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    As the World Turns CAST - Madeline "Maddie" Coleman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Madeline "Maddie" Coleman Played by Alexandra Chando on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandra Chando

    Birthday: 1986-07-28
    Birthplace: Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Alexandra Chando


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    I Feel So Funky.

    Monday, October 26 2009

    Casey desperately calls Maddie over to his place to help him write a paper. "We're not in high school anymore," she says, suggesting they get some caffeine so his brain cells will start firing.

    At the station, Audrey complains to Margo about being cooped up there. Margo points out that they have evidence she tried to kill Barbara. Margo demands to know where Ralph is but Audrey says no one will find him if he doesn't want to be found. When she's left alone, Audrey calls Maddie and tells her she's been accused of murder. "Spare me the melodrama," Maddie says. Audrey asks her to come over and bring Casey with her. When Maddie arrives, her mother tells her that Barbara was trying to kill her. She asks her to get Casey on her side to talk to Margo for her. Maddie rolls her eyes and refuses to say anything. "You're on your own," she says. She walks out and Casey asks her to come to the hospital with him. He turns to his mother and asks her to let him know if there is anything he can do.

    Ali brings the baby in to see Katie. She wants to see Brad. Henry leaves to check on him and runs into his sister. Ali brings the baby out and Casey asks after Katie. Down the hall, Maddie tries comforting her brother but he doesn't feel like he deserves it. They spot Katie as she climbs out of her bed and heads for the door. She demands to know what is going on. They help her back into bed. Maddie walks back into the hall and cries, hugging Casey.

    I'm Feeling Amphibious And I Think I Like It!

    Thursday, October 01 2009

    At the cafe, Maddie calls Casey and asks him to call her back. Hunter stares over... at her phone. He comes over and they begin gabbing about everything the phone can do. Margo comes in and interrupts. Hunter makes himself scarce. Margo doesn't know how her son could have just run off like this. She tells Maddie how grateful everyone is for what she did but asks her why she was late for the hearing. Maddie claims she was just nervous and had second thoughts. Margo says that all of her plans for the future of her family just fell apart because Adam is gone and asks her for more answers. Maddie can't give her those answers. Sadly, Margo guesses that Casey can.

    Audrey goes downstairs to meet Ralph. He tells her about what he does to people who step out of line and asks her where the check is. She asks him to play up the charity angle for Vienna and Henry when they join them for lunch. The couple arrives and Ralph babbles as Henry and Audrey nervously notice Barbara has just come in. While Ralph and Vienna talk about jewelry, Henry slips off and drags Barbara to the elevators. She's confused. "I have what you want," he tells her, asking her up to her room. She argues with him as he pulls her into the elevator. Maddie walks by and sees them. She shakes her head and wanders over to Vienna. She asks her why Henry was just dragging Barbara onto an elevator. Vienna is baffled. Audrey introduces Ralph to her daughter and then tries to hug her. Maddie has been avoiding her and demands to know what kind of scam her mother is pulling now. Audrey talks about the charity and Maddie tells Vienna to run if her mother is asking for money. Vienna walks away with the check. "Glad to know you haven't changed Mom," Maddie says before walking away. Ralph tells Audrey it displeases him when things don't go his way.

    Casey and Maddie meet at the cafe and he says that his mom hates him right now. He complains about how unfair everything is. He feels like they are right back where they started. Everyone is against him and she is the only one in his corner. "I will always be in your corner," she says, taking his hands. He thanks her. Hunter listens in from around the corner and sees Maddie give Casey a kiss. They join hands and walk off together.

    Over My Dead Body!

    Wednesday, September 30 2009

    Maddie slips into Casey's room as he wakes up. She accuses him of trying to emotionally blackmail her out of testifying for Adam. Maddie tells him that this has nothing to do with her feelings for him or their break up. Casey blames all of that on Adam as well. "I can't stand by and let Adam hurt you," he says. They go back over the past and she insists that Adam didn't deserve what happened to him. He warns her that a judge could punish her for trying to bury him alive. She thanks him for caring and gives him a hug.

    Maddie runs into Ali at the cafe. The brunette admits that she couldn't go through with testifying. Ali thinks this is all down to Casey manipulating her. "You may have slept with him but you don't know him at all," Maddie tells her.

    Casey runs into Maddie in the street and tells her that he needs her to testify after all. She says she'll feel better if she tells the truth and gives him a hug. She rushes off to the hearing, warning him that Alison is inside and angry. He goes in to see his girlfriend, who tears into him but he says that he's fixed everything. "I guess I owe you an apology then," she says. "This is the right thing for everyone," he claims.

    At the hearing, Maddie takes the stand and tells the story of burying Adam after she thought she'd killed him. After her testimony, Tom makes the case for leniency and asks that the charges be dropped. The judge dismisses the case. Margo hugs her son. He tells her how much her love means to him and then turns to Tom, telling him how good it feels to call him 'dad' again.

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