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    As the World Turns CAST - Madeline "Maddie" Coleman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Madeline "Maddie" Coleman Played by Alexandra Chando on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alexandra Chando

    Birthday: 1986-07-28
    Birthplace: Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Alexandra Chando


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    Broke and Busted!

    Thursday, August 09 2007

    Maddie joins Vienna at dinner, where Vienna’s sparing no expense, ordering champagne. Henry rushes in and, in panicky Henry-style, stops the waiter from opening the bottle. Henry and Vienna bicker a little about money, Vienna obviously not getting this poverty thing, but Maddie is annoyed by their fighting. She offers to do what she can to help. They tell her that they don’t need any help, but ultimately they decide to let her leave so she can go swimming with Noah. Alone, they decide not to have dinner after all – they pay for the champagne and head upstairs.

    On the next As the World Turns:

    Maddie busts in on Noah's and Luke's compromising position.

    Faith grills Lily about the fate of her marriage.

    Brad needs Katie's help.

    Jack is searching for Carly.

    Carly and JJ are in big trouble with Silas!

    The Board Votes!

    Wednesday, August 08 2007

    Luke is trying to flesh out a monologue as Noah walks him. He has decided to take a little time off and Luke thinks it is because of what he said about being attracted to Noah. Maddie walks in and they assure Luke that they just want a little time alone. They invite Luke to come along but he declines and then leaves to get some water. Noah wonders if they should have said anything at all but Maddie reassures him. Noah tells Gwen about the Indie Music circuit and suggests she get on it as Maddie tracks down Luke. Gwen invites them all to a party but Luke immediately begs off. Maddie begs Luke to come and Gwen plays dirty, telling him that it will help keep Sage's mind off JJ. Luke agrees to come along. Luke and Noah leave to finish up some last minute things and Maddie talks to Gwen about leaving for college. She compares Noah to Casey, telling Gwen that she feels like they are forcing their relationship.

    Sage, Will and Gwen return home and Sage asks to go to a friends. Will agrees to take her and they leave. Gwen picks up the sonogram picture, excited about their life. Alison arrives, surprising Gwen. She starts to leave when she realizes Will didn't tell Gwen about inviting her but Gwen asks her to stay. Maddie and Noah arrive and they all notice the decorations. They know the big stork news! Noah introduces himself to Allie. Maddie wonders why she is there at all. Gwen takes Maddie aside, asking why she is being mean. Maddie tells Gwen about the rumors of Alison's porn career. Allie walks in and tells Maddie to say what she has to say to her face!

    Rebounds and Backsliding

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    Vienna and Henry are discussing the building when Maddie walks in. She distracts them and Vienna asks which boy is bothering her now! Not wanting to intrude on girl talk, Henry leaves them to chat. Maddie surprises Vienna by telling her about Noah instead of Casey. Maddie tells Vienna that working with Noah and dating Noah and seeing Noah 24/7 is too much, too soon. Vienna tells Maddie not to worry, because the deal with Noah is probably a rebound thing. She advises Maddie to enjoy a summertime fling and then head off to college. Henry returns, confused when he learns that Maddie has already left but relieved, too because they have bigger problems! When they bought the building, their insurance papers weren't completed before Silas blew it up. They just lost a lot of money! Vienna isn't worried and tells Henry she'll just get her financial advisor to wire more money. Over ice cream, Vienna spies some new shoes. Still worried about money, Henry convinces her that window shopping is better than real shopping. They kiss!

    Noah tells Luke he is sorry if he projected anything toward him but he isn't gay! Luke tells Noah he knows he isn't gay and he's been avoiding him because it feels weird to keep falling for guys who are unavailable because they aren't gay. Noah tries to make Luke feel better but only makes him feel worse. Noah understands how he feels, comparing Luke's problems with his sexuality to Noah's problems with his father. Luke doesn't see the similarities, because Noah simply feels lonely. Noah asks Luke if they can be friends. Luke doesn't think that will work and tells Noah about all of the guys he has fallen for in the past. They settle things and Luke leaves. Maddie arrives and tells Noah they need to talk. He suggests they get out of town for a while. Maddie is thrown by the idea but agrees to go along. Believing this is a move toward a deeper relationship, Noah hugs Maddie.

    Jack Knows About Silas

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    Luke, Noah and Brad talk about the case, hoping for a break. Noah tells them about all the crank calls they are getting. Brad leaves to check in with the police. When they are alone Luke gets antsy and Noah asks him what is bothering him. Luke skirts the issues. Maddie walks in as Noah tells Luke that he could take some flyers to Oakdale U. He tells them both that his father is still refusing to pay for Northwestern. Luke leaves. Noah draws Maddie into a kiss as Luke briefly returns. He picks up some papers and leaves. Maddie and Noah go to Old Town and she encourages to talk to his dad about college again. Noah refuses. Maddie kisses him, telling him if he wants to keep kissing her he'll call his father! When Noah tries to kiss her again Maddie steps away. "Make the call," she whispers and Noah does. He talks to his father, telling him about enrolling in Oakdale U and about a scholarship that is available from Northwestern. He refuses to listen, telling Noah that he needs to serve his country first! "You have to make peace with my decision," he says. Noah hangs up, defeated. Maddie tells him how sorry she is. She is stuck on something else he said to his father - that she was his girlfriend. Noah asks if that was wrong. Maddie doesn't say it was or was not wrong but is obviously flustered. She leaves. Noah returns to the TV station and when Luke continues to avoid him demands answers. Luke finally tells him that he likes him, like likes-him likes-him. Noah is stunned.

    JJ is Kidnapped!

    Monday, July 23 2007

    Maddie and Noah are working at WOAK when Luke arrives. They show him their progress on the show idea; Luke shows them his own ideas. They go over the new scripts, all loving the ideas. Luke leaves before taping starts. Noah wonders why he won't stick around. Maddie doesn't have any answers. They begin to tape with Maddie playing the part of the girl Luke wrote in the script. She feels a lot better after she gets the words out. Noah kisses her as Luke walks in. They show him the tape. Luke can't believe how good it is. Maddie suggests a pizza outing for the three of them but Luke begs off. Maddie insists but Luke still won't go. He tells them he has too much work. Maddie leaves. Noah suggests another scene to Luke and then leaves, too. Luke likes the idea and immediately begins to work on it.

    Jack Turns Carly Down!

    Monday, July 16 2007

    Noah runs into Luke at WOAK. Uncomfortable, Luke gives him a to-do list and starts to leave. Maddie walks in as he is leaving and tries to find out what is going on. Luke leaves without saying much. Alone, Noah wonders why Luke seeing them in bed together is such a big deal. He doesn't think it should both the other guy at all. Maddie surprises him, saying it bothers her too because it was a mistake. She is worried that their friendship won't survive because they slept together. Noah assures her things don't have to change, but Maddie isn't so sure. She tells him they need to forget what happened in Branson and leaves for a meeting.

    Later Noah tracks Maddie down in Old Town. They begin talking about Branson. He wonders if their making love could be the start of something good for them but Maddie backs away. She was hurt over Casey's treatment of her but she knows her heart hasn't healed from the break up, and she wants Noah to have his own freedom while she is figuring things out. "What if I don't want a way out?" he asks, telling Maddie that he doesn't feel trapped at all and he wants to see where things go between them. Maddie is leery of jumping in to a new romance but she wants to see how things go, too. They kiss. Just then, Luke comes around the corner and sees them together.

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