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    As the World Turns CAST - Madeline "Maddie" Coleman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Madeline "Maddie" Coleman Played by Alexandra Chando on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandra Chando

    Birthday: 1986-07-28
    Birthplace: Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Alexandra Chando


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    Emily Knows!

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    Noah finds Maddie as she hangs up with the police. He comforts Maddie, telling her that she didn't do anything wrong by leaving Gwen. Maddie thinks she really screwed up, though. Just then Luke pulls Cleo inside the room and Maddie has someone to vent her anger at - Cleo! Cleo is smiling and laughing but won't tell them where Jade and Gwen are, or even where Will went. They set her in a chair and try to ignore her. Noah checks Maddie's ankle and realizes she is really hurt. Luke leaves to get ice and Cleo tries to follow but they stop her.

    Will, Gwen and Jade arrive back at the theatre as the show ends. Andy Williams introduces her and she takes the stage. The audience loves her and she begins to sing. Andy Williams comes back on stage and asks Gwen to sing a duet with him! They begin to sing "What the World Needs Now Is Love". Backstage the police haul Cleo off in handcuffs. Jade walks in and Luke hugs her, glad she is safe. Will takes a giant bouquet of flowers to Gwen on stage. From the corner, Gwen watches Cleo being taken away.

    Tied Up In Knots!

    Monday, July 09 2007

    In Branson, Luke is freaked out over seeing Maddie and Noah in bed together. He tries to cover but they both know how freaked out he is. He asks about Will and fills them in on what they learned from Cleo's diary. Maddie isn't sure whether to believe him or not but when he keeps explaining, she and Noah get on board with his plan to find Will or Gwen. Luke goes to Will and Gwen's room. Maddie calls Gwen, who is freaked out. Luke returns and Maddie tells her they can't find Cleo or Will. She tells Gwen to sit tight and she will be right there. Noah offers to go with Luke to get the police involved. He waits in the hall while Noah and Maddie get dressed. Outside, Luke calls Gwen to reassure her. Noah catches up with him, telling Luke that a friend of his father's is going to help them track down Cleo. Luke walks away and Noah follows, trying to explain what he saw between Noah and Maddie. Noah is completely in the dark about why Luke is so upset and wonders if Luke has a thing for Maddie. Luke gets mad and tells Noah that he has no interest at all in Maddie - because he is gay! Noah is shocked; both guys become uncomfortable.

    Along the nature trail, Cleo ties an unconscious Will to a downed tree, apologizing to him for how far she is going but sure that he will understand once they are together permanently. She tells him she'll take care of Gwen so they won't be bothered ever again. "I'll come back to you, my sweet," she says, kissing his cheek. She takes the gnome and leaves Will tied up. His cell phone starts ringing, waking him up, but he can't get to it in time. He fights against the ropes to get the phone open. He can't get the ropes undone and begins yelling for help. Maddie comes running from the trail and helps him get free. She asks where Cleo was headed but Will doesn't know. He is dizzy but insists on leaving right then. He heads back to the trail and Maddie follows.

    Lance Is Back!

    Friday, July 06 2007

    Noah goes with his father for lunch. Mr. Mayer asks Noah why he didn't let the family know he would be so close to them. Noah tries to explain that it is only a business trip and he wasn't sure he would have time for a family visit. His father doesn't believe him and doesn't like his new "job". He drops a bomb - he won't pay for Noah to attend Northwestern in the fall! Noah can't believe his father, especially when he tells Noah that he has the money but he wants a different life for his son! "It's time for you to grow up and get serious," he says, telling Noah that working in television is a waste of time. He wants Noah to join the military! Noah is stunned and tries to make his father understand that he doesn't want to be a military man. His father says he can attend college - maybe! - after he has enlisted and served his country.

    Upstairs, Maddie is trying to get through to Casey. She is stunned to find out that Casey has had her calls blocked and refuses to speak with her. The operator tells her there is no mistake and hangs up. Noah walks in as Maddie is crying. She doesn't want to talk but he won't let the subject drop. Finally she tells him that Casey won't speak to her anymore. She is completely stunned. Noah understands, having had his father shut him down the way Casey is shutting out Maddie. She realizes he is just as upset as she. Noah doesn't want to talk about his dad and asks Maddie to go out with him to have some fun. They go to a water park and begin running around like little kids, having fun and laughing. They return to their room to get cleaned up before Gwen's show. They talk and Noah tells her about his father's visit. Maddie can't believe how closed-minded his father is being and is stunned when Noah tells her that his dad took Northwestern off the table. Maddie asks what he is planning but Noah doesn't have any definite ideas. She sits beside him on the bed and dries his shoulders. Maddie hugs him and quickly the hug turns into a kiss. They make love! Luke walks in on them!

    Branson Here We Come!

