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    As the World Turns CAST - Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) Played by Martha Byrne on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Martha Byrne

    Birthday: 1969-12-23
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, California USA
    Marital Status: Married, Michael McMahon (November 1994)
    Real Name: Martha Byrne
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Holden Is Placed Under Arrest!

    Friday, January 25 2008

    Lily finds Lucinda in Old Town and tells her about Holden's arrest. She is very worried that Holden will be charged. Across the way Luke and Noah watch them. Luke hurries to Lily's side and insists on knowing what is going on. Lily tells him to go home because things will be fine. This makes Luke more worried. Lily breaks down and tells him that Holden is being questioned about Dusty's murder. Luke is outraged. Lucinda promises they will straighten the situation out; Luke wants to help but Lily asks him to go to the farm with the kids. She and Lucinda continue to the hospital. Luke wonders what will happen to his dad. Noah gets them both coffee; he tells Luke that the cops won't arrest Holden.

    Lucinda and Lily walk into the police station and talk to Dallas about getting Holden out of there. Dallas says they'll have to wait outside the squad room. Margo hears the raised voices and comes out of the interrogation room. Lucinda tells her to release Holden or she will sue the department for damages. Margo threatens to have Lucinda thrown in jail and she becomes quiet. Lily begs Margo to let her speak with Holden and Margo sends her inside. Lily hugs Holden. He is very calm and tells Lily that he can handle it. Lily offers to get him a good lawyer but Holden insists he doesn't need anything and then asks Margo to send Lily home. Back in the squad room, a tech comes back with the results from the syringe - it matches the toxic in Dusty's system! Margo goes back to the interrogation room and tells Holden. He still won't give her any straight answers so Margo cuffs him and places him under arrest. She leads Holden back out to Dallas' desk and tells Dallas to read Holden his rights. Luke and Noah burst into the room and tell Dallas to stop! Holden tells Luke to leave. Luke refuses to go so Holden tells him about the evidence and his own threats. He insists it will all get cleared up but Luke is very worried. Holden asks Noah to take Luke back to the farm.

    Lily meets Bonnie at Al's, tells her the situation with Holden and begs Bonnie to take the case. Bonnie can't believe that Holden allowed himself to be questioned with no representation; she agrees to take the case and goes with Lily to the police station. Bonnie tells Dallas she wants to see her client but Dallas tries to keep Bonnie away. Margo returns with Holden and Bonnie insists on talking to him alone. Margo allows the contact and puts Bonnie and Holden in the interrogation room. Finally Holden tells Bonnie part of the truth - that he found the syringe near Lily. But he says he was afraid that Lily took some other drug and was trying to figure out what it was. Bonnie says it's a weak alibi. Margo comes in, tells them she got Holden an arraignment and suggests that Lily be ready to pay bail.

    Dusty's Funeral

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    Holden pulls the syringe out of one of the farm cabinets but when Lily rushes into the kitchen he hurriedly puts it back. She tells him she has to help Dusty. "Dusty's dead," Holden says angrily. Lily is shocked. She wants to go to the funeral but Holden angrily says she can't go because Dusty is the person who ruined her life and their marriage! Lily tells Holden that she has to go to the funeral and Holden gives in. They arrive at the chapel and Lily has a memory flash of leaving her hospital bed and going to the hospital stairwell. Holden says they have to leave the funeral now. "What are you so afraid I'll remember?" Lily asks. Holden covers, saying he just doesn't want her to overexert herself. Lily says she needs to remember and she needs to say goodbye to Dusty. "I'm not scared. If I can help find Dusty's killer I don't care," she says. They go inside the chapel.

