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    As the World Turns CAST - Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) Played by Martha Byrne on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Martha Byrne

    Birthday: 1969-12-23
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, California USA
    Marital Status: Married, Michael McMahon (November 1994)
    Real Name: Martha Byrne
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Chris Learns Emily's Secret!

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    Emily meets Chris at the hotel and tells him about Dusty's warning. Evan comes by and promises to have security keep an eye out for Dusty. He leaves and Emily says she is really worried about what "proof" Dusty might have. Chris says there is nothing to find; he wonders why Emily is doubting him all of a sudden. Em says she doesn't doubt Chris but she does wonder what Dusty might try. Chris is relieved - and tells her he loves her! Chris passionately kisses Emily but she can only think about making love with Dusty on New Year's Eve and pulls away from him. Telling him they have to get ready for the party, Emily says they have to stop. Emily dresses for the party and returns to Chris' side. He kisses her. Emily goes to the bathroom to freshen her makeup. Chris sees a note slide under the door and picks it up. No one is outside the door when he checks so he opens it and begins to read. Emily returns and asks what the note is about. Outside the door, Lily is trying to listen to them! Emily tells him it is probably just hate mail and tries to snatch it away from him but Chris won't let her have it. He tells her it talks about prostitution and Emily becomes very uncertain. He tries to call Margo but Emily won't let him and tells him the note is the truth! Chris can't believe it. Emily tries to make him understand why she did what she did but he can't take it in. "I was in a really strange place," she says, crying, "it made me feel like I had control." Chris turns on her, angry because of what she did. Evan calls, interrupting them, and demands that Chris get to the party ASAP. Chris leaves. An angry Emily decides Dusty is behind the note and storms from the hotel room.

    Lily is walking in Old Town, after delivering the note, when Lucinda calls. Lily says she is done with Dusty and is happy about it. Lucinda asks Lily to come to the party.

    Evan and Chris are chatting when Lucinda arrives for the party. She asks about the research for MEMO21 and then wonders where Craig is. Evan tells Lucinda that Craig had a family crisis; she walks off and Evan wonders what he did to deserve Lucinda as his grandmother. Evan asks why Chris is so quiet but he won't say. Lily arrives and listens in. Lucinda comes over and is happy to see a smile on Lily's face. Lily says she is just waiting for the real fun to start. Chris asks if they have seen Emily but neither woman has. Lucinda points out that the night is about him and about Memorial and he shouldn't be focused on his girlfriend. Chris walks off. Lily walks off alone and pops a few more pills.

    "We Made Vows!"

    Tuesday, January 15 2008

    Holden is explaining Meg's miscarriage to Lily in the lobby of the hotel. Lily asks if she can help, but Holden turns her down. Lily reacts badly until Holden explains that Meg wants some time to herself. Lily feels like she is losing everything - Holden, her kids and the entire Snyder family. Meg arrives and hugs Lily. She and Holden leave. Lily pops a few pills and enters the elevator. Before the doors close, Dusty hurries inside! Lily asks if they can be together again and Dusty says no. "I don't want to be a stand-in for Holden and you don't want to be a stand-in for Emily," he says and Lily is very embarrassed. He tries to smooth things over but Lily can't even look at him. She runs from the elevator.

    Lily arrives at Yo's and asks for drug-dealer Jay. He isn't there but the bartender offers to hook her up. Lily takes the drugs and goes to a table. Krista, a hooker who Lily met while investigating Cheri's death, walks over and they begin talking. Lily cries on Krista's shoulder a little about her man problems with Dusty. She brings up Emily and Krista recognizes the name! "She is trouble with a capital 'T'," Krista says. Lily begins to pump Krista for information on Emily and Krista tells her that they worked together - for Cheri! Lily can't believe that Emily was a hooker.

    Moving Plans!

    Tuesday, January 08 2008

    Lily is in Old Town when Lucinda hurries by. She quickly hides a bag of pills as Lucinda sits down and asks about Dusty. Lily tells her that the fling with Dusty is in the past. Lily asks her mother to change the subject because she isn't ready to talk about her life. Lucinda won't drop it. She tells Lily that this is a new year and even though things have been bad, they will get better. "I don't feel strong," Lily says. Lucinda hugs Lily and offers any help she might need. Lily brings up Holden. Lucinda points out that she and Dusty were just looking for comfort from one another and that that isn't a bad thing. She brings up the kids and tells Lily that her children will always be there for her and so will she. Lily decides to go see the kiddos at the farm. Lucinda leaves. Lily grabs the prescription bag from her purse and takes a pill!