    Thursday, July 05 2007

    Gwen, Will, Noah, Maddie and Cleo arrive in Branson. Noah is taping the whole thing. Cleo gets a little giddy in front of the camera, but turns serious and says Branson will change all of their lives! Maddie talks a little bit but quickly grows tired of the camera; Cleo doesn't. One taste of the camera and she wants more! She begins hogging the spotlight. A few fans come by and ask for Gwens autograph. Cleo asks Will if he'll go upstairs with her to unpack but he turns her down. Gwen's fans leave and she and Will head inside to have some alone town. Cleo watches them. She goes upstairs and begins unpacking. She pulls a sexy nightie from the bag, remembering Gwen asking her to do anything she can to keep Will busy. In her imagination, Will comes out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. He carries her to the bed and kisses her. Cleo snaps out of the daydream when Will and Gwen walk in, surprised to see her in their room. "I thought it would save money to bunk up with you guys," Cleo says! Will and Gwen are a little stunned and tell her it won't work. They suggest Cleo bunk with Maddie and Noah. Cleo is crushed. When Will and Gwen turn to leave Cleo shows her the fruit basket left by the hotel. Gwen doesn't really care. She and Will leave quickly. Alone, Cleo begins packing Gwen's things. She takes a bite of fruit and then throws it against the wall. Noah and Maddie walk in, concerned that Cleo doesn't want them there. She covers but Maddie is catching on that Cleo wants more than they know. Noah tells them they're wanted at the theater, which will cut Gwen and Will's alone time, making Cleo happy. Cleo brings a few different changes of clothes for Gwen to try. She asks Will to help her track down Gwen's favorite lozenges but he turns her down. Cleo leaves. A few minutes later, Andy Williams arrives to welcome Gwen to the show! Gwen and a stage hand begin scoping out the stage. Noah and Maddie are in the background waving at her. Cleo and Will are sitting together in the audience. One of the reporters asks Andy when he can have a one-on-one with Gwen. On stage, the music begins and Gwen begins to sing. In the audience, Cleo clasps Will's hand! After the song, Andy tells Gwen what a great job she did and tells her she'll be great that evening. Will and Cleo talk about Gwen's star power. The reporter approaches Gwen for an interview but before they can really talk, Gwen is pulled away. A few minutes later, Gwen has time to meet with the reporter and they begin the interview. He compliments her on her singing and asks about the future. Cleo and Will walk in and Cleo tries to put some distance between Will and Gwen. It doesn't work. Will joins Gwen and asks her to lunch but the reporter puts the kibash on that - he needs to finish the interview. Cleo offers to help her with wardrobe options. Will asks Cleo to leave. Alone, Will tells Gwen to take things slowly and offers to get lost so she can have a bit more breathing room. Outside, Cleo is writing in a new journal. Will calls her and she throws the pages in the trash. He invites her on a sightseeing tour of Branson - just the two of them! They leave. The interview continues and the reporter asks Gwen why he's never heard of her before. When Gwen's cell rings again, he keeps her from answering it!

    Noah and Maddie get some alone time, too, and begin talking about their college plans. Maddie tells him she doesn't know if she'll come back to Oakdale next summer if Casey isn't there. They begin going over the footage and making notes. Noah leaves to meet Gabe at the theater; Maddie declines to go along. Alone in her room she tries to contact Casey in prison.

    Cleo Ran Will Off The Road!

    Monday, July 02 2007

    At the police station, Jade confronts Cleo, telling everyone that Cleo is setting her up! She suggests that Cleo stole her car and ran down Will. Cleo defends herself, asking what her motivation for hurting Will and Gwen would be. As they talk, Noah gets curious about Cleo's past and Jade fills him in on what brought Cleo to town. She admits that she is the one who brought Cleo to town - at Jade's request! The more Jade talks the more curious Gwen and Will get. Jade tells them about her website and wanting to take Gwen down a peg. The admission doesn't make anyone believe Jade's story, though. Cleo tells them Jade is lying, but when Jade keeps talking Will and Gwen realize that they've all given money to Cleo to leave town but she keeps staying behind. Jade tells them that the whole plot, and Cleo's obsession with Will is spelled out in the journal! Dallas asks about the journal and Cleo tells him the journal is in her locker. Another investigator comes over, telling Dallas they can't find anything at the web address Jade mentioned. Dallas pulls Jade in to an interrogation room. Cleo stays with Will and Gwen, crying and telling them that she came to Oakdale because of Gwen's music and not because of Jade's plan. Maddie and Noah leave to finish the Branson preps. Gwen hugs Cleo, telling her not to worry and swearing that they don't believe Jade - they believe Cleo!

    Noah and Maddie wind up at the diner where Maddie fills Noah in on Jade's sordid plan. Noah wonders if Jade may have brought Cleo to town but that Cleo had a different plan than Jade. Maddie brushes off the suggestion. The conversation turns to Luke and Maddie wonders if he will finally see Jade's bad side. Maddie hopes Gwen and Will press charges and that the absence of Jade will bring Luke back to normal. They begin talking about college and he invites Maddie to come visit him at Northwestern. She turns him down, saying she can't go to Chicago. Noah doesn't press the subject.

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