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    As the World Turns CAST - Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) Played by Martha Byrne on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Martha Byrne

    Birthday: 1969-12-23
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, California USA
    Marital Status: Married, Michael McMahon (November 1994)
    Real Name: Martha Byrne
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Rosanna Tells Craig To Get It Together

    Thursday, January 03 2008

    Meg walks in to the farm kitchen and asks Holden where Emma is. With their mom gone, Holden offers to be an ear for Meg. She tells him about Craig's breakdown and her own infidelity. Meg believes things are over between them but Holden tells her not to give up. She points out that Holden has given up on Lily but he says that she and Craig aren't at the same point. Holden tells her that she and Craig can make things work. Meg's cell phone pings and she realizes Craig just called. She leaves. A while later Lily returns. Holden tries to talk to her and Lily admits that Dusty just dumped her. Holden tries to make her feel better but Lily won't stop berating herself. She asks if he can ever forgive her for ruining their family and their marriage and Holden says he doesn't know. Lily leaves.

    Auld Lang Syne in Oakdale

    Friday, December 28 2007

    At Metro, Carly is nervous about the grand opening, but Sam tells her to breathe and it will all be all right because everything looks great. Carly says her horoscope said it was a bad time to start new ventures. Sam says whoever wrote the horoscope had not seen her dress. He leaves to check on the band. Lily enters and says everything looks great and asks if Dusty is around. Carly says no and leaves to check on the band. Carly asks Sam about the band and he says he left a message with the manager. Carly realizes she forgot to confirm with the band. She says they have to do something because the band is the only reason Katie is coming to cover the opening and that Jack allowed everything. Jack approaches and asks what the problem is, but Sam and Carly cover and say there is a slight problem with the noisemakers. Jack asks if he can get an autograph from the lead guitarist for JJ. She says it is bad luck and he should go talk to Katie, who has just arrived.

    At Metro, Lily sits looking nervous. She watches the door and then her wedding ring. Lily calls to check and see if Dusty is waiting in the lobby for her but he isn't. Luke and Noah enter and Noah says it is technically his first date in public with a guy. They see Lily and Noah comments that she doesn't look happy. Luke asks her where Dusty is and she says he'll be there any minute and not to worry about her. After a few minutes of waiting, Lily tells Noah she is leaving because she spoke to Dusty and is meeting him at the Lakeview. Luke comments to Noah that the jerk Dusty stood her up and she was too embarrassed to say. Luke then asks Noah if he wants to go "cut a rug" but Noah is a bit embarrassed. Luke tells Noah he really wants to dance but being there with him is enough. Noah has a change of heart and says it would be a nice time to dance, but asks who leads? They laugh and dance. As they dance, Luke tells Noah no one cares they are together and asks if he wants to go somewhere else more private. Noah says yes.

    Bonnie and Dallas are walking and laughing about spending the New Year with one another rather than their significant others. Her phone rings and it is Holden. He asks her if she has any plans for New Years. She says she was heading to Metro. He says he'd rather skip it. She suggests the Lakeview and they both agree their nights just got more interesting. Lily sees Bonnie and she says it is like Valentine's Day because everyone is traveling in twos. Bonnie says the holidays are rough post divorce. Lily suggests she check out Metro, but Bonnie says she has plans and wishes her a happy new year. Bonnie heads to see Holden at the Lakeview. She tells him she is glad he called. She doesn't think either of them will have a problem saying bye to 2007 and he agrees. Lily has also entered the Lakeview, and asks the desk clerk if she has seen Dusty, but no one has seen him. As she leaves, she sees Holden and Bonnie toasting and walks off looking both sad and angry.

    Kit Is Arrested!

    Thursday, December 27 2007

    Lily hurries inside the Snyder kitchen and tells Holden she has fixed a few of the toys that were broken on Christmas Day. They talk about the family and chat about the good times they both had over the holiday. Holden asks her if they can talk about their future. Lily believes Holden is going to ask her to come home and is floored when she suggests they get the divorce finalized as soon as possible! He suggests flying to Reno as quickly as possible to finalize everything. "What if I don't want a fresh start?" Lily asks. Holden say he does want a fresh start - without her - and walks out. Dusty calls Lily a few minutes later and asks Lily for her advice on how to handle Chris. She brings up the board, saying Dusty needs to take things up with them. She suggests that Lucinda might help place Dusty on the board and hangs up. Lucinda walks into the kitchen and immediately jumps on Dusty's idea, telling Lily how horrible it is. Lily tells Lucinda that Dusty could be a good thing but Lucinda doesn't want to listen. She brings up Holden, asking Lily how she can win back Holden when Dusty is in the picture. Lily informs Lucinda that no one will determine who her friends are and leaves.

