’re straight is not going to make you feel better,” Maddie says. She tells him that they’re not meant to be. Noah looks pouty about it and leaves.

    Noah Can't Cope

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    Noah calls Dusty and asks him to meet at the diner. He's surprised when Dusty shows up but relieved, too. Noah tells Dusty about the night he and his dad saw Dusty arguing with Cheri and the jokes that Win told. Dusty tells Noah everything he knows about Cheri and her dark side. Noah leaves. He buys a bottle and is drinking in Old Town when Maddie finds him. He quickly hides the bottle and begins telling Maddie about what happened. Maddie points out that he isn't alone because he still has her. She tells him to go see Luke or come with her but she isn't going to leave him alone. They leave together and go to Maddie's. She is pulling out a few movies and turns to see Noah taking a drink! She tries to take the bottle but Noah won't let her take it. He kisses her!

    Paul and Meg Make Love!

    Friday, October 05 2007

    Luke fills Maddie in on their fishing trip with the Colonel. Maddie is stunned and tells Luke not to go! She tells him that there is something not right about the Colonel. Luke wonders if Maddie is jealous or if she is not as okay with their relationship. She swears she just feels strange about it. Noah returns and tells them that the Colonel wants to leave earlier. The Colonel returns to the farm just as the boys arrive. They gather their things and leave. When they are on the trail, Win asks the boys to go ahead to check something in the clearing and then he reaches for the rifle he hid behind the tree! He catches up with the boys but pretends to have a rock lodged in his boot. When Luke and Noah continue to the camp site, he returns to where the rifle is! He watches the boys for a while and then rejoins them. Win sends Luke down to the water and then makes up a story about forgetting something in the truck. Noah stops him before he can leave the camp, thanking Win for accepting him as being gay. Noah hugs him, telling Win how much he loves him and how much his father has impacted his life. The Colonel pulls back and tells Noah to go after the tackle box. As Noah is leaving, Win tells him not to forget how much he loves him. Noah disappears into the woods and Win returns to get the rifle from behind the tree! He loads it and starts toward the water. Win watches Luke for a few moments and then raises the rifle. He has Luke in his sights!

    Holden and Natalie are finishing up some last minute shopping in Old Town. He runs into Maddie after sending Nat on her way. She asks him about the fishing trip and tells Holden that she is really worried about the Colonel! She tells him how Win reacted when he found out Noah was gay; Holden becomes worried, too.

    Family, Lovers and Lies

    Wednesday, October 03 2007

    Vienna and Henry are arguing about her new all-Swedish menu when Maddie walks in. She tells them Noah came out to his father but she is still worried about him. Vienna tells Maddie to take a little girl time. She heads back into the kitchen. Henry asks Maddie how she is really getting along. She is sad and doesn't understand why. "We were friends and I'm worried about him," she says and tells Henry about Win. Maddie tells him about Win's weirdness - buying them a bed, not caring about her crazy sister. She wonders if he is doing similar things to Luke and Noah, pretending to be okay but not really being okay with them.

    Carly Tells The Kids

    Thursday, September 27 2007

    Colonel Mayer can't believe what he is seeing between Luke and Noah. He steps into the room as Maddie arrives, acting chipper and in love. The Colonel tells them all to stop. Luke tries to break in and so does Maddie but the Colonel won't let either speak. He focuses on Noah, telling him what a disappointment he is! He storms off. Maddie apologizes for her part in the trouble but Noah says it wasn't her fault. She leaves. Luke tries to make things better but Noah is heartbroken about how his father acted. He decides to go after the Colonel, to explain things.

    Maddie runs into the Colonel and apologizes to him for keeping up the charade. Angry, he asks if everything between she and Noah was a lie. Maddie doesn't want to talk about their relationship. "What made my son turn?" he asks, wondering if it was all because of Luke. Emotionally, Maddie tells the Colonel that he just needs to accept Noah as he is. The Colonel swears he won't lose his son and walks off. Maddie and Luke meet up at the diner. They talk about Noah and Maddie tells Luke that she is starting to have serious questions about the Colonel. She thinks the man might be off his rocker!

    Maddie Lies For Noah!

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Maddie surprises Noah at the diner with their rent check - the landlord allowed them to break the lease without any troubles. She also has a bag full of his things from the apartment. Noah asks her if they can still do a few things together. Maddie isn't sure they should. The Colonel arrives but Noah doesn't stay. The Colonel tells Maddie how happy he is that she and Noah have bridged their differences. Noah returns and apologizes for missing lunch. The Colonel surprises him by telling Noah that he is leaving town for some much needed rest and relaxation. Now that Maddie and Noah are back together, he says he feels comfortable leaving them along. Before Noah can set him straight, Maddie jumps in and acts very romantic toward Noah. The Colonel leaves. Noah asks Maddie what is going on and she tells him that he should keep his sexuality from his dad until he figures out exactly how to come out.

    Col. Mayer Shot Dusty - and Cheri!

    Thursday, September 20 2007

    Noah is waiting at a table at Al's, hoping that Maddie will talk to him. She comes over but refusing to talk about anything. Noah follows her to the counter, swearing his undying love for her and saying they can work things out. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm a girl and you're gay," she says and storms off. Noah follows her again, trying to make him see that they can't be together. Noah insists he was confused but he doesn't have to be attracted to guys any more. Maddie tells him that he shouldn't deny who he is to make his dad happy. She also tells him that he will be lucky to have Luke in his life. Noah and Luke meet at WOAK. Noah says he is ready to come out but he isn't sure how the Colonel will react to the news. Telling Luke that the Colonel isn't a violent guy, Noah is still worried about his reaction to the news. Luke tells him that they can get through this together and offers to stand by him.

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