    Lucinda and Craig meet up at the chapel and exchange barbs. Lucinda asks where Craig was the night of Dusty's death but Craig won't tell her. Meg walks in, very upset that Craig showed up. She tells him to leave the chapel and to leave her alone. Barbara, Will and Gwen walk in. Seeing how outnumbered he is, Craig agrees to go. "But you don't know what kind of man he really was," Craig says on the way out. Babs and Gwen talk a little and Gwen asks Barbara what is wrong with her speech. Barbara says she had some dental work done. The minister arrives. Alison and Susan walk in as Holden and Lily do; Susan remembers seeing Holden near one of the drug carts. Gwen calls Grace, the babysitter, who says things are fine and they are hanging out in Old Town for a little bit before returning to the cottage. Gwen tells Will she feels more sorry for Sofie every day; Will says they have to be strong because it won't be good for Sofie to get attached to the baby. Barbara gathers the crowd and the service gets underway. The minister asks for people to come forward to talk about Dusty. Alison is first at the podium. As she begins to speak Emily walks in! Allie goes on, talking about how great a friend Dusty was; Will takes the stage next and talks about Dusty and Jennifer's love. As Will speaks Meg hurries out of the chapel. Lucinda is next and tells the crowd about the hard-working side of Dusty and his loyalty. "He was loyal beyond self-interest," Lucinda says. The minister returns to the stage and dismisses the gathering. Everyone leaves the sanctuary. Susan hugs Emily and invites her to come with them to Al's. Emily says she'll meet them there and goes up to the altar area. "It shouldn't have ended this way," she whispers. Lily agrees with her! She accuses Emily of ruining Dusty's life and lets on that she knows about Emily's past. Emily is stunned. Holden walks in and leads Lily away. Em turns to Dusty's picture and cries. Will and Gwen leave with Barbara; she sends them home to Hallie. Will promises to call her soon and Gwen tells Barbara to get her dental work cleared up. They leave. Susan returns inside, looking for Emily. Crying, Emily tells Susan that Dusty didn't ruin her life - Lily did! "It's my fault Dusty's gone," she says. Susan tells Emily she didn't do anything wrong and leaves the sanctuary.

    Lily and Holden go to Al's for lunch. She is still raging about Emily ruining Dusty's life. She calms down and thanks him for coming with her to lunch; she says she can't face her own home. Holden says she is welcome at the farm as long as she wants to stay there. Lily is stunned at the offer and wonders why; Holden says there are a lot of things he wishes he hadn't done. He says he pushed her at Dusty and if he hadn't then she wouldn't have done anything wrong. Lily misunderstands and believes Holden is only talking about the affair.

    Margo returns to the police station and Dallas gives her some news: he knows who Dusty was calling on his cell phone. An investigator named Perkins. Dallas offers to call him in and Margo says to make it fast. Susan calls Margo and asks if they can talk about Dusty's murder! Susan arrives at the police station and tells them that she saw Holden at the medicine cart. She says she didn't see Holden with drugs or a syringe but that he was acting guilty. Margo thanks her for coming in. She tells Dallas to get a warrant for the Snyder farm! A while later they arrive at the farm, but no one is there. Margo, Dallas and the team go inside and begin searching. They don't find anything in the kitchen but as they are leaving Dallas points to the cupboard and says he hasn't had time to search it. Margo goes over and begins cleaning it out. She finds the syringe inside as Holden and Lily return. Margo asks Holden to come to the stationhouse with her; Holden turns to Lily, kisses her forehead and asks her to take care of the kids. "Everything is going to be fine," he says as Margo leads him away.

    Who Killed Dusty?

    Monday, January 21 2008

    Sitting with Lily, Holden goes over the day before. Jack walks in to see how Lily is. Holden says Dusty triggered the overdose. Jack asks how Dusty is to blame and Holden says Dusty pulled Lily away from him and basically ruined their marriage. He realizes Jack is there in an official capacity and clams up. Jack asks where Holden was at the time of Dusty's death. "I was here with Lily," Holden says. Jack asks if a doctor or nurse can verify that he was there all night and Holden admits there is no one who can vouch for him. He mentions that Lucinda stopped by to tell him that Dusty was dead and Jack wonders why Lucinda would bother. Lily wakes and calls for Dusty! Before she can say much Holden asks Jack to go find the doctors. Lily's doctor comes in and says she can go home if there is someone to care for her. Holden volunteers for the job. Jack steps out so Lily can get dressed to go home. Holden pulls a stool over to Lily's bedside and asks her about Dusty. She doesn't remember anything except waking up with Holden beside her. He tells her just to remember that - that he was with her all night long. Lily asks if she did something bad and Holden says no. Lily goes to sleep again and a nightmare wakes her. Holden tells her that it was only a dream and that they can go home soon. Lily tells him she can care for herself but Holden insists on taking her to the farm. Before allowing Jack to come back inside Holden tells Lily not to tell Jack about her dreams!

    Jack sees Susan and asks if she remembers anything strange from the night before. Susan thinks about what she saw Holden do but doesn't tell Jack! He returns to Lily's hospital room. Lily tells him about the overdose and starts to cry. She tells him about the breakup with Dusty but says she doesn't remember anything else. Jack asks about seeing Emily or Dusty but Lily says she can't remember. She keeps crying. "I'm so ashamed of what I've done," she says.

    Holden takes Lily to the farm and sends her upstairs to rest. Bonnie arrives a few minutes later and is thrown when Holden says Lily is going to stay there for a while. She leaves. Natalie comes downstairs and asks if she can help with Lily. Holden says yes and then tells Nat that Lily is home to stay!

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