    In Old Town Carly bumps into Lily and invites her to the grand opening. Lily agrees to come. Carly hurries off. Lily calls Dusty and asks him to come with her to Metro. He agrees. Lily bumps into Holden a few seconds later and drops her tickets. He asks who she is going with and figures out when she clams up that Dusty will be her escort. Holden makes a comment about spending the night with their girls, implying that he is the better parent. Lily walks away. A while later she runs into Lucinda, who tells her that choosing Dusty over Holden is a huge mistake. Lily points out that she isn't choosing Dusty but Lucinda won't listen.

    Later that day Dusty runs into Emily in the lounge of The Lakeview and asks her what will really happen to Chris once Bob is back on his feet. They argue about Chris and Emily's relationship and she storms off. Upstairs, Emily runs into Chris who immediately starts talking about Dusty. Emily tells him to shut up because she wants a Dusty-free night! They are getting ready to go to Metro when Dusty walks up and listens to them talking about the night ahead. They walk away. Dusty calls Lily, who is ready to leave for Metro, and asks if they can meet at Metro a little later. Lily agrees. Dusty returns to the hospital, enters Bob's room and asks if he remembers anything from the night of his stroke.

    A Victorian Christmas!

    Friday, December 21 2007

    Inside, Lily, who is a widow, and Dustin are sitting before a roaring fire in a Victorian living room. Faith is with them. They talk about holiday plans and Faith scurries away. Dustin asks Lily if it is the right time to announce their engagement. Just then Holden walks in from the stables! Dustin leaves. Holden tells Lily that Dustin doesn't deserve her. Before he can say more Mrs. Jenkins (Bonnie) arrives and flirts with him a little. When he leaves she reminds Lily that being seen with a stable boy is beneath her station. Meanwhile in the kitchen Lucinda, who is a cook, is ordering the other staff around. Bob, who is a butler, is also keeping the staff in order. Holden comes in and Lucinda reminds him that being forward with Lily is not a good idea, especially when Dustin will soon be lord of the manor. In the parlor, Luke welcomes Noah to the get-together. They hug and then pull apart quickly when they realize Dustin is watching them. Noah tells Luke he is engaged to be married to a family friend. Luke is stunned. Back in the main parlor Chris presents Emily to Lily and Mrs. Jenkins. Bob sidles up to Kim, who is one of the ladies of the house, and they make plans to meet on the sly a little later. Dustin comes in to the room; he and Chris don't like one another at all. Bob sees Holden come into the room and tells him to get back to the stables. Dustin pulls Emily away from the crowd. He tells her not to marry Chris, promising that they will be together once he has married Lily for her money! They kiss and Emily hurries away. As Dustin returns to the party, Holden confronts him about what he just heard. Lily comes up; Holden tells her what he heard and she is torn between believing Holden or believing Dustin. Lily faints! Later, Holden brings Lily a glass of wine. He tells her Dustin has been removed from the home and the rest of the partygoers are in another room. He comforts her, telling her that he will always be there for her. Before he can leave Lily calls to him and asks him to sit with her for a while. "It's all I want for Christmas," she says. Holden comes to the sofa, sits with her and takes her hand.

    Back in Old Town, Faith, Sage and Natalie return to the window and watch. They realize that all of the dolls are now in the main salon and all of the servants are now in the kitchen. As Sage watches the Carly doll turns and winks at her!

    Henry Has A Surprise For Vienna!

    Thursday, December 20 2007

    Noah arrives at the farm and finds Luke at the table. They are just about to kiss when Natalie and Faith walk in talking about a new foal. Emma follows them in and welcomes Noah. Noah and the girls go to the barn. Holden walks in and Luke begins talking about his new romance. Holden brings up Lily and tells Luke that he needs to lighten up on Lily for the girls' sake. He tells Luke that they should invite Lily for the holidays. Luke is fine with that idea and tells him to hurry up and call. "I think the one with the real issue is you," Luke says. Holden grabs the phone and calls Lily to extend the invitation. As he stumbles around Luke grabs the phone and asks Lily to dinner. A while later Lily stops by with Ethan. She and Holden are uncomfortable with one another and Lily suggests that they stop trying to talk about themselves and focus on the kids. Holden agrees. All the kids and Emma are waiting inside. Holden and Emma take the girls and Ethan to see the tree; Luke tells Lily that he heard from Jade and she is doing well. Luke and Noah go to the porch. Lily and Holden return to the kitchen with pictures of the kids and the tree. Lily grabs a few decorations; she and Holden hang the mistletoe. Faith and Natalie interrupt the intimate moment and Lily hurries off to Ethan. The whole family sits down to dinner. There is laughter and gentle teasing. With everyone more or less distracted, Luke decides this is the perfect time to give them all his gift - and gets up to walk to the counter to get more butter for the table. Everyone is stunned and very excited. After dinner Lily and the kids go outside to talk about the next day. Faith asks how Christmas will work since Lily and Holden aren't together. Lily tells Faith they will always be family.

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