    At the farm, Faith and Natalie are groaning about what to do that day. Holden suggests doing some farm chores to pass the time; Faith turns him down. Bonnie arrives. She has the entire "Twilight Zone" series on DVD and offers it to the girls since they didn't get to watch with Lily. The girls are very excited and so is Holden. When the girls go into the living room Holden and Bonnie make cookies and popcorn in the kitchen. Once the goodies are ready Holden thanks Bonnie for brightening up his day. Lily arrives and is trying to talk to Holden when Bonnie calls to him from the other room. Lily turns on the other woman, upset, and asks what is going on between them. They argue and Lily accuses Bonnie of stealing her husband and children from her. Faith and Natalie walk in and hear everything. Bonnie starts to go but Holden insists that she stay. He and Lily go outside to talk privately. Holden tells Lily she needs to calm down in front of the girls; Lily tells Holden that she is sorry for losing it but that seeing Bonnie was upsetting. He is too angry to care and keeps on, telling Lily that the girls will never forget her outburst in the kitchen and she has scarred them for life. He goes inside to soothe the girls. Lily follows so she can talk to them and apologize to Bonnie herself. She leaves; Holden follows, telling her she did the right thing. He tells her he is worried about her and Lily tells him not to. Holden returns inside.

    Trouble's Brewing!

    Friday, January 04 2008

    Chris and Emily are kissing passionately when the elevator door opens. Emily drops a few letters at the front desk. Chris is interrupted, yet again, by a call from the hospital. He doesn't like all the interruptions but hurries off to talk privately. Lily comes out of her office and starts in on Emily. She basically calls Emily a home-wrecker (among other things) and then wonders why Emily wasn't satisfied with Chris in her bed. Emily can't believe what she is hearing. Chris walks up and notices the undercurrents but Emily swears everything is fine. He leaves for the hospital. Lily keeps on with Emily, calling her "a pro" and asking how she can so easily lie. Emily notices the gathering crowd and points this out to Lily, who walks quickly away. Lily goes to Yo's to get away from her troubles and orders vodka. A guy named Jay comes over and flirts with her a little. They talk about their troubles and then the guy pulls out a vial of pills. Lily turns down the pills but does take another drink. They toast one another and Jay swears that the pills aren't addictive. The more he talks the more Lily wants to use the pills to escape. Finally she gives in and takes one! She puts another song on the juke box and enjoys a little time with Jay, dancing around the bar. Lily becomes woozy and leaves for the hotel.

    Holden arrives at The Lakeview and orders a bellman to open Lily's door. He finds Lily unconscious inside! When she comes around, Holden asks what is going on with her. Lily promises that she is fine and doesn't tell him about the drugs. He asks why she didn't pick up Faith. Lily can't believe she forgot and gets weepy. She tells Holden she wasn't feeling well, that she took an antihistamine to rest and begins to cry. Holden tells her not to worry and then asks her to stay with him at the farm. He's uncomfortable when Lily tells him it will be good to be a family again and tells Lily this is only a temporary measure. She decides it would be better all around if she stayed at the hotel. Holden leaves. A while later Lily calls Faith to apologize. Holden makes Faith take the call. The little girl pretends to be fine with Lily's explanations but is really hurt that her mother could forget about her so easily. When they hang up, Faith turns to Holden and asks if he is happy now.

    Rosanna Tells Craig To Get It Together

    Thursday, January 03 2008

    Lily walks in to the farm kitchen as Holden is taking down a few decorations. She asks about Ethan, who is napping, and then asks Holden about his New Year's plans. He is standoffish. Lily asks if Holden knows that Dusty stood her up. They are starting to get to the heart of the matter when Dusty calls and asks Lily if they can meet. She asks Holden to watch Ethan for just a few more minutes and leaves. Lily and Dusty meet in Old Town. She brings up a vacation plan but Dusty is very serious and asks if they can talk. "Just say it," she says. Dusty tells Lily that he was investigating at the hospital and then he ran into Emily and they slept together. Lily is stunned. Dusty tells her that he is still in love with Emily, hurting Lily even more. He asks if there is anything he can do for her and Lily asks if he can tell her that she will never be alone - and that he still wants her, too! Dusty feels badly that he is breaking Lily's heart. He tells her that she needs to try working things out with Holden. Lily says it is too late for that. She backs away from Dusty when he tells her how great she is. "You told me you would always be there for me, but that was a lie," she says and walks away.

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